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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#475 screen saver 'Haiku' alt+w; screen_blanker crashes korli bug normal - General
#476 Right-click on time in Deskbar; menu will show only briefly jackburton bug normal - General
#478 [Deskbar] crash if you drop some selected text on it mmlr bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#480 moving Workspaces leaves artefacts axeld bug normal Applications
#481 Bugzilla's Workspaces component might need to be reassigned axeld bug normal Applications
#482 [Workspaces] windows keep changing order axeld bug normal Applications
#484 [app_server] menu flickering leavengood bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#485 [E-mail] pref crash axeld bug normal System/runtime_loader
#486 "last message repeated" mechanism still doesn't work right mmlr bug normal System/Kernel
#487 Menu opened shortly then disappears jackburton bug normal - General
#490 gettimeofday segfaults when called from a shared library axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#491 MenuItem not selected when button released jackburton bug normal - General
#493 not able to set wallpaper korli bug normal Preferences
#494 Arrow key behaviour on selected text jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#495 [Screen] crash axeld bug normal Preferences
#496 Bison crashing in libroot axeld bug normal - General
#498 Control+Alt+Delete deletes selected files axeld bug normal - General
#499 [Globe] Segment violation axeld bug normal - General
#500 [Becasso] Segment violation axeld bug normal - General
#501 [Terminal] .profile korli bug normal Applications
#502 Black interface parts in some apps stippi bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#506 [StyledEdit] text files opens scrolled down jackburton bug normal - General
#507 [VLC] slider flickering stippi bug normal Servers/app_server R1/pre-alpha1
#508 Sticky menu mode doesn't work in tracker context menus jackburton bug normal - General
#510 [app_server] freeze on BePYRO start axeld bug normal - General
#511 [ScreenSaver] Many stability issues and other problems nobody bug normal Preferences/ScreenSaver R1/Development
#513 [ProcessController] crashes on several mouse clicks axeld bug normal - General
#514 [NetPositive] slow scroll with middle button axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#515 [BTextControl] have some offset with some foreign keymaps jackburton bug normal - General
#516 Bad font hinting jackburton bug normal - General
#518 [GimICQ] doesn't show it's logo in login window axeld bug normal - General
#519 [GimICQ] Settings window flickering axeld bug normal - General
#520 [HotEdit] Toolbar bitmaps aren't drawn correctly jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#521 [Menu] settings doesn't taken into account jackburton bug normal - General
#522 [ScrollBars] settings doesn't taken into account axeld bug normal - General
#523 [BMenuBar] text color selection stippi bug normal - General
#524 [Scooby] BView doesn't follow BWindow on resize axeld bug normal - General
#525 [Terminal] slow text selection jackburton bug normal Applications/Terminal
#526 [BMenu] "<empty>" and "Empty Folder" labels are to large jackburton bug normal - General
#528 wrong image position when zooming sikosis bug normal Applications
#529 [NetPositive] bookmark icon doesn't drawn stippi bug normal Servers/app_server
#530 [BStatusBar] flickering axeld bug normal - General
#531 [Tracker] some shortcuts doesn't work axeld bug normal - General
#532 [Deskbar] flickers during app launch leavengood bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#534 [BPopUpMenu] checker glitches stippi bug normal - General
#535 [make] crashes with a segment violation axeld bug normal - General
#539 [Darksite] Crashes opening a file mmlr bug normal - General
#541 [StyledEdit] Warns when the user tries to open a directory sikosis bug normal Applications
#545 Static library dependencies are not (always?) resolved bonefish bug normal Build System
#547 [Screen] Doesn't work for VESA mode axeld bug normal Preferences/Screen
#548 Different implementation and missing POSIX math functions korli bug normal - General
#549 [Deskbar] shelf doesn't take team items into account axeld bug normal Applications
#550 Looks like BMenus dont tint their colors jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#553 add-ons: kernel/cpu/generic_x86 -> KDL on pentium 233mmx axeld bug normal Add-Ons R1/pre-alpha1
#556 [sh] getNumAvailable() == 0 korli bug normal - General
#558 [Cortex] doesn't let to close it floating windows axeld bug normal Applications
#559 App freeze or crash when Tab pressed axeld bug normal - General
#561 Tab complete doesn't always escape characters korli bug normal - General
#562 [Gobe Productive] doesnt load splash screen correctly axeld bug normal - General
#563 [Seamonkey] could not resolve symbol 're_comp' korli bug normal - General
#567 [DarkSite] Save as triggers "debugger(): Looper must be locked." jackburton bug normal - General
#568 Some controls have a white background stippi bug normal - General
#569 [bash] directories hide executables korli bug normal - General
#571 [StyledEdit] possible to scroll below end of file jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#572 [Vision] crashes wrt ListView anevilyak bug normal - General
#573 [Media] crash in BMenuBar jackburton bug normal - General
#575 [SampleStudio] crash if you try to open a file marcusoverhagen bug normal Kits/Game Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#576 [Tracker] crash on search axeld bug normal Applications
#577 [Gobe Productive] crash axeld bug normal - General
#578 [Deskbar] crash on Romashka start axeld bug normal Applications
#580 [Tracker] setting wording wrong axeld enhancement normal Applications
#584 BeIDE causes crash in Painter::copy_bitmap_row_cmap8_copy stippi bug normal - General
#587 doesnt compile with DEBUG=1 korli bug normal - General
#588 Hide email address option mphipps enhancement normal Website
#589 BNode Lock()/Unlock() not implemented axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#591 [Deskbar] doesn't redraw it's shelf jackburton bug normal Applications/Deskbar
#592 selected (inverted) text is disappearing stippi bug normal Servers/app_server
#593 [StyledEdit] refuse to open files from links axeld bug normal Applications
#594 [BMenu] doesn't close on focus lost jackburton bug normal - General
#596 [Cortex] you can't move media add-ons in it window axeld bug normal - General
#597 [Cortex] double click on audio mixer opens non-resizable window axeld bug normal Kits/Media Kit
#598 [Magnify] starts with black window stippi bug normal Applications
#599 [Team Monitor] isn't font sensitive korli bug normal - General
#600 [Media] Restart the media server to apply changes korli bug normal Preferences
#601 [Becasso] cannot open file /boot/home/config/lib/ axeld bug normal - General
#602 [Background] doesn't show "-B" postfix in context menu axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#603 Wrong partition size in DiskProbe axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#604 [SoundRecorder] flickering on slider move korli bug normal Applications
#606 [FileTypes] file type window vs application type axeld bug normal Preferences
#607 mouse prefs won't be saved korli bug normal Preferences
#608 [MediaPlayer] wrong Long Description marcusoverhagen bug normal Applications
#609 BView::GetMouse lags in 3dmix axeld bug normal - General
#610 [BMenu] doesn't check for window close jackburton bug normal - General
#612 [Tracker] crashed on move file from system folder axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#613 [Tracker] doesn't let you to rename system folders axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#614 [FileType] tracker add-on doesn't have an icon bonefish bug normal Build System
#615 [BMenu] has some issues jackburton bug normal - General
#616 [Tracker] Find window have white box jackburton bug normal - General
#617 [FileType] should have window size limit axeld bug normal Preferences
#619 [BListView] selection should be centered axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
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