Mar 31, 2007:

6:33 PM Ticket #969 (endless loop when rendering fonts in agg::glyph_data_outline mode) closed by stippi
fixed: fixed in hrev20481. Thanks to Ingo having tracked it down. Because of the …
6:31 PM Ticket #900 (FontDemo rotation freezes screen) closed by stippi
fixed: fixed in hrev20481. Thanks to Ingo.

Mar 30, 2007:

7:50 PM Ticket #1056 (Kernel Space Page Fault during Late Boot Process) closed by bonefish
fixed: Should be solved in hrev20474.
4:24 PM Ticket #825 (with new USB task (r18623)) closed by marcusoverhagen
fixed: Please do not hijack old bug reports! I'm restoring original summary, …
3:45 PM Ticket #825 (with new USB task (r18623)) reopened by jonas.kirilla
This bug report is spot on (except its title) and should be re-opened. …

Mar 28, 2007:

6:33 AM Ticket #1131 (more missing bin commands) created by kaliber
This patch enables: cardctl, compress, diff3, dump_cis, dump_cisreg, …

Mar 27, 2007:

7:17 PM Ticket #1083 (GCC4 x86 Haiku Runs into Endless Page Fault Loop) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev20380. Best would be assembler versions :)
7:08 PM Ticket #1113 (Input server and devices should be ready for user input before ...) closed by korli
duplicate: Dup of #917
6:50 PM Ticket #1127 (Missing ctags command [patch]) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev20438.
1:11 PM Ticket #1130 (Implement parse_expression() (KDL feature)) created by bonefish
parse_expression() should feature a small expression parser as …
7:34 AM Ticket #1129 (in terminal, some deleting font) created by rayman
if you have a lot of line in a terminal, and you take a scrollbar. you …
3:28 AM Ticket #1128 (Backgrounds desktop rightclick menu crash) created by cebif
I get this crash when openning backgrounds from the desktop right …

Mar 26, 2007:

5:51 PM Ticket #1127 (Missing ctags command [patch]) created by kaliber
Ctags is available in R5. You should check in sources from …
9:34 AM Ticket #1123 (Some scripts instead of gawk look for awk, so the image needs a awk ...) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in the revision mentioned herebefore.
6:18 AM Ticket #1125 (<poll.h> should be available also under <sys/poll.h>) reopened by kaliber
Google codesearch says that <sys/poll.h> is two times popular than …
2:58 AM Ticket #1124 (Missing uniq command) closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks! Patch applied in hrev20426.
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