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#11826 no change required Try to reduce memory pressure for Trac instance haiku-sysadmin zooey

Our Trac instance has a tendency to use a lot of memory when there's load on it.

This is partly due to Apache's mpm_prefork module being in use. We should investigate if it can be replaced by mpm_worker or mpm_event.

Additionally, a considerable part of the memory is used by the Postgresql processes serving the DB-connections. As Postgresql apparently doesn't seem to provide a threaded server model, we should investigate if the number of Postgres processes can be reduced without much impact on the performance.

When high load leads to memory pressure, the VM becomes unresponsive rather quickly, so I guess living with a DB using only few processes is better than leaving things like they are now ...

#11827 no change required Upgrade baron and all VMs to openSUSE-13.2 haiku-sysadmin zooey

Baron and the VMs are currently running openSUSE-13.1, but 13.2 has been published three months ago. I have used 13.2 on several of my own systems without much problems, so I reckon it's safe to upgrade our infrastructure to it.

As usual, one interesting topic could be the upgrading of Postgresql (as newer versions of Postgresql are unable to read older DB formats, so an explicit dump/restore might be necessay). In order to simplify this, openSUSE has started to provide different versions of Postgresql as packages, so hopefully this will be easier this time around.

Another point of interest is that 13.1 introduced a problem with ssh logins using PAM being unbearably slow, which caused me to deactivate PAM for ssh logins. If 13.2 fixes the slowness (and my experience with my own server seems to suggest it does) it would be good to activate PAM again, as otherwise alternative/additional authentication methods like OTP wouldn't be possible to implement.

#11829 fixed Form an opinion if/which services running on baron directly should better be moved to a VM haiku-web zooey

Currently, a couple of services run on baron directly:

  • buildbot master
  • rsync daemon feeding our mirrors

From a security perspective, this isn't very nice, as baron is the hypervisor, which means that any break-in via a service running on it could provide access to all VMs, too. Having those services run in a (maybe additional) VM would limit the risk of an intrusion at least to some extent.

Some of these services (most notable: and the mirror feed) have been put onto baron for a reason: they place considerable demands on network bandwidth and disk space, so moving them to a VM isn't straightforward.

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