Jun 9, 2007:

2:47 PM Ticket #606 ([FileTypes] file type window vs application type) reopened by diver
It seems that at least runtime_loader and zbeos still suffers from …
12:00 PM Ticket #1224 (Time for Auckland (NZ) timezone is 2 hrs too early) closed by korli
fixed: I updated our tzdate to 2007f in hrev21372, I checked and it seems to …
11:44 AM Ticket #437 ([BeShare] Error, couldn't create connect thread!) closed by korli
fixed: Tried here and it's working right. Please reopen if needed.
11:00 AM Ticket #1249 (Update libpng to current version) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev21367. Thanks!

Jun 8, 2007:

6:33 PM Ticket #1260 (Missing symbol "trunc") closed by korli
fixed: Hopefully fixed in hrev21350
6:14 AM Ticket #615 ([BMenu] has some issues) closed by jackburton
fixed: Reverted to original description

Jun 7, 2007:

10:56 PM Ticket #1269 (Haiku's BMenu is is different from BeOS's in handling Escape and Alt-W/Q.) created by jonas.kirilla
Escape In BeOS, when the menu is sticky and the mouse pointer is …
3:43 PM Ticket #1268 (Incorporation of the well known live cd scripts in the build.) created by kaoutsis
Purpose: to test and fix haiku's various issues, with the live cd …
3:29 PM Ticket #1267 (Haiku doesn't have at least one sound file *.ogg to demonstrate the ...) created by kaoutsis
For example: booting from the unofficial live cd although, haiku found …
12:45 PM Ticket #1266 (Unrecognised Partition Table errors) created by euan
Haiku doesn't seem to see the other partitons (one Ext3, the other …
11:41 AM Ticket #1265 (PS2 Mouse only works after killing the input server) closed by nielx
invalid: Found out that installing Haiku on the partition failed. Haiku …
8:28 AM Ticket #1265 (PS2 Mouse only works after killing the input server) created by nielx
With the current revision (hrev21338) I have problems with my mouse. …

Jun 6, 2007:

7:42 PM Ticket #1264 (multi-range selection in Tracker and list views) created by jonas.kirilla
Please implement multi-range selection similar to that in Windows, …
11:26 AM Ticket #1263 (Tracker scrollbar confusion) created by jonas.kirilla
Tracker's scrollbars don't seem to work right, at least in icon mode. …
7:45 AM Ticket #1262 (Can't load Icon-O-Matic a second time) created by jackburton
Icon-O-Matic can only be opened once. If you launch it again after …
6:17 AM Ticket #1261 (Can't load Haiku on a pc with Ati Radeon 9200) created by modeenf
Can't load Haiku on a pc with Ati Radeon 9200 this are a hrev21337. …

Jun 5, 2007:

11:59 PM Ticket #1241 (BTextView and BScrollView: - Scroll and resize window issue) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev21336. Indeed, the actual problem was caused by …
7:36 PM Ticket #1260 (Missing symbol "trunc") created by mmlr
When trying a current version of QEMU I get a missing symbol for …
1:05 PM Ticket #953 (BMenuField not starting in sticky mode (easy)) closed by jackburton
fixed: it's fixed in hrev21330.

Jun 4, 2007:

6:38 AM Obsolete/ApiDocumentationStatus edited by nielx
Phase III of Archivable.dox by Thom Holwerda (diff)
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