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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3118 [Media] volume change on up/down mouse wheel events should show realtime tooltip (easy) korli enhancement low R1 Preferences/Media
#3274 ScreenSaver: Improve presentation of disabled options because of missing DPMS support. (easy) axeld enhancement low R1 Preferences/ScreenSaver
#3367 [Screenshot] don't need white border julun enhancement low R1 Applications/Screenshot
#3430 Terminal : incorrect redraw when resizing nobody bug low R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#3462 network problem axeld bug low R1/alpha4 Drivers/Network/rtl8139
#3498 When creating IMAP folders, also configure them by default such that their attribute view is suitable for viewing email axeld enhancement low R1 Servers/mail_daemon
#3601 Add tool to convert BeIDE project files to jamfiles axeld enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#3655 [StyledEdit] column number add siarzhuk enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/StyledEdit
#3762 PackageInstaller and handling script files sil2100 bug low Unscheduled Applications/PackageInstaller
#3779 makebootable should be renamed or have compatibility options removed nobody enhancement low R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#3825 URL linkification in People (easy) waddlesplash enhancement low R1 Applications/People
#4022 Deleted keymaps stay in the panel until it's restarted nobody bug low R1 Preferences/Keymap
#4023 NumLock and CapsLock don't change keymap correctly nobody bug low R1 Drivers/Keyboard/PS2
#4024 Abbreviate special keys in Keymap panel axeld enhancement low R1 Preferences/Keymap
#4032 keymap cli tool: add StyledEdit attributes axeld enhancement low R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#4091 r31522 build breakage on parallel jam bonefish bug low Unscheduled Build System
#4108 Debugger doesn't correctly handle retrieving source file for a program consisting only of main() bonefish bug low R1 Applications/Debugger
#4111 Indicator that threads are currently at a breakpoint / suspended in the debugger bonefish enhancement low R1 Applications/Debugger
#4198 Preferences panel: font size menu doesn't update correctly jscipione bug low R1 Applications/Terminal
#4235 partition type is missing in DriveSetup axeld enhancement low R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#4277 [checkfs] prettify output stippi enhancement low R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#4495 MDR Silently Fails if default folders do not exist nobody bug low R1/alpha2 Servers/mail_daemon
#4514 Assist video decoding with multiple threads dlmcpaul enhancement low Unscheduled Audio & Video/Codecs
#4569 Mouse doesnt' work under XenServer 5.5 nobody bug low R1 Drivers/Mouse/PS2
#4596 Last line of replied to text isn't marked as quote siarzhuk bug low R1 Applications/Mail
#4615 [Workspaces] window tab in the right corner is missing 1 px raw stippi bug low R1 Servers/app_server
#4649 The ISO image of Haiku cannot be made on Windows7 RC 64bit. bonefish bug low Unscheduled Build System
#4783 add #haiku/freenode to Vision anevilyak enhancement low R1/alpha3 Applications
#4813 Devices - SCSI vendor name marcusoverhagen bug low R1 Drivers/Disk
#4881 After clean system starts cpu indicates 50% usage and not try to lower usage until close the system nobody bug low R1 - General
#4996 HVIF tracker navigation icons/button waddlesplash enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#5049 typo humdinger bug low R1 Documentation
#5127 Don't open new tab when downloading nightly image haiku-web enhancement low Website
#5146 get_nth_pci_info missing axeld bug low R1 System/
#5175 [ldscripts] [PATCH] Typo fix bonefish enhancement low R1 Build System
#5178 [PATCH] Typo fix for ia32 BIOS boot loader axeld bug low R1 System/Boot Loader
#5192 [PATCH] arch_vm_translation_map: Fix dprintf arguments axeld bug low R1 System/Kernel
#5201 Locale preflet settings should update Tracker preferences pulkomandy enhancement low R1 Preferences
#5203 DeskCalc doesn't display numbers with more than 19 digits without scrolling (easy) stippi enhancement low R1 Applications/DeskCalc
#5270 About Mail expects its title to be in English pulkomandy bug low R1 Applications/Mail
#5305 text style inconsistent in user guide humdinger enhancement low R1 Documentation
#5315 installoptionalpackage -a could accept several packages add once nobody enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#5316 Tracker "Rating" attribute display doesn't work axeld bug low R1 Applications/Tracker
#5349 Pre-defined Queries don't have in-progress option enabled haiku-web bug low Website/Trac
#5369 BGLView glitch korli bug low R1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#5400 Virtualbox AHCI did not work under haiku marcusoverhagen bug low R1 Drivers/Disk
#5406 ReadOnlyBootPromt should preselect keymap automatically based on language choice nobody enhancement low R1 Applications
#5407 BSliderView background color is wrong axeld bug low R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#5444 update-all doesn't update alternative system libs (hybrid) bonefish bug low Unscheduled Build System
#5521 StyledEdit does not check read-only status of a file prior to writing to it. korli enhancement low R1 Applications/StyledEdit
#5542 Improve keyboard support in E-mail prefs Create New Account window (easy) bga enhancement low R1 Preferences/Mail
#5557 Patch: add additional device ID's to Nvidia GPGPU driver rudolfc enhancement low R1 Drivers/Graphics/nVidia
#5608 [IPv6] [PATCH] struct ipv6_mreq missing axeld bug low R1 System/POSIX
#5621 [MediaPlayer] restarting media_addon_server doesn't work Barrett bug low R1 Kits/Media Kit
#5665 Boot loader docs show Select safe mode options wrong nielx bug low Unscheduled Website
#5666 Haiku tracker leaf image changes into a beos logo when is_computer_on_fire() method is called. axeld bug low R1 Applications/Tracker
#5721 LinkInstallZip breaks when jamming outside of HAIKU_TOP bonefish bug low R1 Build System
#5735 Unescaped whitespace in attachment URL nielx bug low Website/Trac
#5750 [bash] parse.c always regenerated bonefish bug low R1 Build System
#5763 Installation Guide will need updating for alpha2 haiku-web bug low R1/alpha2 Website
#5776 Improve keyboard menu navigation axeld enhancement low R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#5826 Change default Terminal colors jackburton enhancement low R1 Applications/Terminal
#5834 Incorrect alert phrasing in touchpad applet. czeidler bug low R1/alpha2 Preferences/Touchpad
#5852 uk.png should be Ukranian flag not United Kingdom nielx bug low R1 Documentation
#5881 [WebPositive] Shortened addresses with port mishandled stippi bug low R1 Applications/WebPositive
#5945 Introduce setting to enable KDL's `serial_input` by default axeld enhancement low R1 System/Kernel
#5986 typo in src/bin/desklink/MediaReplicant.cpp stippi bug low R1 - General
#6046 Wrong positioned image on a website jua bug low R1 Applications/WebPositive
#6123 [PATCH] OpenFirmware: Assure machine is initialized to unknown andreasf enhancement low R1 System/Boot Loader
#6124 AboutSystem reports RAM lower than actual axeld enhancement low R1 System/Boot Loader
#6131 Suggestion on bug reporting with KDL photos mmlr enhancement low R1 System/Kernel
#6279 Implement getifaddrs() axeld enhancement low R1 Kits/Network Kit
#6756 Updating status view after mouse click [easy] stpere bug low R1 Applications/DiskUsage
#6991 Update registrar to use start_watching_system() API bonefish enhancement low R1 Servers/registrar
#7253 Zooming sticky at 1:1 leavengood enhancement low R1 Applications/ShowImage
#7708 Haiku Book on has display issues on main page nielx bug low Unscheduled Documentation
#7838 Add ability to right click/inspect variables anevilyak enhancement low R1 Applications/Debugger
#7906 [Drivesetup] The partition size slider on the create new partition window is always blue regardless of the cursor position stippi bug low R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#8035 BColorControl not redrawn when switching to and from 8-bit (256 color) mode jscipione bug low R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#8039 Troubles reading ELF header in gcc4 opengl add-ons for any OpenGL program anevilyak bug low R1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#8135 Support debug info in separate file anevilyak enhancement low R1 Applications/Debugger
#8286 Debugger should show the address of stack variables anevilyak enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#8287 Debugger Variables list not always in view anevilyak bug low Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#8495 PackageInstaller option for forcing different root directory sil2100 enhancement low R1 Applications/PackageInstaller
#8498 Debugger source location bug in gcc2-compiled libs/executables anevilyak bug low Applications/Debugger
#8734 SerialConnect replacement pulkomandy enhancement low R1 Applications
#9039 Tracker should be able to restart deskbar if it crashes. kallisti5 enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#9063 Web+ interface doesn't handle IDN domains pulkomandy bug low R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9136 'Choose swap size automatically' also means swap on boot volume kallisti5 enhancement low R1/beta1 Preferences/VirtualMemory
#9142 Keyboard modifiers setting lost after reboot siarzhuk enhancement low R1 Preferences/Keymap
#9143 Deskbar clock doesn't honor locale formatting jscipione bug low R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9239 SubmittingPatches wiki page should mention configuring git haiku-web enhancement low Website/Trac
#9314 Tracker: there is an extra character anevilyak bug low R1 Kits/
#9343 intel extreme needs rc6 power downclocking axeld enhancement low R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9350 Deskbar hangs for long time when dragging it around jscipione bug low R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9364 KDL with IDE DMA Enabled jackburton bug low R1 System/Kernel
#9375 Sync ffmpeg to version 1.0 pulkomandy enhancement low Unscheduled Audio & Video/Codecs
#9415 Screen Preferences Colour Depth fails to Update axeld bug low R1 Preferences/Screen
#9482 Binutil build breakage with texinfo 5.0 kallisti5 bug low Unscheduled Build System
#9483 GCC build breakage with texinfo 5.0 kallisti5 bug low Unscheduled Build System
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