Jun 15, 2007:

6:54 AM Ticket #1172 (DVB Codec init error) closed by marcusoverhagen
fixed: fixed in hrev21296
6:20 AM Ticket #987 (new hmulit.mixer.addon let the media_addon_server die) closed by marcusoverhagen

Jun 13, 2007:

11:12 PM Ticket #1103 (Safe-mode enhancement: ignore user paths (easy)) closed by axeld
fixed: Closed in hrev21406.

Jun 11, 2007:

10:46 AM Ticket #1275 (Playing aiff type sounds locks up system) created by cebif
Every time I play a aiff type sound file in Media Player or the Sounds …

Jun 10, 2007:

10:59 PM Ticket #1274 (mountimage is not in the source tree) created by kaoutsis
Useful on hrev5, and it will be also useful on haiku too.
10:52 PM Ticket #1273 (Running SerialConnect on Haiku) created by kaoutsis
Purpose: serial debugging Haiku from another haiku machine. Useful …
10:14 PM Ticket #1186 (crash in _DemuxBroadcast) closed by hugosantos
7:28 AM Ticket #1272 (App list in deskbar gets messed up after all apps have been quitted) created by ekdahl
Quit all apps listed in deskbar. Then start and close some apps to see …
6:57 AM Ticket #1271 (Leaf menu doesn't get focus after pressing menu key) created by ekdahl
Ie. the key between the right Win key and the right Ctrl. Maybe this …
6:54 AM Ticket #1270 (Can't navigate menus vertically with keyboard) created by ekdahl
Test: After pressing the menu button the leaf menu appears, but focus …
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