Aug 1, 2006:

12:58 PM Ticket #719 (quote key shouldn't be a dead key with American key mapping) closed by korli
10:07 AM Ticket #802 ("arp" command) closed by axeld
8:48 AM Ticket #817 (setup Drupal and the basic site structure) created by wkornewald
The outline can be found on our …
8:47 AM Ticket #816 (create a nice Drupal theme) created by wkornewald
It must look better than our current theme. :)
8:30 AM Ticket #815 (allow for milestones to have a parent milestone) created by wkornewald
We will have multiple smaller milestones like "Netstack R1", but the …

Jul 31, 2006:

7:56 PM Ticket #724 (Tracker and Terminal unable to delete files with non-ascii filenames) created by info@…
Both tracker and terminal unable to delete files with non-ascii …
3:31 PM Ticket #723 (configure get in strop with spaces) created by mathewblack@…
If you locate your svn checkout in a path with spaces within it. …

Jul 29, 2006:

6:09 PM Ticket #722 (usb_hid uses undocumented cbuf API) created by mmlr
The usb_hid input driver uses an undocumented cbuf kernel API on R5 …
4:57 PM Ticket #803 ("route" command) closed by axeld

Jul 27, 2006:

4:40 PM Ticket #814 (Add timer functionality) closed by axeld
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