Oct 17, 2006:

11:36 PM Ticket #907 (Drag to VLC 0.8.5 causes vm_page_fault) closed by darkwyrm
fixed: The movies are on the disk with the rest of the installation. I just …
8:53 PM Ticket #896 (Abiword crash + click ok = crashed app_server) closed by axeld
fixed: I even found two different bugs causing this crash! Thanks for the …
6:54 AM Ticket #335 ([Keyboard] slider is moving to slow) closed by jackburton
duplicate: dup of #609. I know this has been filed earlier, but the comment in …
6:13 AM Ticket #913 (Menu drawing issues in several apps) closed by jackburton
duplicate: dup of #505
1:41 AM Ticket #913 (Menu drawing issues in several apps) created by kaoutsis
Clicking on the menubar of a program for opening a menu, in several …

Oct 16, 2006:

8:50 AM Ticket #912 (scrolling inside a Tracker folder is much slower if filenames are ...) created by diver
Scrolling inside a folder is much slower, if filenames are truncated. …

Oct 15, 2006:

6:00 PM Ticket #911 ([Deskbar] flickering on clicking expander) created by diver
You could see how whole deskbar flickers if you have "Show application …

Oct 14, 2006:

7:47 PM Ticket #818 (loopback interface) closed by axeld
fixed: Done in hrev19065.
6:03 PM Ticket #910 ([Tracker] can't empty trash with cyrillic (at least) characters in ...) created by diver
Tracker can't empty trash with cyrillic (at least) characters in file …
2:51 PM Ticket #909 (Some signatures needs to be changed) created by diver
Some signatures, versions, short descriptions and long descriptions …
12:04 PM Ticket #891 ([FileTypes] some types are still pointed to videolan) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev19063.

Oct 12, 2006:

12:48 PM Ticket #657 ([Deskbar] crash) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the back trace. This should be fixed with hrev19052.
12:36 PM Ticket #885 ([app_server] deadlock on font change) closed by axeld
fixed: While AS_SET_SYSTEM_FONT was indeed to blame, …
10:47 AM Ticket #397 (System lockup when hitting ctrl-c in playfile) closed by axeld
fixed: This was probably the same as bug #702, and was fixed in hrev18683. At …
10:47 AM Ticket #908 (DeskCalc: not drawing correctly) created by wkornewald
I guess this is an app_server bug not drawing correctly. I'm using …
10:41 AM Ticket #906 (Missing symbol for Moe: __10BMessengerlllb) closed by axeld
invalid: This is a private constructor of BMessenger. Since Moe is even an open …
10:26 AM Ticket #733 (Pulse on read-only filesystem) closed by axeld
fixed: Should have been fixed with korli's change.
10:22 AM Ticket #678 (Magnify makes cursor flicker, HW accel) closed by axeld
invalid: We're still using a software cursor only, so this is not a bug, but a …
10:20 AM Ticket #378 ([Cortex] crash on launch) closed by axeld
fixed: This has obviously been fixed a long time ago.
10:19 AM Ticket #527 (Scale Bilinear not updating image) closed by axeld
duplicate: Duplicate of bug #356.
6:13 AM Ticket #904 (Can't restart Terminal) closed by jackburton
duplicate: Dup of #627
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