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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#9550 FirstBootPrompt: "Boot to Dektop" button not translating stippi bug normal Applications/FirstBootPrompt R1/alpha4.1
#9570 [WebPositive] no "Save Page" option leavengood bug normal Applications/WebPositive R1/alpha4.1
#9575 WebPositive Downloads window always behind main window leavengood bug normal Applications/WebPositive R1/alpha4.1
#9583 Appearance: fix translation of "Scroll bar:" string mmadia bug normal Preferences/Appearance R1/alpha4.1
#9584 installoptionalpackage beoscompatibility gives error mmadia bug normal Build System R1/alpha4.1
#9589 WD Elements USB drive not found mmlr bug normal Drivers/USB R1/alpha4.1
#9604 PatchBay update for Haiku phoudoin enhancement normal Applications R1/alpha4.1
#9647 Overview Documentation; BBox Layout Handling jscipione enhancement normal Documentation R1/alpha4.1
#9653 Remove StyledEdit's character encoding display siarzhuk enhancement normal Applications/StyledEdit R1/alpha4.1
#9678 Cannot send and receive through the same socket phoudoin bug normal Network & Internet/IPv4 R1/alpha4.1
#9696 cal command not aware of UTF-8 strings nobody bug normal Applications R1/alpha4.1
#9724 BPopUpMenu positioned incorrectly based on the location of the marked submenu item axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/alpha4.1
#9770 if_nameindex() returns multiple elements with same if_index phoudoin bug normal Kits/Network Kit R1/alpha4.1
#9791 fluidsynth RPN fine-tuning range is incorrect phoudoin bug normal Audio & Video R1/alpha4.1
#9793 MediaPlayer commandline options / streaming stippi enhancement normal Applications/MediaPlayer R1/alpha4.1
#9809 Terminal uses incorrect line count after adding new tab jackburton bug low Applications/Terminal R1/alpha4.1
#9851 Forkbomb creates Kernel Screen of Death axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/alpha4.1
#9920 BSynth upgrade korli enhancement normal Kits/Midi Kit R1/alpha4.1
#9931 Allocate returned buffer in realpath() in case resolved_name's argument is NULL korli enhancement normal System/ R1/alpha4.1
#9935 iprowifi4965 fails to connect to NetGear router nobody bug normal Network & Internet/Wireless R1/alpha4.1
#9953 ping gives crazy std deviation values phoudoin bug normal Network & Internet R1/alpha4.1
#9966 audio volume bar nobody bug normal Drivers/Audio/HDA R1/alpha4.1
#10024 Document new build commands in ReadMe bonefish bug normal Build System R1/alpha4.1
#10028 Make master build on Mac OS X again after PM-merge bonefish bug normal Build System R1/alpha4.1
#10574 Red, Green, and Blue color fields don't display correctly in Icon-O-Matic stippi bug normal Applications/Icon-O-Matic R1/alpha4.1
#10618 ShowImage crashes loading animated GIF nobody bug normal Add-Ons/Translators/GIF R1/alpha4.1
#11693 [EEEPC 1001HA] Blackscreen after splashscreen axeld bug blocker Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/alpha4.1
#14540 mount B_PARTITION_TOO_SMALL results in general system error in tracker nobody bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/beta1
#89 Charts blocks drawing while '2 Threads' is selected [...] jackburton bug normal Applications/Chart R1/Development
#96 Chart test app display bug jackburton bug normal Applications/Chart R1/Development
#190 [Media] prefs isn't font sensitive (easy) stippi bug normal Preferences/Media R1/Development
#215 Problem with special characters nobody bug high Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#278 [FileTypes] disappearing menu items axeld bug normal Preferences/FileTypes R1/Development
#315 device read/writes don't lock memory nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#469 [BeIDE] Keybinding graphics have an incorrect background axeld bug low - General R1/Development
#484 [app_server] menu flickering leavengood bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#511 [ScreenSaver] Many stability issues and other problems nobody bug normal Preferences/ScreenSaver R1/Development
#532 [Deskbar] flickers during app launch leavengood bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#661 CannaIM deskbar replicant popup menu not working; replicant handle menu displayed instead. korli bug normal - General R1/Development
#698 [Tracker] could crash if many files opened at once mmlr bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#725 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 issues mmlr bug normal Drivers/Keyboard/USB R1/Development
#880 [Tracker] icon disappers if right click selected and then desktop is left clicked aldeck bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#915 Remove buffer size limit for ports axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#917 mouse pointer does not move, when it shows up korli bug low Servers/input_server R1/Development
#1315 [app_server] shifted images in ScreenSaver axeld bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#1357 A default soundfont is missing stippi enhancement normal Kits/Midi Kit R1/Development
#1492 PowerStatus app seems to be non-functional? axeld bug normal Servers/power_daemon R1/Development
#1493 The networkstatus app closes axeld bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#1503 MediaPlayer doesn't remember previous volume setting stippi enhancement normal Applications/MediaPlayer R1/Development
#1555 [Deskbar] crash in DeleteMenuWindow jackburton bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#1592 Query windows doesn't update while restoring file from trash ... anevilyak bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#1675 VLC Openning asx Stream Crash axeld bug normal Applications R1/Development
#1692 BDirectory::GetNextEntry() don't unset "entry" nobody enhancement normal Kits/Storage Kit R1/Development
#1713 App server leaks memory when playing with whistle sample application. axeld bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#1722 PANIC: Did not find any boot partitions - Nforce2 IDE drive nobody bug normal Drivers/Disk R1/Development
#1817 Tracker preferences / Ask before delete does not work axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#1859 Anti-aliasing issues with certain fonts axeld bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#1870 Expander - unzipping on full volume hangs korli bug low Applications/Expander R1/Development
#1881 libc locale functions not implemented zooey bug normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#1925 Reboot during startup on Toshiba Satellite 2615DVD/6.0 bonefish bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#1992 vlc invokes gdb when a asx file is dragged upon it axeld bug normal - General R1/Development
#2066 Not all resolutions listed for nVidia GeForce 7800 GT rudolfc bug normal Drivers/Graphics/nVidia R1/Development
#2072 [Perl] not found nobody bug normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#2077 New name for "bootman"? axeld enhancement normal Applications/BootManager R1/Development
#2168 [Deskbar] freezes axeld bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#2196 testgl fails nobody enhancement normal Kits/OpenGL Kit R1/Development
#2247 lots of "KERN: More than 99% interrupts of vector 3 are unhandled" messages in syslog mmlr bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#2257 Warning: PAGE_SIZE redefined axeld bug normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#2314 [ProcessController] double clicking it will restart Deskbar. modeenf bug normal Applications/ProcessController R1/Development
#2334 [StyledEdit] problems editing special chars zooey bug normal Applications/StyledEdit R1/Development
#2344 Hang when booting with USB Mass Storage device connected. mmlr bug normal Drivers/USB R1/Development
#2356 usb stack deadlocks after plugging in card reader axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#2380 [KDL]: READ-WRITE FAULT axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#2387 [Deskbar] In horizontal mode, MenuItems height is too big when fonts size > 12 jscipione bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#2389 [Terminal] Add a menu option to allow the user to give the terminal a custom name bonefish enhancement low Applications/Terminal R1/Development
#2413 [Interface kit] enlarging menus axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/Development
#2442 [Tracker]: it should not be possible to create a directory in / waddlesplash bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#2495 [MediaPlayer] Pressing left/right arrows do unexpected things nobody enhancement normal Applications/MediaPlayer R1/Development
#2593 Solaris does not define __progname bonefish enhancement normal Build System R1/Development
#2599 Virtual Box networking detected, not working axeld bug normal Drivers/Network/pcnet R1/Development
#2603 resolv.conf should be in /boot/common/settings/network/ axeld enhancement normal Network & Internet R1/Development
#2673 [Terminal] Missing Support for Graphics Char Set pulkomandy bug normal Applications/Terminal R1/Development
#2690 PANIC: ASSERT FAILED (headers/private/kernel/util/DoublyLinkedList.h:464): fFirst != __null && fLast != _ ... ) axeld bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#2695 [XSI] Implement SA_SIGINFO for sigaction bonefish enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#2782 implement snapping to other window borders stippi enhancement normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#2789 writing to usb disks fail after 10-100Mb of writing files mmlr bug normal Drivers R1/Development
#2796 File size of new file from template not updated stpere bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#2851 [Terminal] resizing terminal window could crash it bonefish bug normal Applications/Terminal R1/Development
#2872 Desktop Folder Missing in Tracker Window anevilyak enhancement normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#2949 Missing freetype2 headers, the freetype-config tool and its pkg-config files are missing. korli bug normal - General R1/Development
#2963 select() doesn't wait after non-blocking connect() axeld bug normal Network & Internet/TCP R1/Development
#2966 DHCP leaves auto config IP after link up zooey enhancement normal Network & Internet/IPv4 R1/Development
#2988 Screenshot does not obey its mouse pointer option stippi bug normal Applications/Screenshot R1/Development
#2998 bcm440x doesn't initialize the NIC nobody bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#3036 [DriveSetup] should open main window without bottom scrollbar (easy) stippi bug normal Applications/DriveSetup R1/Development
#3039 [Tracker] resizing Open With window flickers blue border a lot axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#3042 [ShowImage] wheel scrolling flickers image path string nobody bug normal Applications/ShowImage R1/Development
#3048 IO Scheduler: "no more requests" panic bonefish bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#3067 [Tracker] "Open With..." submenu is slow to appear when lots of items are selected axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#3069 [Mail] Enclosures uses old style format tho show icons of attached files. axeld bug normal Applications/Mail R1/Development
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