Feb 12, 2007:

8:09 PM Ticket #1013 (Remove unused detail sections in Add Printer dialog) closed by laplace
fixed: Fixed in hrev20125.

Feb 10, 2007:

6:13 PM Ticket #1018 (Booting on Athlon 64 X2 fails with both cpus enabled (vmware)) created by ekdahl
Booting stops at the boot screen when enabling both cpus. Using only …
5:06 PM Ticket #986 (PS/2 Keyboard doesn't work) closed by wkornewald
invalid: As reported by AndyBe (directly to the Trac email address) this …
12:44 PM Ticket #1016 (Screen Preflet: 'Apply' button overlaying Video Format Popup menu) closed by wkornewald
fixed: Fixed in hrev20122.

Feb 9, 2007:

12:19 PM Ticket #162 (Expander's buttons aren't font sensetive.) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed in hrev20119
12:09 PM Ticket #1017 (KDL when run the zeta software) created by atomozero
When I run any application compiled whit Zeta Haiku crashes on KDL

Feb 8, 2007:

5:03 PM Ticket #1016 (Screen Preflet: 'Apply' button overlaying Video Format Popup menu) created by el-al
The recently re-located 'Apply' button on the screen prefs panel now …

Feb 7, 2007:

10:47 PM Ticket #53 (POP3 SSL addon crashes mail_daemon when connection fails) closed by darkwyrm
fixed: This bug was fixed in hrev19557 and 19558.
5:20 PM Ticket #979 (CD Player app should follow the multimedia application look and feel) closed by darkwyrm
fixed: Fixed in hrev20104.
2:26 PM Ticket #953 (BMenuField not starting in sticky mode (easy)) reopened by wkornewald
Stefano, could you please have a look?
2:00 PM Ticket #321 (Workspace settings, not affected by "Defaults" or "Revert" buttons) closed by wkornewald
fixed: This should be fixed in hrev20096, but due to R5's and Haiku's …
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