May 24, 2006:

1:47 PM Ticket #626 ([Menu] crazy resizing on start) created by diver
If you launch Menu pref it's window will begin to resize horizontally …
11:52 AM Ticket #482 ([Workspaces] windows keep changing order) closed by axeld
11:52 AM Ticket #480 (moving Workspaces leaves artefacts) closed by axeld
5:50 AM Ticket #624 (Haiku enters KDL on a AMD K6-2 system (generic_x86)) closed by axeld

May 23, 2006:

6:25 PM Ticket #625 (Forums: No confirmation code image during registration) created by mathewblack@…
While registering for the forums, you are asked to read and type in a …
4:10 PM Ticket #624 (Haiku enters KDL on a AMD K6-2 system (generic_x86)) created by initial22b@…
This is the first time I tried Haiku on my AMD K6-2 500 system. This …
1:09 PM Ticket #512 ([VLC] spacebar doesn't trigger pause\paly button) closed by axeld
11:53 AM Ticket #54 (Resizing GLTeapot doesn't work) closed by axeld
6:50 AM Ticket #599 ([Team Monitor] isn't font sensitive) closed by korli

May 22, 2006:

10:16 PM Ticket #617 ([FileType] should have window size limit) closed by axeld
3:26 PM Ticket #84 (settype doesn't run under Linux/PPC) closed by axeld

May 21, 2006:

6:24 PM Ticket #622 ([LaunchBox] crashes on launch) closed by stippi
1:47 PM Ticket #618 ([FileTypes] OGG Movie should be in video section) closed by axeld
1:30 PM Ticket #497 ([DiskProbe] looper must be locked before proceeding) closed by axeld
12:16 PM Ticket #623 ([SoundRecorder] from R5 crashes) created by diver
To crash SoundRecorder resize it, drop audio file to the Drop files …
12:10 PM Ticket #622 ([LaunchBox] crashes on launch) created by diver
back trace will follow…
10:09 AM Ticket #621 ([VLC] BScrollbars doesn't follow BWindow on Messages window resize) created by diver
Ask for screenshot if needed.
10:03 AM Ticket #620 ([Tracker] Info window hint sometimes don't close) created by diver
Tracker Info window hint (for files with deep paths) sometimes don't …
9:55 AM Ticket #619 ([BListView] selection should be centered) created by diver
Screenshot of what i mean will follow :-)
9:51 AM Ticket #618 ([FileTypes] OGG Movie should be in video section) created by diver
9:50 AM Ticket #617 ([FileType] should have window size limit) created by diver
What i mean is: right click home folder-> Add-ons-> FileType-> …
9:02 AM Ticket #616 ([Tracker] Find window have white box) created by diver
To reproduce it open Find window and click on arrow left to catalog …
8:07 AM Ticket #615 ([BMenu] has some issues) created by diver
1 Open Find window in Tracker and press "All files and folders" menu, …
7:35 AM Ticket #614 ([FileType] tracker add-on doesn't have an icon) created by diver
/boot/beos/system/add-ons/Tracker/FileType-F doesn't have an icon if …
6:58 AM Ticket #613 ([Tracker] doesn't let you to rename system folders) created by diver
Tracker doesn't let you to rename system folders.
6:55 AM Ticket #612 ([Tracker] crashed on move file from system folder) created by diver
dunno how to reproduce it yet, but back trace will follow.

May 20, 2006:

6:36 PM Ticket #484 ([app_server] menu flickering) closed by jackburton
6:48 AM Ticket #611 ([3DmiX] freeze on new track) created by diver
To reproduce it one should start 3dmix, show mixer (Display->Show …
6:24 AM Ticket #610 ([BMenu] doesn't check for window close) created by diver
For example open any folder in tracker ant click on File menu, now …
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