Sep 18, 2018: Today

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9:28 AM Ticket #14499 ([Pootle] is very slow to load) created by diver
Ever since the update to Pootle some months ago using it became a …
6:01 AM Ticket #14498 (KDL) created by thaflo
I am not sure what I did to provocate this trip to KDL

Sep 17, 2018: Yesterday

3:38 PM Ticket #14492 (iprowifi 4965 not working on Samsung N102 netbook) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: You're welcome!
2:25 PM Ticket #14497 ("non-user-cloneable kernel area" KDL when copying files over sshfs) created by v.vill
Greetings, I'm using @jessicah's SSH-over-UserlandFS haiku port, …

Sep 16, 2018:

11:21 PM Ticket #13371 (Tracker crash in BPrivate::BPoseView::AddPosesTask) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52350.
10:22 PM Ticket #14496 (MacbookPro 2012 cannot boot Haiku on USB devices) created by mauritslamers
Because of problems with how USB is handled on certain Macbook Pro …
9:23 PM Ticket #14495 (WebPositive crashes at http://trackandtrace.courierpost.co.nz) created by HAL
I was clicking on a link in gmail for an update status on shipping …
8:12 PM Ticket #14494 (Kernel Panic - Thread 195 "net_server" running on CPU 0) closed by diver
duplicate: Dupe of #3180.
7:38 PM Ticket #14494 (Kernel Panic - Thread 195 "net_server" running on CPU 0) created by yobuko
Real hardware, Acer Aspire 1680 - admittedly an old laptop from a …
6:03 PM Ticket #11545 ([Tracker] crashes in BPicture::_Upload) closed by waddlesplash
5:57 PM Ticket #8552 ([Tracker] undo Trash empty shows (Error moving \"%name\".)) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52348.
5:31 PM Ticket #9072 ([Tracker] crashes in BView::SetOrigin ()) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible
9:11 AM Ticket #14493 ([Deskbar] with auto-rise enabled overlaps calendar) created by diver
hrev52347 x86_64. It's impossible to use you calendar if have …
5:31 AM Ticket #14487 (No haikuports updates...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: OK it's just the delayed Cron then. The Haiku repository updating …
12:12 AM Ticket #14445 (New "revision" scheme too wide in AboutSystem) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52347.

Sep 15, 2018:

10:40 PM Ticket #14492 (iprowifi 4965 not working on Samsung N102 netbook) created by lakhif
Please find attached syslog for a working wlan with older nightly and …
9:06 PM Ticket #13608 ([Installer] "Installation completed" text might be cut off) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Closing as fixed; please reopen if there are any issues.
8:53 PM Ticket #14491 (Website denial of response) created by klemay
Error message dipslays as "AttributeError: NullTranslationsBabel …
5:25 PM Ticket #14490 (Kernel debugging land during boot if BIOS On-Chip ATA-Devices RAID ...) created by cucujoidea
in pre-1-beta1 * , if the bios On-Chip ATA Devices -> RAID Mode -> IDE …
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12:49 AM Ticket #14489 (KDL while shutting down) created by vidrep
hrev52339 x86_gcc2h Initiated a reboot and system went into KDL. …
12:12 AM Ticket #13930 (vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in kernel space when executing "iret") closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Was fixed in hrev52345.

Sep 14, 2018:

9:29 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas2018 edited by scottmc
fix another typo add another link (diff)
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fix typo, add more links (diff)
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fix formatting (diff)
8:07 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas2018 edited by scottmc
Add some example task ideas (diff)
6:05 PM Ticket #14488 (Add driver settings files to the image) created by humdinger
There are quite a few driver settings files in the tree that would be …
1:26 PM Ticket #14487 (No haikuports updates...) created by khallebal
Although new recipes are being merged daily, the packages are not …

Sep 13, 2018:

8:59 PM Ticket #14486 (BTRFS: panic when attempting to mount a partition) created by dpirate
When attempting to mount a Linux btrfs partition (non-RAID) from …
7:17 PM Ticket #14485 (TextSearch crash) created by khallebal
searching for the words "win32" or "prefix" is enough to trigger the …
4:37 AM Ticket #2632 (Possible redefinition for struct sockaddr_in, related to IPv6) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: There is only one definition of sockaddr_in in the tree now.
4:33 AM Ticket #14349 (wpa_supplicant segfault with atheroswifi driver) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in …
4:15 AM Ticket #12034 (wlan list is not updated) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52339.
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