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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9425 Change the behavior regarding startup pulkomandy enhancement normal R1 Servers/notification_server
#9424 Re-implement settings to use a single file pulkomandy enhancement normal R1 Servers/notification_server
#9423 Focus went back to last focused window while option "Focus follows mouse" is on. stippi bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#9422 drivesetup: SegFaults when adding a partition to intel or GPT axeld bug normal R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#9421 Web+ does not pass Dromaeo benchmark. Segmentation violation. leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9420 Radeon HD6870, regression of support for DVI-D port. kallisti5 bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9418 In user guide the list of languages should be sorted alphabetically waddlesplash enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator
#9417 Path names are translated in German user guide humdinger bug normal R1 Documentation
#9416 dev/random needs to be writable nobody enhancement normal R1 Drivers
#9415 Screen Preferences Colour Depth fails to Update axeld bug low R1 Preferences/Screen
#9412 [WebPositive] sometimes fails to update an URL in address bar leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9411 DHCP requests without link axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9409 New content not receiving automatic pretty URLs= haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#9407 [StyledEdit] page down stucks if file is in read-only mode siarzhuk bug normal R1 Applications/StyledEdit
#9406 [app_server] unable to move windows to another workspace jscipione bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#9405 [DriveSetup] crashes in PartitionMapAddOn::CanInitialize axeld bug normal R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#9404 [Live CD] Can't connect to WPA2. Application could not be found Barrett bug normal R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#9399 FirstBootPrompt fallout from #8945/hrev45185 mmadia enhancement normal R1 Applications/FirstBootPrompt
#9398 Debugger fails to parse C++11 compiled program anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9396 Ebay paypal merchant checkout broken with Webpositive leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9395 [STXT Translator] Wrap and use ICU's Character Set Detection feature. nobody enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Translators
#9391 Wording in Shortcuts preflet is not in line with rest of the UI nobody bug normal R1 Preferences/Shortcuts
#9388 Playground can't localize. humdinger bug normal R1 Applications
#9380 Rescanning a folder leads to crash in the end nobody bug normal R1 Applications/DiskUsage
#9379 "Applications" in Deskbar prefs not translated pulkomandy bug normal R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9377 Network Stack Deadlock axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9375 Sync ffmpeg to version 1.0 pulkomandy enhancement low Unscheduled Audio & Video/Codecs
#9373 PCNet network driver deadlock on boot korli bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/pcnet
#9371 IvyBridge: After DPMS, screen never turns back on nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9368 KDL on boot, caused by ipro1000 driver korli bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/ipro1000
#9364 KDL with IDE DMA Enabled jackburton bug low R1 System/Kernel
#9363 doesn't boot on acer s5-391-73514G25akk nobody bug normal R1 Drivers
#9362 The Mesa recipe needs built for x86_64 nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled Kits/OpenGL Kit
#9358 [Time] TimeZoneView disappears axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/Time & Date
#9354 Compilation fixes for x86_64 xyzzy bug normal R1 - General
#9353 Display Bug on Asus 901 on boot nobody bug normal R1/beta2 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9350 Deskbar hangs for long time when dragging it around jscipione bug low R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9348 Network time won't synchronize clock at boot leavengood bug normal R1 Preferences/Time & Date
#9345 bad redrawing upon switching layouts jscipione bug normal R1 Preferences/Keymap
#9343 intel extreme needs rc6 power downclocking axeld enhancement low R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9342 grep crashing while TextSearching korli bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#9339 Localization: Apple Icon translator nobody enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Translators
#9338 Localization: Haiku Multi Audio media addon korli enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Media/hmulti_audio
#9337 Implement ftw.h nobody bug normal R1 - General
#9330 Notifications Window goes out of screen pulkomandy bug normal R1 Servers/notification_server
#9327 sys/select.h not self-contained korli bug normal R1 System/POSIX
#9324 Website/Forum: Not all part visible (alignment problem) leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9323 glu.h is missing kallisti5 bug high R1/beta1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#9321 intel_extreme driver needs Ivy Bridge support kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9319 Ordering problems nobody bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#9318 VirtualMemory: Invalid size axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/VirtualMemory
#9316 [cddb_daemon] creates wrong MIME internal-name for Title, Genre & Year nobody bug normal R1 Servers
#9314 Tracker: there is an extra character anevilyak bug low R1 Kits/
#9312 Deskbar: always crash jscipione bug normal R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9311 usb_midi fix to handle more "Class-Compliant" devices phoudoin bug normal R1 Drivers/USB
#9308 Intel Extreme Graphics (SandyBridge) loaded, but not working axeld bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9307 Debugger memory inspector assumes 32-bit pointers anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9302 The currentSelected Item in BListView is wrong after an AddList Insertion axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9297 [kernel] 64-bit fixes when KDEBUG_LEVEL = 0 xyzzy bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#9296 Crash when moving thru mail query results mmlr bug normal R1 Kits/
#9295 KDL while copy from/to USB disk nobody bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#9294 Some instances of typecasting cause crashes in TreeTableModel anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9293 Some Terminal enhancements siarzhuk enhancement normal R1 Applications/Terminal
#9292 Use 2D icons in toolbar leavengood enhancement normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9291 Make makebootable understand GPT partitions bonefish enhancement normal R1 Build System
#9290 Incorporation of GCC 4.7 jprostko enhancement normal Unscheduled Build System
#9288 CD/DVD-RW written with an old CD/DVD-Rom-Drive nobody enhancement normal R1/beta1 - General
#9287 Installer window disappears korli bug normal R1 Applications/Installer
#9284 OptionalPackages for x86_64 that may need some extra help nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled - General
#9283 Accepting drag&dropped files stippi bug normal R1 Applications/DeskCalc
#9281 Mounting (functional/clean) DVD causes hard freeze nobody bug normal R1 - General
#9278 print_addon_server crashes with LPR ports using hostnames phoudoin bug normal R1 Printing
#9276 Merge usb_disk and usb_floppy pulkomandy enhancement normal Unscheduled Drivers/Disk/USB
#9273 [Debugger] crashes in BreakpointsView::_UpdateButtons () anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9272 E-Mail preflet crashes when doubleclicking "Reply with" of the popup menu in Rule filter axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/E-mail
#9269 POP mail does not fetch any mail from GMail (other providers ok) axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Servers/mail_daemon
#9267 Bug in the BStringList::Sort axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Support Kit
#9265 Bluetooth UI Improvements oruizdorantes enhancement normal Unscheduled User Interface
#9261 Problem with cursor on hrev 44952 gcc4h axeld bug high R1/beta1 Servers/app_server
#9259 DriveSetup: Wrong optical drive size stippi bug normal R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#9257 [Deskbar] crashed in TExpandoMenuBar::monitor_team_windows axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9252 KeyError: u'\u200b' haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac
#9251 [MediaPlayer] crashes in BMenuItem::Submenu () nobody bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9249 Radeon hd 7770 dual link dvi fails kallisti5 bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9247 Debugger skips a frame in some cases anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9244 With font size 18 poorman shows cut offs because the window is too small nobody bug normal R1 Applications/PoorMan
#9243 With font size 18 Magnify shows issues of drawing over the pop up menu nobody bug normal R1 Applications/Magnify
#9241 WIth font size 18 the FontDemo shows issues at the bottom nobody bug normal R1 Applications
#9240 With font size 18 the Debugger shot shows cut-off text in the menu and in the column headings axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9239 SubmittingPatches wiki page should mention configuring git haiku-web enhancement low Website/Trac
#9238 Tracker: Wrong status info axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#9231 Spacing fail in Russian language also not working buttons nobody bug normal R1 Applications/BootManager
#9230 [AboutSystem] localize kernel_build_date siarzhuk bug normal R1 Applications/AboutSystem
#9223 [VIDEO] Hello World in C++ with Haiku haiku-web enhancement normal Website
#9221 Breakpoints in dynamically loaded add-ons don't seem to be installed correctly anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9220 x86-64 support for vmware_mouse korli enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Input Filters
#9219 Wrong header protection in the beagleboard config mmu_man bug normal R1 - General
#9218 Do not require a "Subject:", for saving a draft czeidler bug normal R1 Applications/Mail
#9217 BTextView::Select() fails to do Range Checking axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9208 Make BeMines part of the core Haiku distribution nobody enhancement normal R1 Applications
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