Sep 28, 2006:

7:35 PM Ticket #661 (CannaIM deskbar replicant popup menu not working; replicant handle ...) closed by korli
fixed: thanks Stefano, indeed it was this change and another. it's now fixed.
4:13 PM Ticket #874 ([kernel] DiskScaner can't find haiku partition) created by diver
I can't boot haiku anymore due to disk scaner can't find my haiku …
2:32 PM Ticket #675 (Dragging (zip) file onto StyleEdit window hangs it, 100%cpu useage) closed by axeld
fixed: That's indeed fixed now. However, it's very different from how R5's …
2:19 PM Ticket #873 (automatically create an interface instance for every configuration file) created by wkornewald
Create a net_device for each interface configuration file. Every PPP …
2:04 PM Ticket #872 ([PPPReportManager] replace notification mechanism with KMessage) created by wkornewald
It would be nice if we could replace the ReportManager's notification …
1:15 PM Ticket #861 ([qoca] Compilation fails under GCC4) closed by korli
fixed: Should be fixed as of now.
12:59 PM Ticket #871 (when PPP module gets unloaded, reloaded, and unloaded the system crashes) created by wkornewald
Our old netstack unloaded modules every time there was no open handle …
12:53 PM Ticket #870 (finish PPP server mode support) created by wkornewald
Servers should authenticate themselves before the client (if …
12:50 PM Ticket #869 ([IPCP] get ConnectOnDemand working) created by wkornewald
For ConnectOnDemand fake a source IP address ( and so on?) …
12:46 PM Ticket #868 (create general point-to-point connection kernel module API) created by wkornewald
Certain connection types (SLIP, PPP, VPN, Bluetooth) share similar …
12:11 PM Ticket #596 ([Cortex] you can't move media add-ons in it window) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18964.
12:00 PM Ticket #865 ([Tracker] BTextView bug with new line while trying to replace existing file) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed in hrev18959
10:47 AM Ticket #659 (if the volume has 30-26 MBytes free space can 't be created files) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18955.

Sep 27, 2006:

6:31 PM Ticket #692 (Free space bug) closed by axeld
fixed: This obviously has been fixed some time ago, most probably in hrev18716.
6:01 PM Ticket #714 (Workspaces -noborder & or Workspaces blah No error?) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18950.
3:11 AM Ticket #867 (Calculator build fails under GCC4) created by engima
When building the target Calculator under GCC4 with command `jam -q …

Sep 26, 2006:

9:07 PM Ticket #851 ([GLTeapot] crash if you middle click on teapot) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18946.
2:42 PM Ticket #440 ([BTextView] can drag selected text only with the right button) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed in hrev18942
1:02 PM Ticket #852 ([bin:gdb] won't quit correctly) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18941 as well; it was the same problem as bug #841.
12:52 PM Ticket #841 (Terminal doesnt' quit correctly) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18941.
12:52 PM Ticket #855 (error in signal.c) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev18941.
12:51 PM Ticket #778 (make users clickable links to email address) closed by wkornewald
invalid: We don't really need this. Everyone is notified of new comments, …
12:50 PM Ticket #41 (OpenGL kit team is missing) closed by wkornewald
fixed: Our new website already has this.
12:50 PM Ticket #753 (Obsolete attachments aren't striked through) closed by wkornewald
invalid: In Trac you can delete attachments. It's impossible to obsolete them, …
12:46 PM Ticket #588 (Hide email address option) closed by wkornewald
fixed: In Trac it is sufficient to specify the username instead of the email …
12:45 PM Ticket #144 (Some bugzilla comments dont wrap, lots of scrolling needed!) closed by wkornewald
invalid: Trac has a similar problem which is described in #864.
12:43 PM Ticket #15 (prettify the bug tracker) closed by wkornewald
fixed: We use Trac, now.
12:43 PM Ticket #786 (Put our Trac development into version control.) closed by wkornewald
fixed: I created a Mercurial repos at http://plonetest.haiku-os.org/repos.cgi

Sep 25, 2006:

6:49 PM Ticket #866 ([Tracker] text label while folder creation run away) created by diver
Place your mouce exactly under 1st pixel of "H" in "Haiku" volume …
6:45 PM Ticket #865 ([Tracker] BTextView bug with new line while trying to replace existing file) created by diver
see screenshot... Tested with hrev18916.
2:34 PM Ticket #829 (Mouse and keyboard fail to work if USB legacy mouse support is activated) closed by nielx
fixed: With the current revisions (around 18900) it seems to be resolved. …
9:51 AM Ticket #848 (Jump to a bug by entering a bug #) closed by axeld
invalid: To jump to a bug number directly, you just have to enter it in the …

Sep 23, 2006:

4:40 PM Ticket #863 ([gcc4] unresolved symbols in boot add-ons) closed by korli
fixed: fixed in revision 18910
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