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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 PCI bus_manager does no memory resource assignment marcusoverhagen bug high R1 System/Kernel
#4 PCI bus_manager does no io port resource assignment marcusoverhagen bug high R1 System/Kernel
#4979 Original and translation can be different -> Relax parsing VinDuv bug high Website/Userguide Translator
#10336 TRIM / fstrim can destroy data on SSD's when executed axeld bug high Unscheduled Drivers/Disk
#10454 New scheduler: substantial performance drop pdziepak task high R1 System/Kernel
#1293 External LCD on a second DVI euan bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon
#1349 "Sort by Name..." for Icon View in Tracker stpere enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#1431 Mail codebase needs a cleanup to fix several issues stippi bug normal R1 Applications/Mail
#1458 Circle borders are rendered different in Tracker stippi bug normal R1 Applications/Icon-O-Matic
#1480 when the Radeon card is not primary, bios may give info from the wrong card. euan bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics
#1924 Incomplete support of 1002:564f: M26 [Radeon Mobility X700 XL (PCIE)] euan bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon
#1955 Media Player won't respond after Restarting Media Server stippi bug normal R1 Applications/MediaPlayer
#2185 Scan the source tree and use find_directory() where appropriate (no hard-coded paths anymore) stippi enhancement normal Unscheduled - General
#2267 Sound plays with noise (using OSS) mmu_man bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#2539 [app_server] crash in HWInterface::_CopyToFront stippi bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#2675 Backlight turned off on Radeon Mobility X600 euan bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon
#3123 Playground: improve text entry boxes/fields refocus stippi enhancement normal R1 Applications
#3287 cannot mount floppy mmu_man bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Floppy
#3583 listusb not find some USB-devices connected to USB hub mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/USB/EHCI
#3598 Grid-based file placement in Tracker's icon views jscipione enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#3949 Some Backgrounds enhancements (easy) leavengood enhancement normal R1 Preferences/Backgrounds
#4001 No sound (OSS) and Volume Control replicant inactive mmu_man bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#4351 Modifier+Click should not switch workspaces leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/Workspaces
#4731 Wacom causes erratic mouse cursor movement stippi bug normal R1 Drivers/Input/USB-HID
#4908 Oddness in new mail query result window aldeck bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#4962 Localizing parsedate usage for Find panel pulkomandy enhancement normal R1 Kits/Locale Kit
#5164 [boot_loader_openfirmware] panic: out of page table entries andreasf bug normal System/Boot Loader
#5335 Conflicts and inconsistencies when sending files and folders to the trash. jscipione bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#5360 Ryan's awesome Jamfile-engine should be included in the Haiku nightlies / releases leavengood enhancement normal Unscheduled Build System
#5458 [LaunchBox] can't store apps from other partitions stippi bug normal R1 Applications/LaunchBox
#5547 Changed settings in save dialogs also set Translator defaults stpere bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Translators
#5584 [Tracker] context menu of "Disks" contains some usless menus aldeck bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#5994 Printer is not added for BeOS R5 driver. ithamar bug normal R1 Printing
#6538 CodyCam can't find video source (for formerly working webcam) mmu_man bug normal R1 Applications/CodyCam
#6754 Missing Bluetooth Headers oruizdorantes bug normal Unscheduled Network & Internet/Bluetooth
#6777 [ShowImage] Save as... menu doesn't work anymore leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/ShowImage
#6800 Handling any number of mounted volumes in tabs KapiX enhancement normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#7669 SCSI sync command hangs usb mass storage device mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/Disk/USB
#8365 Workspaces size doesn't update as you change the options (easy) leavengood enhancement normal R1 Applications/Workspaces
#9087 promise_tx2 add-on (Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 driver) excluded from Haiku build axeld bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Disk
#9149 PANIC: calculated IRQ routing doesn't match bios for PCI 8:0:0 mmlr bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#9165 HDA VIA VT1708/A no longer works mmlr bug normal R1/beta2 Drivers/Audio/HDA
#9325 Inform the user on fuzzy/new document waddlesplash enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator
#9590 [Network] preflet doesn't update the list of interfaces on the fly jackburton bug normal R1 Preferences/Network
#9711 Add support for remote debugging bonefish enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#10301 [debug_server] Allow configuring a default action on program crashes anevilyak enhancement normal Unscheduled Servers/debug_server
#10403 BeOS Compatibility issues on x86_gcc2 hrev46660 pulkomandy bug normal R1 System
#12347 [regression] What happened to the mailbox deskbar replicant? axeld bug normal Unscheduled Preferences/E-mail
#12787 Regression - button background color looncraz bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#13289 TextSearch should open files on specific line phoudoin enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/TextSearch
#13333 New ticket form: Component popup menus nielx enhancement normal Website/Trac
#13527 Implement support for DWARF5 anevilyak enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#14036 [Pootle 2.8] Tracking ticket for Pootle 2.8 nielx task normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#14051 "Browse Sources" link gone from trac nielx bug normal Website/Trac
#14193 Add Broadwell support waddlesplash enhancement normal Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#14525 [Package Kit] some strings are not localized nielx bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#1061 fix NFSv2 copyrights, clarify licencing. mmu_man enhancement low R1 File Systems/NFS
#1062 add copyright headers to googlefs; cleanup code. mmu_man enhancement low Unscheduled File Systems/GoogleFS
#1064 Replicant-ify and nsPlugin-ify MediaPlayer mmu_man enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/MediaPlayer
#4280 [Tracker] Desktop icons hidden under desktop replicants aldeck bug low R1 Applications/Tracker
#10355 Add extended attributes support to NFS4 client pdziepak enhancement low Unscheduled File Systems/NFS4
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