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#18 fixed ScreenSaver not checked in... mphipps mphipps

Lazy slacker...

#19 invalid Project Lead should really have an account... mphipps mphipps

#20 fixed No unbuilt source tarballs sikosis myob

Since the move to Berlios, there has been no way to get an unbuilt source tarball without using SVN. On Sourceforge, a checked out but unbuilt nightly tarball was (meant to) be provided, and when the build worked, was very useful. Also, working tarballs of the CVSROOT existed, but were huge, due to including GCC also.

BerliOS's SVN tarball needs a local copy of the repository to be of any use, which is impossible both in my situation, and on PowerPC.

Having the build factory provide a nightly, clean tarball of just the haiku tree, or both haiku and buildtools, would be very useful

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