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#1185 fixed Yet another story about non-working ps2 keyboards on laptop. marcusoverhagen siarzhuk

This problem is observed on sis620-based laptop.

The Problem: Inbound keyboard doesn't work. External one, attached to ps/2 extension port has the same problem. Keyboard mode LEDs (Num Lock, Caps Lock etc.) are off and don't react on corresponding keys. Both inbound (Synaptic) touchpad connected to ps/2 bus and external ps/2 mouse at mentioned above extension port are working OK. The problem is observed only with keyboards.

The syslog acquired with activated in ps2 bus manager extra debug trace info is attached. The only editing I made - removing a lot of same "mouse events" blocks to reduce the size. The system was boot without any devices attached to ps2 extension port. In other words only inbound keyboard and touchpad were used during this test. No other modules were removed from the Haiku partition before the test. The Haiku was installed on this partition typically by jam build.

NOTE: This problem arise on my laptop about 3-4 months ago. Before this time, the ps2 keyboard was working almost OK. There were some timeouts before keyboards become available. In other words after Haiku loaded completely I have to wait about 20-30 seconds before keyboard become available. Both Tracker and Terminal windows at this time already opened. Only keyboard was "dead".

Please let me know if you need an additional info or more debugging and testing. Hope this information help you to resolve the problem.

#3551 fixed yasm fails an extra 7 tests on newer Haiku axeld tonestone57

Went to build yasm on newer Haiku and it fails 7 more tests compared to building on older Haiku revision.

Tested with yasm 0.7.2

gcc2 Haiku - Revision 28814
4 yasm test failures ( out of 35 ):
FAIL: modules/dbgfmts/dwarf2/tests/passwin64/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/coff/tests/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/win32/tests/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/win64/tests/
gcc2 Haiku - Revision 29475
11 yasm test failures ( out of 35 ):
FAIL: modules/arch/x86/tests/gas32/
FAIL: modules/parsers/gas/tests/
FAIL: modules/dbgfmts/dwarf2/tests/pass32/
FAIL: modules/dbgfmts/dwarf2/tests/passwin64/
FAIL: modules/dbgfmts/stabs/tests/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/bin/tests/multisect/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/elf/tests/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/elf/tests/gas32/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/coff/tests/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/win32/tests/
FAIL: modules/objfmts/win64/tests/
#3782 duplicate yasm binaries for Haiku and BeOS should be referenced in haiku-web oco

This is quite frustrating to figure where to get them to compile Haiku

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