Jun 25, 2007:

12:43 PM Ticket #1283 (/bin/login missing from the image) created by jackburton
The program "login" is missing from the image, although it's needed …
12:23 PM Ticket #993 (page fault with interrupts disabled under vmware) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's gone. Was probably a bug in the network stack.
12:00 PM Ticket #1282 (Modifier key setting not saved) created by jackburton
Using the menu preflet, one can change the default modifier key (from …

Jun 24, 2007:

4:59 AM Ticket #1281 (MediaPlayer refuses to quit) closed by leavengood
fixed: Should be fixed as of hrev21500.
4:40 AM Ticket #1281 (MediaPlayer refuses to quit) created by leavengood
Selecting Quit from the MediaPlayer menu does nothing. Selecting Close …
2:29 AM Ticket #1280 (Build Broken? Cannot compile under BeOS.) reopened by mmlr
At least for me (BONE though) this change was enough to fix building …

Jun 23, 2007:

9:49 PM Ticket #1280 (Build Broken? Cannot compile under BeOS.) closed by mmlr
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev21496.
6:51 PM Ticket #1280 (Build Broken? Cannot compile under BeOS.) created by bouncer
Recently - when I attempt to compile Haiku on my BeOS environment, I …

Jun 22, 2007:

8:56 AM Ticket #1120 (invalid block number) closed by axeld
fixed: Ok, I'm closing this bug, then, thanks for the update!
1:23 AM Ticket #1279 (distorted sound during copying) created by rdaneel
Sound is distorted during copying (its slower and quieter). Tested in …
12:27 AM Ticket #1214 (Removing CannaIM input method file from "input_server/methods" folder ...) closed by axeld
invalid: Works fine over here.
12:15 AM Ticket #1213 ("Check Mail Now" button & menu should be disabled when there are no ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev21493.

Jun 21, 2007:

10:42 PM Ticket #1191 (Workspaces doesn't always redraw immediately) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev21491.
10:38 PM Ticket #1184 (Display AM/PM opposite from settings) closed by axeld
fixed: It would have been helpful to know it only happens when it's twelve …
12:53 PM Ticket #1003 (KDL while expanding a file) closed by axeld
fixed: I fixed the original problem in hrev21480: the block cache might have …

Jun 20, 2007:

7:41 PM Ticket #1278 (driver sb16 on vmware 5.5 doesn't work) created by xed
The driver is not included in the image by default. If you change the …
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