Aug 8, 2006:

11:49 AM Ticket #720 (free(device) before access to device->devId) closed by jackburton
11:15 AM Ticket #488 (Artifact in Separator Style submenu) closed by jackburton
10:11 AM Ticket #549 ([Deskbar] shelf doesn't take team items into account) closed by jackburton
10:08 AM Ticket #574 ([Deskbar] edges are not drawn correctly when docked at the bottom) closed by jackburton
9:19 AM Ticket #406 ([DiskProbe] menus don't work) reopened by axeld
9:02 AM Ticket #117 (dragging the replicant out of window doesn't work) closed by jackburton
2:25 AM Ticket #406 ([DiskProbe] menus don't work) closed by jackburton

Aug 7, 2006:

1:25 PM Ticket #726 (ICO Translator doesn't reject bad input bitmaps in Identify) created by darkwyrm
The ICO translator, when set to enforce proper icon sizes, rejects …
10:10 AM Ticket #282 ([Interface kit] BScrollBar arrow disappearing) closed by darkwyrm
9:59 AM Ticket #42 (Saved Terminal settings don't include Window Size.) closed by darkwyrm

Aug 6, 2006:

7:48 AM Ticket #725 (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 issues) created by axeld
When pressing the F-lock key, its LED goes off, and the F-keys don't …

Aug 4, 2006:

3:26 PM Ticket #722 (usb_hid uses undocumented cbuf API) closed by korli

Aug 3, 2006:

1:58 PM Ticket #723 (configure get in strop with spaces) closed by bonefish
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