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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5262 PANIC: vnode 3:7895866 already exists (node = 0xe0044000, vnode->node = 0xe008bbf4)! axeld bug critical R1/beta1 File Systems/BFS
#5524 Make layout API public yourpalal enhancement blocker R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#5526 Layout API: Make it FragileBaseClass safe yourpalal enhancement blocker R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#5588 [Sounds] zoom button should resize to fit (easy) waddlesplash bug normal R1/beta1 Preferences/Sounds
#5595 implement cli application : writembr nobody enhancement normal R1/beta1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#5737 Installer does not enable virtual memory by default? kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#5781 Changing keymap settings seems to work only second time around axeld bug normal R1/beta1 - General
#5815 KDL at boot axeld bug normal R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#5838 Enabled ACPI , but cant install Battery Bar Replicant in tray. czeidler bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/ACPI
#5863 media_addon_server crashes on shutdown axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Servers/media_addon_server
#5866 "multi_audio audio output" thread hogging cpu usage, keyboard and touchpad don't work axeld bug normal R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#5879 Unexpected exception in kernel mode - SpeedStep driver pdziepak bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/ACPI
#6194 lack of Chinese fonts pulkomandy bug high R1/beta1 Preferences/Locale
#6210 [PATCH] Replace ppc kernel linker workaround kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#6493 WebPositive should be able to load pages with unverified SSL certs pulkomandy enhancement high R1/beta1 Applications/WebPositive
#6824 ShowImage crashes after browsing thru many photos axeld bug high R1/beta1 Applications/ShowImage
#7007 Implement missing <math.h> functions nobody bug normal R1/beta1 System/POSIX
#7223 changing fonts could leave system unreadable axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#7412 Error converting string from 'UTF-8' to native encoding during download from svn leavengood bug normal R1/beta1 - General
#7620 Crash in webpositive on mozzila page easily reproduced. leavengood bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/WebPositive
#7660 Prop #8 WiFi (WPA,WPA2 encryption) mmlr bug normal R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#7661 WiFi (userland tools + ifconfig integration) axeld enhancement blocker R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#7667 Package Management zooey bug high R1/beta1 - General
#7668 Haiku Upgrade Management nobody enhancement high R1/beta1 - General
#7683 BWindow needs a LayoutChanged() hook method yourpalal enhancement normal R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#7999 Intel 2915ABG wlan : firmware stuck in state 4 nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Network
#8001 Regression: intel_extreme mode setting pulkomandy bug critical R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#8031 new gcc indirect linking policy changes cause build failures / missing symbols. bonefish bug high R1/beta1 Build System
#8040 Radeon HD IGP (integrated) chipsets cause app_server crash / gdb kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8088 Implement support for saving crash reports anevilyak bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/Debugger
#8228 Notification window doesn't collapse properly yourpalal bug normal R1/beta1 Servers/notification_server
#8275 Deadlocking apps when opening documents leavengood bug normal R1/beta1 System/runtime_loader
#8293 BNetworkAddress needs to check if there is an available IPv6 connection. axeld bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Stack
#8306 [PATCH] Allow entire tree to be compiled with DEBUG=2 umccullough bug normal R1/beta1 - General
#8322 Black Screen on digital connector mode set. kallisti5 bug blocker R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8345 PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ... x86/paging/pae/x86VMTranslationMapPAE.cpp:231 bonefish bug high R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#8447 TextView GetText() doesn't straddle the "Gap" properly axeld bug critical R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#8684 Unhandled page fault panic at boot with rtl81xx driver mmlr bug critical R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#8736 Add tooltips for long names in Deskbar when using application expander. jscipione enhancement normal R1/beta1 Applications/Deskbar
#8823 DriveSetup won't let you repartition GPT drives to MBR (intel) stippi bug critical R1/beta1 Applications/DriveSetup
#8827 DriveSetup allows corruption of mounted filesystems waddlesplash bug high R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#8828 Need to update config.guess and config.sub for Haiku x86_64 xyzzy bug normal R1/beta1 - General
#8882 add gcc version check to gl.h to avoid warnings kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#8898 [screen_blanker] crashes in BGLView::DirectConnected () kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 Add-Ons/Screen Savers
#8931 perl fails to build with gcc4 - multiple definition of `__stack_chk_fail_local' jprostko bug normal R1/beta1 - General
#9098 Haiku Alpha/Nightlies fails to show slave drives on Asus 990FX with AHCI enabled. marcusoverhagen bug high R1/beta1 Drivers/Disk
#9114 Can join hidden wireless network using command line only nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Network & Internet
#9136 'Choose swap size automatically' also means swap on boot volume kallisti5 enhancement low R1/beta1 Preferences/VirtualMemory
#9148 Enumerating interfaces hangs in kernel on first boot in safe mode anevilyak bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9184 ifconfig up/down an interface repeatedly causes a kdl axeld bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/IPv6
#9187 pcnet 3 crashes on x86_64 xyzzy bug high R1/beta1 Drivers/Network/pcnet
#9261 Problem with cursor on hrev 44952 gcc4h axeld bug high R1/beta1 Servers/app_server
#9269 POP mail does not fetch any mail from GMail (other providers ok) axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Servers/mail_daemon
#9288 CD/DVD-RW written with an old CD/DVD-Rom-Drive nobody enhancement normal R1/beta1 - General
#9321 intel_extreme driver needs Ivy Bridge support kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9323 glu.h is missing kallisti5 bug high R1/beta1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#9343 intel extreme needs rc6 power downclocking axeld enhancement low R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9371 IvyBridge: After DPMS, screen never turns back on nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#9404 [Live CD] Can't connect to WPA2. Application could not be found Barrett bug normal R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Wireless
#9685 OpenGL apps crashes kallisti5 bug high R1/beta1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#9810 Set font to wqy-microhei does not take effect pulkomandy bug high R1/beta1 Applications/WebPositive
#9821 Negative numbers in some IPv6 route prefixes kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 Network & Internet/IPv6
#9831 Release notes are hard to read nobody task low R1/beta1 Website/Trac
#9858 Ripping CDs -> page fault panic nobody bug high R1/beta1 File Systems/cdda
#9991 HaikuPM: perl - cannot install modules with cpan shell zooey bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#10011 Makefile-engine broken on Haiku PM bonefish bug normal R1/beta1 Build System
#10014 bring back setgcc in PM bonefish enhancement normal R1/beta1 Build System
#10016 [Haiku PM] wget certificate issue kallisti5 bug critical R1/beta1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#10049 Haiku PM gcc2h is missing secondary arch Translator addons nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Add-Ons/Translators
#10064 Unable to use Canna input method bonefish bug blocker R1/beta1 Servers/input_server
#10071 No attributes of MIME "application/*" in Tracker's "Attributes" menu waddlesplash bug high R1/beta1 Kits/Storage Kit
#10144 [makebootable] needs update following renaming of haiku_loader.hpkg haiku-web bug high R1/beta1 Website
#10164 Old PKG files can't be installed anymore sil2100 bug blocker R1/beta1 Applications/PackageInstaller
#10186 Devices application crashes nobody bug high R1/beta1 Applications/Devices
#10236 HPKG Installer app (for local packages) stippi enhancement normal R1/beta1 Applications/HaikuDepot
#10287 Include "haiku" repository by default bonefish enhancement normal R1/beta1 Build System
#10289 Update HAIKU_VERSION to something more future proof bonefish task normal R1/beta1 Build System
#10298 Creating GPT partition maps results in a "General system error" axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Partitioning Systems/GPT
#10328 [Network Stack] crashes in socket_free nobody bug high R1/beta1 Network & Internet/Stack
#10337 Fix Coverity issue 1108392: Stray semicolon axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#10339 Fix Coverity issue 603941: Negative array index read axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/Network Kit
#10341 Fix Coverity bug 605892: Resource leak kallisti5 bug low R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#10342 Fix Coverity bug 992388: Missing break in switch phoudoin bug normal R1/beta1 Servers/print_server
#10360 OpenGL screensavers broken kallisti5 bug high R1/beta1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#10362 Coverity CID 992461 - fixed memory leak nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/
#10368 Fix Coverity CID 1108469: use after free phoudoin bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/PatchBay
#10385 Fix Coverity CID 991761: double close nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#10396 [PATCHSET] Make Haiku userland compile and work with Clang bonefish enhancement normal R1/beta1 - General
#10415 System freeze when using showimage on NTFS drive with lots of jpeg files nobody bug high R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#10456 mesa packages need rebuilt post scheduler kallisti5 task normal R1/beta1 - General
#10469 [Gravity] crashes in BBitmap::_AssertPointer() kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#10494 [packagefs] page fault during mount anevilyak bug normal R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#10510 Support Web Sockets (easy) pulkomandy enhancement normal R1/beta1 Applications/WebPositive
#10536 Radeon drivers broken hrev46860 kallisti5 bug high R1/beta1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#10566 POSIX UINT16_C (and other) macros are incorrect in stdint.h kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta1 Build System
#10578 BView Scaling dont works for font and Rounded Rects axeld bug normal R1/beta1 Kits/Interface Kit
#10603 EliteBlanker package fails to install stippi bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/PackageInstaller
#10619 Dell Inspiron / Lattitude startup problems kallisti5 bug high R1/beta1 - General
#10659 Handle gcc 4.8.1's DWARF output anevilyak bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/Debugger
#10675 Rework the "Show" category list stippi enhancement normal R1/beta1 Applications/HaikuDepot
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