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#8599 fixed NTFS Folder size is wrong 3dEyes gordon.negro

When I tried to copy some folder from external USB drive (NTFS), system says it too big to be copied. 'Get info' shows negative large number and when I click it, it displays very large size in TB.

#8621 duplicate Kernel panic when copying to NTFS 3dEyes negro.gordon

When I copy some files to NTFS partition from Haiku native partition, I get kernel panic. It is reproducable. I use hrev44078

#9060 duplicate File-list read error from NTFS USB HDD 3dEyes dsjonny

I have a problem with my Samsung M2 320GB USB HDD. When I mount it and open it like with the Tracker, than I see some folders and files, but many entries are missing. But, the Tracker try to load the loe list from the device. At this time, all the CPU's are used about 10-20%, and in about every 15s the mouse "freeze".

I use the alpha4-44629 image. The HDD was formatted under Windows 7 to NTFS.

~/Desktop> listusb
04e8:60b2 /dev/bus/usb/0/0/3 "Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd" "Samsung M2 Portable" ver. 0000
~/Desktop> mountvolume
Volume                           File System                   Size Mounted At (Device)
Rendszer számára fenntartott   Windows NT File System      350.0M (scsi/0/5/0/0)
Windows 8                        Windows NT File System       57.3G (scsi/0/5/0/1)
Haiku                            Be File System                2.0G /boot  (scsi/0/5/0/2)
SAMSUNG                          Windows NT File System      298.1G /SAMSUNG  (usb/0/0/0)

I also tried to access to the disk from Terminal, but the problem is the same.

Maybe there is a special name/entry in the folder what Haiku cannot understand? I use hungarian characters in the file/filder names. First I think this is the problem, but when I enter to a folder, there is no problem.

I have no idea what information need to provide for this problem. So please ask is you need something else.

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