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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2793 echo.settings are not loaded after Media Server restart korli bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/Echo3g
#11 edit form comes up for newly entered bugs mphipps bug low R1 Website
#138 Editing querys is crashing the Tracker axeld bug normal R1 Applications
#1601 Editing/Saving a file in Pe resulted in leftover bytes at end of file axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Storage Kit
#7201 Editing view title causes drupal ajax error haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#12653 Edit JPEG translator to remove warnings, allow -Werror nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled - General
#11693 [EEEPC 1001HA] Blackscreen after splashscreen axeld bug blocker R1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#6559 EeePC 4G - Intel Extreme driver pulkomandy bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#2083 EHCI bus hanging at boot. mmlr bug blocker R1 Drivers/USB
#10867 EHCI Control Transfers : Hang if length of buffer > size of input data phoudoin bug normal R1 Drivers/USB
#11604 EHCI: error 0x000a8141 after plugging in USB mouse mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/USB/EHCI
#2630 Eject when unmounting not working. (gcc2 only) axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#11172 Elantech Touchpad and Keyboard did'nt works nobody bug normal R1 Drivers/Keyboard/PS2
#6307 elf64 support for haiku_loader xyzzy enhancement normal R1 System/Boot Loader
#10603 EliteBlanker package fails to install stippi bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/PackageInstaller
#6173 ELSA MicroLink 56k USB 1.0 modem failed to set default configuration mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/USB
#4074 eMachines 19" WS LCD monitor native resolution not avail. using AGP Geforce 2/3 rudolfc bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/nVidia
#13305 Emacs bootstrap binary causes KDL nobody bug high R1 System/Kernel
#14061 e-mail client crash with IMAP after try SSL czeidler bug normal Unscheduled Applications/Mail
#4613 Email loss when cancelling seding mail with unencodable char axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Mail
#831 email notification not send when new ticket created wkornewald bug critical Website R1 Website/Trac
#1751 Email Pref > Accounts > Outgoing pane shows POP3 incoming settings bga bug normal R1 Preferences/Mail
#485 [E-mail] pref crash axeld bug normal R1 System/runtime_loader
#1792 E-mail preference applet needs a vector icon stippi enhancement normal R1 User Interface
#2976 Email preferences character problem axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#3720 E-Mail preferences crashes when trying to setup POP3 account bga bug normal R1 Preferences/Mail
#5655 E-mail preferences crash on creating an account axeld bug normal Unscheduled System/
#7266 E-mail preferences freezes when new mail account is created czeidler bug normal R1 Servers/mail_daemon
#7204 [E-mail] preflet crashes in Outgoing menu bga bug normal R1 Preferences/Mail
#9272 E-Mail preflet crashes when doubleclicking "Reply with" of the popup menu in Rule filter axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/E-mail
#7058 Email settings not being updated bga bug normal R1 Preferences/Mail
#9784 E-Mail tools always assume default server ports axeld enhancement normal Unscheduled Servers/mail_daemon
#383 [E-mail] View method requires owner and doesn't have one jackburton bug normal R1 - General
#7672 Empty NTP server added leavengood bug normal R1 Preferences/Time & Date
#4543 empty partition table in DriveSetup marcusoverhagen bug normal R1 - General
#7287 Empty window when browsing thru partial mails bga bug normal R1 Applications/Mail
#646 [emuxki] doesn't let haiku to boot korli bug blocker R1 System/Kernel
#1909 emuxki/midi related KDLs? korli bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#6568 [emuxki] Playing mp3 repeatedly causes distorted sound korli bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/emuxki
#5838 Enabled ACPI , but cant install Battery Bar Replicant in tray. czeidler bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/ACPI
#3022 Enable screensaver by default leavengood bug normal R1 Build System
#13290 enable subpixel hinting in default build axeld enhancement normal R1 Servers/app_server
#4738 enable tui mode in gdb nobody enhancement normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#8713 enable WebPositive to be built from Haiku's tree. aldeck enhancement normal R1 Build System
#7508 Enabling multiple CPU core cuases system instability during builds etc. axeld bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#5825 Enabling of ACPI and usage of ACPI programs (cpu freq, battery info) causes mouse to lose sync tqh bug normal R1 Drivers/ACPI
#3585 endless loop in heap grower axeld bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#3830 Endless loop in netstat axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#969 endless loop when rendering fonts in agg::glyph_data_outline mode stippi bug high R1 Servers/app_server
#6298 enhancement for french keymap pulkomandy enhancement normal R1 Preferences/Keymap
#12295 Enhancement to the ahci driver axeld enhancement low Unscheduled Drivers/Disk/ATA
#13741 Ensure our wpa_supplicant is patched for KRACK waddlesplash bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#7596 entering URLs manually for local files yields a google search leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9816 Entries in BPopUpMenu are truncated jscipione bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9148 Enumerating interfaces hangs in kernel on first boot in safe mode anevilyak bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Stack
#6837 Epson C61 wont print laplace bug normal R1 Printing
#9061 EQ add-on crashes when connecting to Auich ICH 3dEyes bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Media/Mixer
#2055 Eric's Ulimate Solitare, and Axia fail to run nobody bug normal R1 - General
#6867 erroneous minimizing on tab click axeld bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#10303 Error 405 (Method Not Allowed) from Google when typing plaintext-with-spaces search terms into location bar in Web+ pulkomandy bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#5308 Error at 1680x1050 resolution on Intel GMA 950 kallisti5 bug high R1/beta2 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#5933 Error/Bug while uploading an attachments into haiku bugtracker stippi bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#14842 Error building bootstraping libicuio while cross-compiling ARM on Ubuntu 18.04 bonefish bug normal Unscheduled Build System
#7798 Error compiling haiku with ssl optional package included bonefish bug normal R1 Build System
#7412 Error converting string from 'UTF-8' to native encoding during download from svn leavengood bug normal R1/beta1 - General
#5410 Error: Failed to make directory "/myfs/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers": Unknown error 4294967295 axeld bug blocker R1/alpha2 File Systems/BFS
#2580 Error in BFS when trying to initialize a partition with DriveSetup. axeld bug high R1/alpha1 File Systems/BFS
#1548 Error in example code for BLocker in the Haiku Book nielx bug normal R1 Documentation
#1076 Error in Profile editor on Haiku website wkornewald bug normal R1 Website/CMS
#855 error in signal.c axeld bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#7248 error in thread use accounting? nobody bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#10179 Error launching Pe (Unknown Application Error (-2147418110)) nobody bug normal R1 - General
#6869 Error loading file when opening WebPositive: welcome_en.html leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#6430 "Error loading HTTP://http:/: " leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#1610 Error opening an empty file stippi bug normal R1 Applications/StyledEdit
#9782 Errors compiling netfs and netfs_server with gcc-4.7.3 bonefish bug normal R1 File Systems/UserlandFS
#12925 Errors in "rename alert" pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Kits/
#2721 error starting "/bin/sh" bonefish bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#6685 Errors while emptying the trash should give more options than just cancel axeld enhancement normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#5509 Error viewing licenses in nobody bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#3335 Error "vm_page_fault" with boot LiveCD axeld bug normal R1 System/Boot Loader
#7795 error when compiling Haiku with gcc4 axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/IPv6
#4085 Error with zooey bug normal R1 - General
#10168 Esc keypress to close WebPositive's find bar hits 'next' first pulkomandy bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#6573 ESC/P-R Library (sup)port laplace enhancement normal R1 Printing
#8048 Even larger icon support in Tracker axeld enhancement normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#2980 Event and Sound columns shouldn't be fixed anevilyak bug normal R1 Preferences/Sounds
#3276 Event sounds are not played axeld bug normal R1 - General
#4242 Exchanging modifier keys doen't work axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/Keymap
#7898 Executing results in page fault mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/ipw2100
#1362 Executing Opera seems to wipe out IP settings axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#12114 execvpe not implemented nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#1963 execvp() Tries to Execute Directories bonefish bug critical R1/alpha1 System/
#10501 ExFat file system mounts with mountpoint "EXFAT " (with 3 trailing spaces) korli bug normal R1 File Systems/exFAT
#15110 exit and _Exit are not marked noreturn waddlesplash bug normal Unscheduled System/
#8870 Exiting Quake3 causes "read fault" KDL every time. anevilyak bug critical R1/alpha4 Network & Internet/IPv6
#9847 [Expander] add hpkg rule bonefish enhancement normal R1 Applications/Expander
#5009 [Expander] can't be closed while it creates archive listing korli bug normal R1 Applications/Expander
#4879 Expander cant handle password protected archives. korli bug normal R1 Applications/Expander
#989 Expander crashes when unzipping korli bug normal R1 Applications/Expander
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