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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#12197 #haiku irc channel is locked nobody bug blocker Sys-Admin R1/Development
#14179 gcc 7.3.0 cannot build itself waddlesplash bug blocker Build System R1/Development
#5550 Boot Panic with ipwifi3945(abg) : out of MTRRs! [r35779] bonefish bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#10279 random binary crashes, generally while compiling or doing other port work nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#12340 FlattenPictureTest kills app_server (Regression) axeld bug critical Servers/app_server R1/Development
#12365 password generation must be more secured nobody enhancement critical System R1/Development
#12541 "PANIC: unable to find irq routing for PCI 4:4:0" from nightly builds kallisti5 bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#12975 KDL during git pull nobody bug critical System R1/Development
#13558 Kernel Panic in load_tracking.h nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#13744 Kernel PANIC stack fault exception from a userland C++ app nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#5040 Dell Dimension 3100 with LCD screen loses video at end of boot axeld bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#5046 PHPMailer classes required by SMTP module seem to be missing from website on baron haiku-web bug high Website/CMS R1/alpha1
#5098 HTML meta tags have vanished haiku-web bug high Website/CMS
#5100 Meta tag fields gone from node edit windows haiku-web bug high Website/CMS
#8470 gcc cross compiler broken under x86_64 (btrev43030) bonefish bug high Build System R1/Development
#8954 USB3 support korli enhancement high Drivers/USB/XHCI R1/Development
#11906 Use a 301 redirect on main website haiku-sysadmin bug high Sys-Admin
#12855 i965 modesetting regression kallisti5 bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#12953 MediaTrack::WriteFrames problems with gcc5 / latest ffmpeg Barrett bug high Kits/Media Kit R1/Development
#13025 Documenting - Website nielx bug high Documentation R1/Development
#13058 Web Positive Crashes hrev50670 pulkomandy bug high Applications/WebPositive R1/Development
#13334 Ticket notification emails are sent from creator's email, breaking the haiku-bugs list nielx bug high Website/Trac
#13989 [MediaPlayer] unreliably plays audio (output) when files are loaded from a playlist stippi bug high Applications/MediaPlayer R1/Development
#14031 Updating to hrev51848 renders system unbootable mmlr bug high Drivers/USB R1/Development
#14168 SMAP violation: user-mapped address - "console writer" nobody bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#14190 KDL: SMAP violation (intel_extreme) korli bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#14294 KDL: vfs_release_posix_lock nobody bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#14313 ARM toolchain broken bonefish bug high Build System R1/Development
#14337 KDL during desktop initilization from bootup waddlesplash bug high Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd R1/Development
#14342 Repeatly create/join threads with thread local variable crash nobody bug high System/ R1/Development
#14505 General network problems on Thinkpad T420 waddlesplash bug high Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965 R1/Development
#14995 download section gives page not found error waddlesplash bug high Website/ R1/Development
#812 Port PPP to the new stack nobody enhancement normal Network & Internet/PPP
#820 Network preferences stippi enhancement normal Network & Internet
#1050 implement a WiFi stack colin enhancement normal Network & Internet/Wireless R1/pre-alpha1
#1057 add PPP connection replicant and connection dialog enhancement normal Network & Internet/PPP R1/pre-alpha1
#1058 simplify PPP preflet and integrate it into our network preflet enhancement normal Network & Internet/PPP R1/pre-alpha1
#1098 CD/DVD burning application nobody enhancement normal Applications
#1141 Support for x86-64 architecture xyzzy enhancement normal System/Kernel
#1210 IMAP: download only headers czeidler enhancement normal Servers/mail_daemon R1/pre-alpha1
#1245 implement notification service and API pulkomandy enhancement normal Kits/Application Kit R1/Development
#1586 Queries: not case-insensitive for "Umlauts" zooey bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/pre-alpha1
#1980 Implement XSI semaphore and IPC API emitrax enhancement normal System/ R1/pre-alpha1
#2157 [Keymap] main window can't be resized axeld enhancement normal Preferences/Keymap R1/pre-alpha1
#2472 Access log flooded with page not found errors from automated bots haiku-web enhancement normal Website/CMS
#2632 Possible redefinition for struct sockaddr_in, related to IPv6 nobody bug normal Network & Internet/IPv6 R1/pre-alpha1
#2692 Missing POSIX header fenv.h nobody enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/pre-alpha1
#2817 setpriority and getpriority are missing to compile ocaml out of the box under Haiku nobody enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#2905 Handling "Favorites", the "be" folder and "Recent Folders" nobody enhancement normal Applications/Deskbar R1/pre-alpha1
#3376 Rewrite lgrep and hgrep scripts to be included into Haiku as optional package (easy) scottmc enhancement normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/alpha1
#3543 OpenSearch ticket search plugin for Firefox haiku-web enhancement normal Website
#3595 Problems with FireWare controller on HP Compaq NX7400 absabs bug normal Drivers/FireWire
#3607 Trac email notifications, missing user name in 'From' field haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac
#4005 Higher job count parallel builds (jam -j 4 for example) don't work bonefish enhancement normal Build System R1/pre-alpha1
#4046 [DiskProbe] Simplify Jumping to File and Block Offsets (easy) axeld enhancement normal Applications/DiskProbe R1/pre-alpha1
#4520 Tracker's "Low Space" warning has bizarre criteria. waddlesplash enhancement normal Applications/Tracker R1/alpha1
#4858 New blog entry preview resets input format to limited HTML haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#4932 nice() is not implemented nobody enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#4984 Filtering the status page VinDuv enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator R1/alpha1
#4995 Remove width restriction from CSS VinDuv enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator R1/alpha1
#5004 Notifications about new posts in opened bug reports don't come to my e-mail! zooey bug normal Website R1/Development
#5047 Ticket tracker e-mail confirmation uses poor/spam language nielx bug normal Website/Trac R1/alpha1
#5056 Patch to add support for Intel GMA X4500HD to intel_extreme driver axeld enhancement normal Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#5112 Show which video driver is being used in Screen preferences axeld enhancement normal Preferences/Screen
#5115 Missing an "and". nielx enhancement normal Documentation R1/alpha1
#5126 Tracker Add-on API Improvements nobody enhancement normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#5135 BeIDE not started axeld bug normal Kits/Media Kit R1/Development
#5207 Broken Link on Trademark Policy Page haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#5401 Haiku's Email new emails query includes email files in Trash (it shouldn't) anevilyak bug normal Kits/Mail Kit R1/Development
#5450 From LaunchBox disappear links to any documents/scripts stippi bug normal Applications/LaunchBox R1/alpha1
#5577 View menu string missing from Mail app locale catalog jonas.kirilla bug normal Applications/Mail R1/Development
#5594 A few strings are missing in DriveSetup locale catalog axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#5615 Pairs is fixed at 4 tiles x 4 tiles, add support for a different game sizes (easy) stippi enhancement normal Applications R1/alpha1
#5630 GCC4: headers/cpp/fenv.h don't find bits/c++config.h jprostko bug normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#5632 Remove allussion to BeOS CD in Mail app message or the message altogether jonas.kirilla bug normal Applications/Mail R1/Development
#5655 E-mail preferences crash on creating an account axeld bug normal System/ R1/Development
#5694 Implement pthread barriers Barrett enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#5874 Add "WebPositive" as Trac category nielx enhancement normal Website/Trac
#6120 Wifi ad-hoc support nobody enhancement normal Network & Internet/Wireless R1/Development
#6168 [RFC] Add syslog support to boot loader jessicah enhancement normal System/Boot Loader R1/Development
#6680 Setting to store session before close and restore session after the next start stippi enhancement normal Applications/WebPositive R1/alpha2
#6684 Google's Webp support phoudoin enhancement normal Add-Ons/Translators
#6775 [PNGTranslator] can't open /system/documentation/diskusage/*.png images leavengood bug normal Add-Ons/Translators/PNG R1/Development
#6834 add spinner widget [PATCH] jscipione enhancement normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/Development
#6840 Incorporation of GCC 4.5 nobody enhancement normal Build System R1/Development
#7008 Implement missing <search.h>, <stdio.h>, <stdlib.h>, <wchar.h> functions and definitions bonefish bug normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#7277 (Website) The pager wraps when the page number is too wide haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#7394 Display zoom factor waddlesplash enhancement normal Applications/ShowImage R1/Development
#7395 radeon_hd video accel. needs to query monitor EDID's for modelines nobody enhancement normal Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd R1/Development
#7445 app_server DecorManager + DecorInfo patch axeld enhancement normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#7503 No GCC4 package available for many OptionalPackages nobody enhancement normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#7616 Rename and move gcc4 builds on haiku-file mmadia enhancement normal Website
#7797 [app_server] Alternative implementation of subpixel rendering (patch) leavengood bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#8090 KDL from mounting an old Haiku (BFS) filesystem axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#8251 Adding two localized images that cannot be added via the user guide online tool nielx enhancement normal Documentation R1/alpha3
#8254 bfs_fuse needs root privs since hrev41258 axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#8279 Incorporation of GCC 4.6 korli enhancement normal Build System R1/alpha3
#8454 Very low network performance on some Marvell Yukon cards. nobody bug normal Drivers/Network/marvell_yukon R1/Development
#8537 Should "Icon size" affect menu items? jscipione enhancement normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#8609 optional package for libraries are not hybrid-enabled bonefish enhancement normal Build System R1/Development
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