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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#11 edit form comes up for newly entered bugs mphipps bug low Website
#40 Easier way to put PNGs into rdef files marcusoverhagen bug low Applications
#41 OpenGL kit team is missing mphipps bug low Website
#42 Saved Terminal settings don't include Window Size. axeld bug low Applications
#43 BFile missing close_fd() bonefish bug low - General
#71 ps/2 mouse don't work korli bug low System/Kernel
#105 Opening multiple terminals gives resource busy errors sikosis bug low Applications
#139 Deletion forgetting of BPopUpMenu sikosis bug low Applications
#148 Text cursor drawing bug at TextControl bpmagic@… bug low - General
#164 Wrong window title in ScreenSaver korli bug low Preferences
#192 Bootloader shows duplicate video modes axeld bug low System/Kernel
#247 Incorrect mime type for mpeg audio bonefish bug low - General
#251 [Keymap] cpu usage and key images flickering korli bug low Preferences/Keymap R1/pre-alpha1
#254 Wrongly enabled buttons in apps/prefs (easy) aldeck bug low Applications
#289 Firefox fails to load axeld bug low Applications
#302 Haiku does not compile cleanly on Linux here bonefish bug low Build System
#317 Workspaces let you move Workspaces window axeld bug low - General
#319 Workspaces improperly displaying grid axeld bug low Applications
#321 Workspace settings, not affected by "Defaults" or "Revert" buttons wkornewald bug low Preferences/Screen
#325 QEmu fails to load axeld bug low - General
#326 MrPeeps! crash bpmagic@… bug low System/Kernel
#336 [bash/sh] fails due to weird if behaviour sikosis bug low Applications
#337 TabView labels not centered. (easy) stippi bug low - General
#373 incorrect repainting of background color when switching workspaces. axeld bug low - General
#374 screenshots have wrong filetype. axeld bug low - General
#386 [app_server] freeze on pngdump leavengood bug low Servers/app_server
#402 Mouse acceleration is missing axeld bug low - General
#429 [Filetypes] not correctly alerting (un)supported types axeld bug low Preferences
#469 [BeIDE] Keybinding graphics have an incorrect background axeld bug low - General R1/Development
#488 Artifact in Separator Style submenu jackburton bug low Preferences
#503 [BColorControl] flickering and cpu eater jackburton bug low Kits/Interface Kit
#505 First click on BMenuBar will show empty MenuWindow jackburton bug low - General
#537 Failing to load an image leaves ShowImage running. sikosis bug low Applications
#551 Drag icon for current folder (located in the Menu) doesnt change its color. axeld bug low Applications/Tracker
#565 [Menu] Previous settings are stuck after clicking "Defaults" jackburton bug low Preferences
#574 [Deskbar] edges are not drawn correctly when docked at the bottom jackburton bug low - General
#583 Incorrect time for "Pacific/Auckland" timezone, and time-setting bugs axeld bug low System/Kernel
#585 Can't set filetype in Tracker's Find axeld bug low Applications
#665 Glyphs are missing for default fonts axeld bug low User Interface
#671 Drag and drop keys / chars on keys not implemented axeld bug low Preferences/Keymap R1/pre-alpha1
#673 Stippi's Playground doesn't update colour of selected objects stippi bug low Applications
#703 [app_server] tab sliding takes 100% of cpu time axeld bug low Servers/app_server R1/alpha1
#714 Workspaces -noborder & or Workspaces blah No error? axeld bug low Applications
#720 free(device) before access to device->devId marcusoverhagen bug low System/Kernel
#723 configure get in strop with spaces bonefish bug low Build System
#733 Pulse on read-only filesystem sikosis bug low Applications
#737 [bin] mount crash korli bug low - General
#747 Terminal Preferences panel doesn't respect last screen size if canceled sikosis bug low Applications
#749 [Tracker] incorrect redraw in CountView (easy) axeld bug low Applications/Tracker
#805 Fast read/write locker enhancement low Network & Internet/Stack
#912 scrolling inside a Tracker folder is much slower if filenames are truncated. axeld bug low Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#917 mouse pointer does not move, when it shows up korli bug low Servers/input_server R1/Development
#931 Installing MIME database doesn't work correctly on Ubuntu 6.10 jackburton bug low Build System R1/pre-alpha1
#945 why not /boot/haiku ? axeld enhancement low - General R1/pre-alpha1
#984 Generic application icon in deskbar is old style 8 bit jackburton bug low Applications/Deskbar R1/pre-alpha1
#1007 Icon of default printer should not be black (easy) stippi bug low Preferences/Printers R1/pre-alpha1
#1063 Update avcodec plugin to a recent ffmpeg; sync with fixes done on FFDecoder and merge. mmu_man enhancement low Audio & Video/Codecs R1/pre-alpha1
#1180 SVN source revision in serial output (easy) bonefish enhancement low System/Kernel R1/pre-alpha1
#1193 haiku-openglkit-cvs package: Mesa Software Renderer add-on missing phoudoin bug low Kits/OpenGL Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#1199 Haiku-created files with cyrillic names are not visible from R5 and vice versa. bga bug low File Systems/BFS R1/pre-alpha1
#1247 Tracker multiplies calls (open,stat) per open window axeld bug low Applications/Tracker R1/pre-alpha1
#1260 Missing symbol "trunc" korli bug low System/ R1/pre-alpha1
#1364 Bootloader can't find boot volume, booting from 'cdrom-raw' under vmware axeld bug low System/Boot Loader R1/pre-alpha1
#1400 Add nasm as an available buildsystem tool. bonefish enhancement low Build System R1/pre-alpha1
#1403 vlance driver calls acquire_sem_etc() from its interrupt routine bug low Drivers/Network R1/pre-alpha1
#1452 Sudoku locks up when trying to solve puzzle I entered from a book axeld bug low Applications/Sudoku R1/pre-alpha1
#1541 Keyboard has too big repeat delay stippi bug low User Interface R1/pre-alpha1
#1870 Expander - unzipping on full volume hangs korli bug low Applications/Expander R1/Development
#1957 Command Line FTP app has Name collision when connecting to an FTP site axeld bug low - General R1/pre-alpha1
#2014 Add 7zip axeld enhancement low - General R1/pre-alpha1
#2141 Weird cache behaviour. axeld bug low System/Kernel R1/pre-alpha1
#2176 Opening new tab in Terminal should switch to the new tab. jackburton bug low Applications/Terminal R1/pre-alpha1
#2184 Ability to disable specific hardware. nobody enhancement low Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#2389 [Terminal] Add a menu option to allow the user to give the terminal a custom name bonefish enhancement low Applications/Terminal R1/Development
#2450 grep output error axeld bug low - General R1/pre-alpha1
#2559 [pthreads] Define PTHREAD_STACK_MIN axeld enhancement low - General R1/pre-alpha1
#2611 SpicyKeys input_server add-on mouse event generator does not work. korli bug low Servers/input_server R1/pre-alpha1
#2929 Clock have too small tab in pre-alpha1 axeld bug low Servers/app_server R1/pre-alpha1
#3118 [Media] volume change on up/down mouse wheel events should show realtime tooltip (easy) korli enhancement low Preferences/Media R1/pre-alpha1
#3274 ScreenSaver: Improve presentation of disabled options because of missing DPMS support. (easy) axeld enhancement low Preferences/ScreenSaver R1/pre-alpha1
#3367 [Screenshot] don't need white border julun enhancement low Applications/Screenshot R1/pre-alpha1
#3430 Terminal : incorrect redraw when resizing nobody bug low Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#3498 When creating IMAP folders, also configure them by default such that their attribute view is suitable for viewing email axeld enhancement low Servers/mail_daemon R1/Development
#3779 makebootable should be renamed or have compatibility options removed nobody enhancement low Applications/Command Line Tools
#3825 URL linkification in People (easy) waddlesplash enhancement low Applications/People R1/Development
#4022 Deleted keymaps stay in the panel until it's restarted nobody bug low Preferences/Keymap R1/pre-alpha1
#4023 NumLock and CapsLock don't change keymap correctly nobody bug low Drivers/Keyboard/PS2 R1/Development
#4024 Abbreviate special keys in Keymap panel axeld enhancement low Preferences/Keymap
#4032 keymap cli tool: add StyledEdit attributes axeld enhancement low Applications/Command Line Tools R1/pre-alpha1
#4108 Debugger doesn't correctly handle retrieving source file for a program consisting only of main() bonefish bug low Applications/Debugger R1/pre-alpha1
#4111 Indicator that threads are currently at a breakpoint / suspended in the debugger bonefish enhancement low Applications/Debugger R1/pre-alpha1
#4198 Preferences panel: font size menu doesn't update correctly jscipione bug low Applications/Terminal R1/pre-alpha1
#4235 partition type is missing in DriveSetup axeld enhancement low Applications/DriveSetup R1/Development
#4277 [checkfs] prettify output stippi enhancement low Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#4569 Mouse doesnt' work under XenServer 5.5 nobody bug low Drivers/Mouse/PS2 R1/Development
#4596 Last line of replied to text isn't marked as quote siarzhuk bug low Applications/Mail R1/alpha1
#4615 [Workspaces] window tab in the right corner is missing 1 px raw stippi bug low Servers/app_server R1/Development
#4813 Devices - SCSI vendor name marcusoverhagen bug low Drivers/Disk R1/Development
#4881 After clean system starts cpu indicates 50% usage and not try to lower usage until close the system nobody bug low - General R1/alpha1
#5049 typo humdinger bug low Documentation R1/alpha1
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