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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9221 Breakpoints in dynamically loaded add-ons don't seem to be installed correctly anevilyak bug normal R1 Applications/Debugger
#9220 x86-64 support for vmware_mouse korli enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Input Filters
#9219 Wrong header protection in the beagleboard config mmu_man bug normal R1 - General
#9218 Do not require a "Subject:", for saving a draft czeidler bug normal R1 Applications/Mail
#9217 BTextView::Select() fails to do Range Checking axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9208 Make BeMines part of the core Haiku distribution nobody enhancement normal R1 Applications
#9203 Integer overflow in mixer add-on crashes media_addon_server axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Media Kit
#9200 Hide files which start with a dot waddlesplash enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#9198 Localization data bind into app resource loaded incorrectly pulkomandy bug normal R1 Kits/Locale Kit
#9196 Screensaver lock - get around password lock axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/ScreenSaver
#9193 Sniffer rule for video/mp2t too simple jscipione bug normal R1 Preferences/FileTypes
#9190 [BListView] multi-selection not preserved when DnD'ing nobody bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9187 pcnet 3 crashes on x86_64 xyzzy bug high R1/beta1 Drivers/Network/pcnet
#9186 ALT+ESC doesn't open menu in Web+ leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9184 ifconfig up/down an interface repeatedly causes a kdl axeld bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/IPv6
#9182 BDirectWindow::GetClippingRect : wrong behaviour jackburton bug normal R1 Kits/Game Kit
#9180 PANIC: unable to find irq routing for PCI 1:0:1 kallisti5 bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#9175 Navigating shuffled stacked windows czeidler bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Decorators/Default
#9172 Haiku cannot boot on ASUS K53TA nobody bug normal R1 - General
#9170 Resizing to view additional tabs will deadlock DiskUsage stpere bug normal R1 Applications/DiskUsage
#9169 No Desktop with TP X31 and ipw2100 nobody bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/iprowifi2100
#9167 KDL after plugging in USB-to-serial device axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9159 PatchBay not showing tooltips phoudoin bug normal R1 Applications
#9155 [Terminal] revert yellow cursor color siarzhuk bug normal R1 Applications/Terminal
#9152 S&T not working correctly on VMware czeidler bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Decorators/Default
#9151 Deskbar crashes when it moved to bottom of screen. jscipione bug normal R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9150 Old BeOS .psd translator destabilizes Haiku nobody bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Translators
#9148 Enumerating interfaces hangs in kernel on first boot in safe mode anevilyak bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9146 [WebPositive] non-working facebook chat, imgur upload, and facebook comments. leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9145 Revisit: intel_extreme mode setting axeld bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9144 Odd entries under Locale's "Available languages" pulkomandy bug normal R1 Preferences/Locale
#9143 Deskbar clock doesn't honor locale formatting jscipione bug low R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9142 Keyboard modifiers setting lost after reboot siarzhuk enhancement low R1 Preferences/Keymap
#9141 10bit mkv videos black video nobody bug normal R1 Audio & Video
#9140 KDL when configure bison-2.6.4 axeld bug critical R1 System/Kernel
#9136 'Choose swap size automatically' also means swap on boot volume kallisti5 enhancement low R1/beta1 Preferences/VirtualMemory
#9135 net_server always crashes after boot axeld bug normal R1 Servers/net_server
#9133 typos in R1A4 ReleaseNotes bug normal R1/alpha4 Documentation
#9131 No internet or network adaptor shown in Network preferences nobody bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/rtl81xx
#9130 VL-Gothic fonts is updated to version 20121109. mmadia enhancement normal R1 User Interface
#9129 [PATCH] Terminal: Use brighter colors instead of bold. siarzhuk enhancement normal R1 Applications/Terminal
#9128 Network Deadlock in R1A4 axeld bug normal R1/alpha4 Network & Internet/Stack
#9126 missing kallisti5 bug normal R1 Build System
#9122 installoptionalpackage needs to pull from r1alpha4 nobody bug critical R1/alpha4 - General
#9121 WebPositive downloads at 300 kb/s only leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9119 [Appearance] color of selected menu item text is not applied everywhere axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9116 Bad port ID pulkomandy bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#9115 [PATCH] Terminal: Make the cursor color configurable. jackburton enhancement normal R1 Applications/Terminal
#9114 Can join hidden wireless network using command line only nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Network & Internet
#9110 Strange network problem axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9105 Do not show unsecured network - new option in net preflet. axeld enhancement high R1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#9104 Scroll bar arrows aren't aligned properly stippi bug normal R1 User Interface
#9102 Gutenprint fials to send data over LPR "network" transport phoudoin bug normal R1 Printing
#9100 Localized E-mail status nobody enhancement normal R1 Servers/mail_daemon
#9099 Unable to boot (KDL) with Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet (built in ASUS M51SN laptop) 3dEyes bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/attansic_l1
#9098 Haiku Alpha/Nightlies fails to show slave drives on Asus 990FX with AHCI enabled. marcusoverhagen bug high R1/beta1 Drivers/Disk
#9094 Deskbar should activate "About Haiku" when it is open and minimized axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Application Kit
#9093 Menu scrolls near bottom of screen when there is room above stippi enhancement normal R1 User Interface
#9089 Add Localization to Network preference axeld enhancement normal R1 Preferences/Network
#9086 Check SSL lib for vulnerability nobody enhancement normal R1 - General
#9083 Please implement BMediaRoster::RollNode axeld enhancement normal R1 Kits/Media Kit
#9082 NTFS files have entries but no matching files on the filesystem 3dEyes bug critical R1/alpha4 File Systems/NTFS
#9080 IMAP - needs to be reverted or disabled for alpha4 kallisti5 bug critical R1/alpha4 Servers/mail_daemon
#9077 Test ticket for localization of emails nobody bug normal R1 - General
#9074 ICE1712 produces sinusoidal noise with 4+gb of ram jerl1 bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/ice1712
#9071 bump vmx files to virtualHW.version = "6" to allow USB 2.0 enhancement normal R1 - General
#9067 Mail-Daemon increases Memory czeidler bug normal R1 Servers/mail_daemon
#9066 Web+ crash when browsing address bar history. leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9063 Web+ interface doesn't handle IDN domains pulkomandy bug low R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9061 EQ add-on crashes when connecting to Auich ICH 3dEyes bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Media/Mixer
#9058 [Trac] "Has a Patch" no longer working nielx bug high Website/Trac
#9056 Comment live preview dysfunctional nielx bug normal Unscheduled Website/Trac
#9055 "From" in ticket mails is no longer the user changing the ticket nielx bug normal Unscheduled Website/Trac
#9051 ATI Radeon HD 4500 doesn't work kallisti5 enhancement normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9048 jam -j2 fails due to missing jpeg package korli bug normal R1 Build System
#9047 Polish default keymap axeld enhancement normal R1 Preferences/Keymap
#9046 kill -l command shows incorrect list of signals nobody bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#9044 [Terminal]: The output of <ef>grep should be colored nobody bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#9043 Regression: Haiku boots in Vesa-Mode on AMD Radeon HD 6320 kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9042 pre-alpha4 anyboot image is oversized for a CD kallisti5 bug blocker R1/alpha4 - General
#9039 Tracker should be able to restart deskbar if it crashes. kallisti5 enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#9036 Rebuilt BeZillaBrowser for R1/alpha 4 leavengood enhancement high R1/alpha4 Build System
#9035 Websites's "Source Activity" display does not update haiku-web bug normal R1 Website
#9034 Installoptionalpackages Segment Violation nobody bug normal R1 Applications
#9031 [Pairs] Missing "System name" translation nobody bug normal R1 Applications
#9029 [Chart] Missing "System name" translation pulkomandy bug normal R1 Kits/Locale Kit
#9026 Disable folder name localization in Alpha 4 pulkomandy bug blocker R1/alpha4 Kits/Locale Kit
#9025 BSnow's "System name" translation nobody enhancement normal R1 Applications
#9024 Translation errors nobody bug normal R1 Applications/PoorMan
#9020 [wpa_supplicant] is not localized nobody enhancement normal R1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#9012 Add disk device name stippi enhancement normal R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#9004 Bluray format not recognised by Haiku korli enhancement normal R1 File Systems/UDF
#8995 ps displays incorrect uid and gid leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#8994 The HAIKU logo does not have (R) haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac
#8993 garbled ls -l output when piped with less leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/Terminal
#8992 formatting a 3 TB partition makes it a ~1 TB partition axeld bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#8991 gpt partition addon is read-only axeld enhancement normal R1 Partitioning Systems
#8987 ps2: initial setup of command byte failed siarzhuk bug normal R1 Drivers/Keyboard/PS2
#8986 hrev44619 broke PPC build kallisti5 bug normal R1 - General
#8984 More than 99% interrupts of vector 18 are unhandled mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/USB
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