Oct 20, 2018: Today

4:15 PM Ticket #14647 ([WebPositive] Align textcontrols in Proxy settings) created by Janus
Before [[Image(...)]] After [[Image(...)]]
7:27 AM Ticket #14646 (KDL on poweroff while network load over iprowifi4965 [patch]) created by hugeping
While poweroff with networking is active (iprowifi4965) i often got …

Oct 19, 2018: Yesterday

8:55 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
5:20 PM Ticket #14645 (Put Time prefs settings in subfolder) created by humdinger
Currently, there are 4 files set by the Time preferences: * …
4:46 PM Ticket #14644 (Plan for Dev Docs reworking) created by adamfowleruk
Hi all, I was reviewing the /development/ docs on the website and …
6:18 AM Ticket #14643 (Black screen booting with Intel HD4600) created by humdinger
Used to work before that intel_extreme update some time ago. No syslog …
6:03 AM Ticket #7864 ([kernel] PANIC: _mutext_lock (): double lock of 0x8019b348 by thread 697157) closed by diver
fixed: Can't reproduce on 64bit nightly. Assuming fixed.
2:12 AM Ticket #13955 (Haiku x86_64 won't boot past the grub menu) closed by waddlesplash
2:05 AM Ticket #14466 (KDL while unmounting BFS image) closed by waddlesplash
2:02 AM Ticket #11901 (Double click on es1370 object file and get KDL) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Causes a runtime_loader crash, but not a kernel panic anymore.

Oct 18, 2018:

9:35 PM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by pulkomandy
Clarify some things in the steps description after beta testing the … (diff)
6:01 PM Ticket #12714 (intel_extreme driver not recognizing gpu anymore) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: I really prefer one ticket per separate device even in that case. …
2:17 PM Ticket #14642 (interface/GraphicsDefs.h - rgb_color cast warning) created by kallisti5
This is a *common* warning (repeated 1000's of times) in the arm …
9:57 AM Ticket #14641 (Unresolved symbol __tls_get_addr) created by pahefu
HRev: 52295+66b During the compilation of Gobject-introspection …
6:34 AM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by humdinger
Move VM-network-trouble up under the installing part. (diff)
6:31 AM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by humdinger
formatting (diff)
6:30 AM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by humdinger
Added tip to install/run the QuickTour (diff)

Oct 17, 2018:

10:33 PM Ticket #14640 (Application Crashes when Missing SSH Port) created by krb2018
Launching RemoteDesktop myuser@myhost -s from Terminal causes an …
7:28 PM Ticket #13165 ([WebPositive] align menus to the right size in Settings window (easy)) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Merged in hrev52405.

Oct 16, 2018:

5:58 PM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by scottmc
Updated link to get haiku (diff)
6:04 AM Ticket #13090 (KDL after installer completion) closed by diver
1:29 AM Ticket #14609 (Sound stopped working with hrev 52295+100) closed by korli

Oct 15, 2018:

11:13 PM Ticket #14639 (KDL while copying wav from audio CD) created by vidrep
hrev52397 x86_64 Mount audio CD Drag and drop audio wav to DeskTop …
6:54 PM Ticket #14638 (resizing terminal window results in pkgman download ssl errors) created by kallisti5
This seems related to #12182. * pkgman update (or install) download …
4:48 PM Ticket #14636 (Update GSoC 2018 Students page) closed by pulkomandy
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