Apr 14, 2007:

11:03 PM Ticket #1156 (/bin/updatedb broken) created by elmo
First of all, it didn't have executable bit set, so I had to run it …

Apr 13, 2007:

9:15 PM Ticket #1155 (Screen Saver Pref -- Settings aren't detected on-the-fly (easy)) created by mmadia
rev. 20674, real hardware. Screen Saver preflet: When changing …
8:46 PM Ticket #1154 (Menu Pref -- Always Show Triggers non-functional (easy)) created by mmadia
build 20674 on real hardware The triggers -- underlined letters in …
6:49 AM Ticket #1153 (GLTeapot crashes on AMD64x2) created by tigerdog
Crashes at startup when both CPUs are enabled. If one CPU is disabled …

Apr 12, 2007:

1:15 PM Ticket #1151 (GLTeapot crashes when clicking on a menu) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed in hrev20663. It was a stupid typo.
7:22 AM Ticket #1152 (Can't type anything in the debugger if a menu is opened) created by jackburton
If an application crashes while it has an opened menu (see bug #1151
7:21 AM Ticket #1151 (GLTeapot crashes when clicking on a menu) created by jackburton
GLTeapot crashes if you open a menu by clicking on the menubar. The …
1:08 AM Ticket #1150 (usb stack freezes Dell Latitude D810) created by bryanv
Get a Dell Latitude D810 Boot Haiku if the usb_hid device driver is …

Apr 10, 2007:

9:54 PM Ticket #1146 (The auich driver miscounts on controls, turns of amp early, never ...) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev20646. Thanks a lot !
9:28 PM Ticket #1147 (Revive jam package for rtl8169) closed by korli
fixed: Seems applied in hrev20616.
4:56 PM Ticket #1149 (BeShare crashes when attempting to connect to server) closed by hugosantos
fixed: This particular issue related with prepend_size has been fixed in …
5:22 AM Ticket #1148 (BeShare) closed by wkornewald
junk: Basically a duplicate of #1149. :)
4:20 AM Ticket #1149 (BeShare crashes when attempting to connect to server) created by koki
Trying BeShare (BeOS build from http://www.bebits.com/app/1330), the …
4:14 AM Ticket #1148 (BeShare) created by koki
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