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    11Thanks for the patch and also for using the proper channels! :-) The changes are definitely fine and welcome. If you feel motivated enough, you could do another iteration of coding style cleanup, otherwise I would do it before applying the patch. The biggest inconsistencies are with parenthesis indentation in the files you wrote from scratch. Some more specific remarks which stuck from reading the patch:
    22 * Please keep the asterisk style consistent (DecorManager.h and others). We prefer "Type* name". In a header, the asterisk would go by the type as well, with tabbing until the name.
     3 * There are supposed to be two blank lines between methods.
    34 * Please keep opening parenthesis indentation consistent. The opening one goes on the same line, except for funtions and blocks. In the files written from scratch, you have both inconsistent indentation and put the opening one on a new line...
    45 * Please don't change the copyright style. So instead of doing this: