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#3132 fixed zbeos too large for floppy/cd image axeld kvdman

I bothered mmu_man about the boot image tonight because I noticed scsi_cd and scsi_disk weren't linking properly.

He applied some fixes hrev28653 and hrev28654 which resolved the above, but the bootloader still faults.

He figured out that zbeos should be <192k where it's 280k now.

this location will contain the length of the boot loader as written by the "makeflop" command in 512 0x180 is the allowed maximum, as the kernel and the boot module might start at offset 192 kB

#12102 duplicate (YouTube) HTML5 video controls don't work properly under webpositive pulkomandy danboid

When playing a HTML5 video from YouTube under Webpoitive, clicking on the 'Full screen' icon plays a higher-res version of the video if one is available but it doesn't make the video playback fullscreen as would happen under a Linux-based browser.

Also, the other YT HTML5 video control icons don't work properly. When you click on them their menu flashes up for a instant before closing again. This happens too fast for you to be able to choose an item from the menu.

#11498 duplicate YouTube crashes Webpositive pulkomandy vidrep

hrev48359 x86_gcc2 Three crashes while surfing between YouTube audio and video clips today. I have no way of knowing if these are in any way related to previous tickets or not. Three debug reports attached.

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