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#14565 duplicate [mail_daemon] crash in imap connection worker axeld adamfowleruk

Experienced a few crashes. Originally thought it was due to using imap to gmail in mal, but have experienced it in other apps since. Seems to be a common factor amongst core dumps, so logging all in one single bug report.

#14568 fixed [Mail Daemon] Notification of error causes CPU thrashing axeld adamfowleruk

Not sure if a mail daemon issue or a notification issue. See attached image.

Sent an email via SMTP. On an error I get this popup window. Being too small to read, I expanded it. This caused the text to vanish and the window to constantly redraw causing flickering grey/white background. The CPU spiked as indicated in Activity Monitor.

#14644 fixed Plan for Dev Docs reworking waddlesplash adamfowleruk

Hi all,

I was reviewing the /development/ docs on the website and think I'd like to re-work the folder significantly. Wanted to document this here to gain feedback before forking and sending the world's biggest PR for the changes...

General approach: Segment the documentation in to a logical order in consistent levels of detail to make it easy to consume in chunks, and re-work so all content has the same format, theme, and is on the website as html (not PDFs etc.)

A new developer should be able to start at the top and work their way down until they're competent at developing the code in the area they are interested in.

Once done, also change all links throughout the website to point to this single location for development documentation.

The contents would change to:-

Introductory Information

  • High level Haiku OS design [New, basic architectural intro]
  • The Haiku ecosystem [New: Haiku OS, Apps, ports, and BeOS support. Covers off where things live in OS vs. apps]
  • Finding Haiku source code [New: Builds on the above]
  • Meet the developers [New: introduce some core devs, have them talk about why they work on Haiku, why it's awesome, etc.]

Leaning to Code in C++

  • Never written code before? Learn to code with Haiku course [re-work DarkWyrms intro course for C++, add intro to Paladin IDE potentially to make it really easy - Paladin should include both templated and complete samples for each lesson]
  • Intermediate C++ course with Haiku [re-work DarkWyrms 1-5 lessons of his programming with Haiku Course]
  • Advanced C++ in Haiku course [New: Talk about cross compiling, Makefiles (I'm assuming they're using Paladin IDE or similar until now), libraries vs apps, using libraries, using 3rd party API]

Starting to Contribute

  • Milestone & Bug Tracking [New page, with all links to Trac explained and contained within it]
  • Ideas for what you could work on [Was: Getting started]
  • Setting up a Haiku development environment [New section: For Windows, Linux, and Haiku native developers - re-work the dev tools and cross compiling docs]
  • Debugging within Haiku [Was: Debugger reference manual, converted to html]
  • Introducing yourself & Getting Help [New: IRC info for devs, who to talk to, how to say hello and state your aims]

Developing Applications for Haiku

  • A new app, or contributing to an existing app? [New: Discuss that the app may already exist but need help to revamp from the HaikuArchived, or ports, or...]
  • Porting guide [New?]
  • Introducing the Haiku APIs [New: High level intro, before dropping in to the book]
  • Common Patterns for Haiku app development [Re-working DarkWyrms lesson 12+, waddlesplash's Layout API docs, links added to the Book]
  • Preparing your app for publishing [New: Covers translations, Icon guide, etc.]
  • Packaging your app [New]
  • Publishing your app [New]

Haiku Development References

  • Haiku Coding Guidelines
  • Human Interface Guidelines
  • Development FAQs [Exists]
  • Sample code projects & Templates [New: Perhaps a holding page mentioning templates that will exist within the Paladin IDE eventually. It's an aim there to provide all the templates and sample a Haiku Dev could need]
  • BeGeistert Conference [New: Mention dev done at conference, link to BeGeistert page]

Building & development the Haiku OS itself

  • Introduction to the Haiku Kernel Design & Standards [New: Also include 'why c++?']
  • Introduction to the Be Filesystem Design [New: Include info about attributes]
  • Getting the source [Link back to intro source page]
  • Building Haiku guide [Re-work building guide in to sections under here]
  • Creating your own liveusb image guide [New?]
  • Building Drivers for Haiku guide [Update existing video drivers guide, perhaps get a basic driver working]
  • Porting freebsd driver guide [New?]
  • Porting Linux driver guide [New: Needed?]

More will probably occur to me once I've started. Note: NONE of the items marked New will be added until AFTER they are written. Only thing worse than no documentation is unfinished or placeholder documentation!

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