Jul 29, 2006:

6:09 PM Ticket #722 (usb_hid uses undocumented cbuf API) created by mmlr
The usb_hid input driver uses an undocumented cbuf kernel API on R5 …
4:57 PM Ticket #803 ("route" command) closed by axeld

Jul 27, 2006:

4:40 PM Ticket #814 (Add timer functionality) closed by axeld

Jul 26, 2006:

6:55 PM Ticket #796 (Implement requesting ARP resolve) closed by axeld
4:24 PM Ticket #814 (Add timer functionality) created by axeld
We have the need for a generic timer functionality. Have a look at the …
4:08 PM Ticket #813 (Manage routes via a radix tree) created by axeld
Right now, the routes are not sorted at all; the in-order counts. As a …
3:58 PM Ticket #812 (Port PPP to the new stack) created by axeld
Port over Waldemar's PPP code to the new networking stack.
3:56 PM Ticket #811 (Implement notifcations/select support for sockets) created by axeld
Notifications (which should also drive the select support) are not yet …
3:55 PM Ticket #810 (Improve net_buffer implementation) created by axeld
There is quite a bunch of functionality missing from the net_buffers, …
3:53 PM Ticket #801 (Raw protocol) closed by axeld
3:21 PM Ticket #721 (Freecell suffers from an off-by-one drawing bug) created by axeld
When playing Freecell (and dragging the cards around), there is an …
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