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#11833 fixed Our Drupal instance is showing its age, we need a replacement. haiku-sysadmin zooey

vmweb is still running Drupal 6 to provide our main website.

The problem is that Drupal 6 is outdated and doesn't play along with newer PHP versions - PHP fills the logs with lots of warnings about deprecated constructs and it isn't clear if these warning cause actual problems or not.

The sheer amount of modules used by our website make it difficult to maintain, so we should either upgrade to Drupal 7 or even move away from Drupal and rebuild our website by other means.

waddlesplash and puckipedia have shown interest to try and migrate our Drupal 6 installation to the current version of Drupal. Once any of them makes progress with that, we will know whether or not upgrading Drupal is a feasible option at all (it might not be, due to some of the modules we use no longer being available in current Drupal versions).

#5852 fixed uk.png should be Ukranian flag not United Kingdom nielx Ziusudra

36511 and trunk

/boot/system/documentation/welcome/images/flags/uk.png /boot/system/documentation/userguide/images/flags/uk.png

(gb.png is used for English)

#5872 fixed [patch] added syslog and device 02e2 to nvidia driver/accelerant rudolfc Ziusudra

added some syslog output in driver

  • "settings loaded" or "default settings" in init_driver
  • # of devices found in probe_devices
  • "map device" in map_device
  • accelerant used in control_hook

also added device 02e2 in driver and accelerant

have booted several times and used many apps without issues, see log

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