Mar 8, 2006:

7:45 PM Ticket #195 ([app_server] crash in WindowLayer::Frontmost()) closed by marcusoverhagen
6:24 PM Ticket #272 (Mouse cursor can reach screen top) created by johndrinkwater
in BeOS, the cursor can not get up to the top of the screen, its kept …
6:17 PM Ticket #209 ([Deskbar] separated menus) closed by jackburton
6:09 PM Ticket #267 (HWInterface::_DrawCursor opens gdb) closed by johndrinkwater
4:08 PM Ticket #203 (Disk Mount Settings isn't font sensetive) closed by diver
3:04 PM Ticket #268 (Transparent support broken for B_CMAP8) closed by mmlr
10:28 AM Ticket #115 (problem with ping) closed by axeld
10:27 AM Ticket #226 (app_server locks up after several minutes) closed by axeld
10:24 AM Ticket #30 (Reproducable crash after running ifconfig.) closed by axeld
7:32 AM Ticket #266 (Crash in WindowLayer::Frontmost()) closed by axeld
6:21 AM Ticket #271 (drag & drop is broken, can crash or deadlock app_server) created by marcusoverhagen
Drag & drop is broken and can crash or deadlock the app_server. …
5:50 AM Ticket #2 (MediaPlayer sourcecode not in svn repository) closed by marcusoverhagen
5:48 AM Ticket #27 (modf and modff are broken) closed by marcusoverhagen
5:18 AM Ticket #270 (Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server) closed by marcusoverhagen
5:16 AM Ticket #270 (Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server) created by marcusoverhagen
When trying to drag Media preferences icon from Tracker into Terminal, …
5:16 AM Ticket #269 (Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server) created by marcusoverhagen
When trying to drag Media preferences icon from Tracker into Terminal, …
4:39 AM Ticket #91 (Tracker+haiku drawing bug) closed by johndrinkwater
4:01 AM Ticket #268 (Transparent support broken for B_CMAP8) created by axeld
Looks like your recent BBitmap changes broke transparent handling for …

Mar 7, 2006:

8:20 PM Ticket #220 (Haiku hangs when dragging files to Zip-O-Matic) closed by hn093@…
3:12 PM Ticket #263 ([Menu] doesn't start) closed by jackburton
11:59 AM Ticket #267 (HWInterface::_DrawCursor opens gdb) created by johndrinkwater
Was trying SCUMMvm in Haiku, the window displays, then the screen goes …
10:39 AM Ticket #266 (Crash in WindowLayer::Frontmost()) created by marcusoverhagen
When starting Cortex, app_server does crash in WindowLayer::Frontmost()
10:29 AM Ticket #228 (Double clicking tab doesn't hide window to deskbar) closed by axeld
Implemented in hrev16631.
7:12 AM Ticket #265 (The value of get_tty_index is not correct.) closed by axeld
6:22 AM Ticket #265 (The value of get_tty_index is not correct.) created by bxi07354@…
src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/tty/tty.cpp sample code …

Mar 6, 2006:

5:31 PM Ticket #110 (StyledEdit doesn't save a file successfully on Haiku) closed by axeld
11:31 AM Ticket #244 ([Tracker] Open with window) closed by axeld
I can't reproduce this bug. Tested with hrev16610.
8:34 AM Ticket #264 (Magnify has problems resizing) created by johndrinkwater
When reducing the size of the window, it shrinks too quickly When …
8:19 AM Ticket #188 ([Deskbar] Expander arrow not shown) closed by jackburton
7:50 AM Ticket #201 (Startup instance of Terminal crashes) closed by jackburton
6:05 AM Ticket #249 (BTextView and tab) closed by jackburton
5:59 AM Ticket #210 (PANIC: page fault...) closed by axeld
5:54 AM Ticket #249 (BTextView and tab) reopened by jackburton
5:46 AM Ticket #249 (BTextView and tab) closed by jackburton

Mar 5, 2006:

11:46 AM Ticket #263 ([Menu] doesn't start) created by diver
Subj. It just sits in the Deskbar. Tested with rev16581 under vmware.
8:38 AM Ticket #197 (Magnify doesn't work) closed by diver
4:56 AM Ticket #258 (People crash) closed by jackburton
3:35 AM Ticket #262 ([Tracker] filename glitches) created by diver
There is a visual bug in tracker of interface kit with filenames. To …

Mar 4, 2006:

2:40 PM Ticket #232 (StyledEdit Save Panel Bug) closed by jackburton
9:05 AM Ticket #250 ([StyledEdit] can't open files) reopened by diver
8:36 AM Ticket #250 ([StyledEdit] can't open files) closed by marcusoverhagen
6:55 AM Ticket #261 (BTextControl repainting) created by diver
BTextControl is somewhat buggy repainting on resize. To reproduce …
6:45 AM Ticket #260 (Plain font and Tab size) created by diver
Chahging plaint font size to anything more than 12pt also increase …
6:43 AM Ticket #259 (Plain font and menu) created by diver
Changing plaint font in Fonts also change menu fonts, isn't is Menu …
6:36 AM Ticket #258 (People crash) created by diver
Actually it's not people, but rather BtextView bug. I don't know yet …
6:33 AM Ticket #257 ([Expander] first launch) created by diver
OK, i'll try to explain. I have customized bootscript with uncommented …
4:44 AM Ticket #256 ([app_server] strange color conversion) created by diver
Sometimes when you start Scroll Bar you could get really strange color …
4:40 AM Ticket #255 (Fonts doesn't save on reboot) created by diver
app_server doesn't read font settings
3:58 AM Ticket #254 (Wrongly enabled buttons in apps/prefs (easy)) created by diver
There are several apps/prefs which enable some buttons on the first …

Mar 3, 2006:

3:10 PM Ticket #253 ([FileTypes] several issues) created by diver
*1. There is a bug in treeview where you could select several items at …
2:26 PM Ticket #252 ([Deskbar] crash on shutdown) created by diver
Dunno if it reproducable, but anyway. I've edited some config file and …
2:17 PM Ticket #251 ([Keymap] cpu usage and key images flickering) created by diver
This is very visible in vmware so try it here. Open Keymap and start …
2:13 PM Ticket #250 ([StyledEdit] can't open files) created by diver
You can's open *some* text files in StyledEdit with double click. For …
2:08 PM Ticket #121 (Haiku deadlock if you open bash_history) closed by diver
2:05 PM Ticket #249 (BTextView and tab) created by diver
There is something wrong with BTextView (i think) and text files with …
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