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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#7859 poll() on fd of an exited process returns wrong revents phoudoin bug high Unscheduled System/POSIX
#14790 Random KDL on Acer Apire one ZG5 waddlesplash bug high Unscheduled Drivers/Network/atheroswifi
#1449 implement keymap switching application korli enhancement normal Unscheduled Servers/input_server
#1651 [BTextControl] When alignment is set to B_ALIGN_RIGHT, the text is not aligned to the right of the control jackburton bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#1768 Binutils 2.17 objdump Broken bonefish bug normal R1 Build System
#1876 Media preferences, clicking on some checkboxes switches back to first tab marcusoverhagen bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Media/Mixer
#2136 Deskbar doesn't have the 'show the desktop' feature nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Deskbar
#2417 New Trac does not allow to cc by username haiku-web enhancement normal Website/Trac
#2505 bluetooth_server provokes vm_page_fault in h2generic oruizdorantes bug normal Unscheduled Network & Internet/Bluetooth
#2868 [Tracker] Update directory size info stpere enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#3037 [Interface Kit] resizing some windows leaves artifacts axeld bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#3098 [SoundRecorder] don't add unsupported files to playlist korli bug normal R1 Applications/SoundRecorder
#3310 A root user should be called "root" nobody bug normal R2 - General
#3483 gone missing nielx bug normal Unscheduled Website/Trac
#3507 Save menuitem in DiskProbe's attribute editor stpere bug normal R1 Applications/DiskProbe
#3766 BFS formatted USB memory stick shows weird directory structure stippi bug normal R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#3872 Bottom and left window borders of CharacterMap are dysfunctional axeld bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#4181 'query' Cannot Parse Dates axeld bug normal R1 System/
#4335 [Interface Kit] menu frame draws a split second earlier than the contents draw leavengood bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#4491 No sound with auich and Intel 82801DB/DBL/DBM ICH4 korli bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/auich
#4604 USB errors after unplugging Wacom tablet mmlr bug normal R1 Drivers/Input/USB-HID
#4635 Audio not working with Dell Latitude D820 HD audio device korli bug normal R1/beta2 Drivers/Audio/HDA
#4681 linkcatkeys fails when building on PPC pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Locale Kit
#5064 Laptop doesn't shutdown anymore with ACPI enabled nobody bug normal R1 Drivers/ACPI
#5074 Attribute editor doesn't save changes axeld bug normal R1 Applications/DiskProbe
#5129 Keymap preflet saves path not correct axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/Keymap
#5498 bfs_shell : stray processes stay active bonefish bug normal R1 Build System
#5812 [FileTypes] alt+s doesn't work in "appliation type" window axeld bug normal R1 Preferences/FileTypes
#5940 Header file for the USB video driver (easy) mmlr enhancement normal R1 Drivers/USB
#6138 rare segfault when exitting IFS screensaver korli bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Screen Savers
#6616 [SATDecorator] clicking zoom button flickers window content czeidler bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Decorators/Default
#6731 8086:24d5 not supported by auich driver ICH5 korli bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/auich
#6883 Open Containing Folder in Downloads does not work if directory is Desktop jscipione enhancement normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#6987 InfoWindow Owner clipped in layout aldeck bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#7163 A pnginfo localization pulkomandy enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#7167 A stxtinfo localization pulkomandy enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#7465 [app_server] mouse wheel doesn't work for new windows until you move the mouse a bit axeld bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#7565 [Text_search] System name is missing nobody enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Tracker
#7591 [ShowImage] double click inside the app doesn't work right away after entering/leaving fullscreen leavengood bug normal R1 Servers/app_server
#7882 Video/Audio stuttering when using programs jua bug normal R1 Kits/Media Kit
#7895 [app_server] crashes in DefaultDecorator::_ResizeBy () czeidler bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Decorators/Default
#7930 Installer doesn't install bootman and DriveSetup doesn't set the created partition as active, leading to unbootable system korli enhancement normal R1 Applications/Installer
#8002 USB devices not working on SB600 - device timeouts. nobody bug normal R1 Drivers/USB/OHCI
#8505 increasing icon size + horizontal position leads to bad graphic display of blue leaf. jscipione bug normal R1 Applications/Deskbar
#8544 [Tracker] InfoWindow doesn't update file icon after identification stpere bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#8567 [MediaPlayer] show tooltip with current time position (easy) stippi enhancement normal R1 Applications/MediaPlayer
#8877 Add x86-64 support to Debugger bonefish enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#9028 GLTeapot Performance Issues under swrast add-on nobody bug normal R1 Kits/OpenGL Kit/Software Rasterization
#9112 Latest Zenebona for BeOS R5 crashin on Haiku nobody bug normal R1 Audio & Video
#9137 Implement scrollbar knobs as in BeOS R5 jscipione enhancement normal R1 User Interface
#9332 auto complete web address leavengood enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#9438 Mixer not resampling very well nobody bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Media/Mixer
#9467 Focus of windows is stolen axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#9695 Default gateway not set in certain cases axeld bug normal R1 Network & Internet/Stack
#9728 WebPositive: missing text-shadow, box-shadow support, broken border-radius support leavengood bug normal R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9900 "Double fault!", copying from BFS partition on USB external drive nobody bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#9913 No word-wise jumping in Mail and Vision jscipione bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#10037 ActivityMonitor replicant locks up Tracker upon startup axeld bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#10065 Jam clean fails bonefish bug normal Unscheduled Build System
#10074 ftp client can't see files served by ftpd nobody bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#10973 WebPositive ignores Proxy settings pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#10991 readdir (dirent.h) does not have d_type nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#11139 Realtek 8168 network card doesn't work with haiku package installed in ~/config nobody bug normal R1 Servers/net_server
#11262 Inconsistent date format nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#11469 Webpositive playing youtube videos restart after ads pulkomandy bug normal Applications/WebPositive
#11636 Create Light and Dark themes nobody enhancement normal R2 - General
#11839 [mail_daemon] flashes log window on start axeld bug normal R1 Servers/mail_daemon
#11841 move wifi firmwares from kallisti5 enhancement normal R1 Sys-Admin
#11998 Wifi impossible to install without physical network connection haiku-web enhancement normal Unscheduled Website/
#12608 BTextControl Centering is Broken nobody bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#12850 WebPositive loads also history if a ref is recived pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#12917 get_package_dependencies needs to be refactored kallisti5 enhancement normal Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#12969 [Package Kit] better error handling of broken repos nobody bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#13092 Audio CD's stutter and cut out kallisti5 bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Disk/ATA
#13132 Updating the system may require immediate restart bonefish bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#13141 HaikuDepot - Add system requirement to HPKG packages nobody enhancement normal R1 - General
#13225 Application types - save feature doesn't work. axeld bug normal Unscheduled Preferences/FileTypes
#13389 FirstBootPrompt: can't display Chinese and Japanese text. perelandra bug normal Unscheduled Servers/app_server
#13430 Workspaces are broken for me stippi bug normal Unscheduled User Interface
#13664 [WebPositive] horizontal scrollbar knob not being drawn pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#13681 tcp: 2018: implementing TCP SACK option axeld enhancement normal Unscheduled Network & Internet/TCP
#13699 Getting logged out from Gmail pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#13769 git-push failure following TCP changes axeld bug normal Unscheduled Network & Internet/TCP
#13796 [TextControl] Text don't align when typing or removing nobody bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#13911 hrev51714-x86_gcc2_hybrid_anyboot kernel issue due to mild terminal usage and webpositive bonefish bug normal Unscheduled File Systems/packagefs
#13936 PC does not shutdown after system update. tqh bug normal Drivers/ACPI
#14018 Pootle translations not making it to the nightly builds nielx bug normal Website/Pootle
#14298 Intel iwm driver not loading for idualwifi7260 waddlesplash bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/idualwifi7260
#14310 [Installer] disable Show optional packages nobody bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/Installer
#14314 Scrolling in a Web+ window swallows lines pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#14425 Enhancement: HaikuDepot statusbar statistics stippi bug normal Unscheduled Applications/HaikuDepot
#14557 KDL when booting on Intel "Hades Canyon" NUC in XHCI::XHCI(pci_info *info, Stack *stack) nobody bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/USB/XHCI
#14623 [Battery Status] Haiku hangs on starting Akku-Info nobody bug normal Unscheduled - General
#11527 MediaPlayer unable to keep up with 4K video nobody bug low R1 Servers/media_server
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