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Feb 1, 2007, 9:38:31 PM (16 years ago)

Replying to korli:

  • Revert lets you go back to the current workspace settings (even after having applied), and it's the good behavior.

In order to analyze the problem, I've been playing with the Screen preflet which has the same behavior and I agree that for preflets which have an Apply button Revert should go back to the currently active configuration. What irritated me was that right after having clicked Apply I didn't get a chance to revert to the configuration before I pressed Apply. I don't see why this should be prohibited.

If you make new changes after having clicked Apply the Revert button should only undo the new changes (like it already does).

BTW, R5 has similar behavior for Screen (only Backgrounds is an exception): Revert always brings you back to the state at program start (even after having pressed Apply). I've tested this scheme, too, but I think that the suggestion above is more intuitive. In case you want to test that behavior, I've committed my modified version of Screen (it can still be reverted).

At least, in R5 Backgrounds is not consistent with the other preflets, so I think we should fix that behavior. What do you think?

  • I don't understand the second point.

This is related to my suggestion above, but after having played around with the Screen preflet I think the second point is unnecessary and it's not worth the effort.


  • Ticket #1006 – Description

    initial v2  
    11Open the Backgrounds preflet, change something, click Apply. Result: you can't click on Revert, anymore.
    3 This is inconsistent behavior because in all other preflets Revert brings you back to the state at program start.
    5 Another problem is that after having switched the workspace you can't revert the settings for the modified workspace, anymore.