Jul 30, 2007:

10:45 PM Ticket #1344 (Creating account in E-mail pref does not create mail directory) created by ksmith
Creating an e-mail account in the E-mail preferences does not create …
9:53 PM Ticket #600 ([Media] Restart the media server to apply changes) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev21759.
6:48 PM Ticket #1341 (Finnish keyboard layout) closed by korli
fixed: Changed in revision 21756.
1:01 PM Ticket #1325 (Tracker incorrectly reports missing libraries) closed by axeld
fixed: Please don't be so fast to reopen tickets. Mistakes are always …

Jul 29, 2007:

2:25 PM Ticket #1343 (Corrupted characters show up when saving a People file) created by karma
If the /boot/home/people folder doesn't exist, the People file's …
1:40 PM Ticket #1342 (Mails which just has been fetched from mail server don't have names in ...) created by kaoutsis
* Fetch your mails from your mail server. * You should see something …
12:39 PM Ticket #1341 (Finnish keyboard layout) created by kkaloine
There is easy way to implement Finnish keyboard layout. It's same as …
1:16 AM Ticket #1340 (Terminal doesn't produce the EOF character on Ctrl-D) created by bonefish
It seems that the terminal produces a three character escape sequence …

Jul 28, 2007:

10:55 PM Ticket #1337 (VMWare shutdown long delay) closed by marcusoverhagen
duplicate: This is a duplicate of bug #985
10:53 PM Ticket #1339 (DiskProbe doesn't display data until font size is changed) created by marcusoverhagen
After starting DiskProbe, it doesn't display data until the font size …
2:51 AM Ticket #1338 (System lockup at random intervals after reaching desktop) created by schmedly
Any build tested on my machine locks up and random intervals after …

Jul 27, 2007:

9:26 PM Ticket #1335 (Terminal crashes) closed by jackburton
duplicate: Ah yes, I was able to reproduce it a couple of times. It's a dup of #1312
9:07 PM Ticket #1337 (VMWare shutdown long delay) created by kvdman
Shutting down/restarting Haiku most times takes >1 min. BeOS R5 takes …
8:52 PM Ticket #1336 (System lock up, playing WMV9 codec in VLC) created by kvdman
Playing any video WM9 video stream in VLC seems to lock the system. …
8:46 PM Ticket #1325 (Tracker incorrectly reports missing libraries) reopened by kvdman
7:12 PM Ticket #1335 (Terminal crashes) created by kkaloine
I'm not sure what is exact behaviour in Haiku when you type exit
9:18 AM Ticket #1334 (Add Font size shortcuts to Terminal) created by jackburton
Add keyboard shortcuts to Terminal, to increase and decrease the font …
2:33 AM Ticket #1324 (Tracker incorrectly reports missing libraries) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev21715.

Jul 26, 2007:

4:46 PM Ticket #715 (BTextView::HideTyping not implemented) reopened by kvdman
Hi, I've tested such applications as GIM ICQ, BeMSN, and others I …
10:24 AM Ticket #852 ([bin:gdb] won't quit correctly) reopened by diver
It seems that reproducing bug #478 triggered this bug again, reopening.
8:47 AM Ticket #1333 (_G_config.h issue) created by kaliber
File _G_config.h is included by some other headers (cmath, …
8:26 AM Ticket #1332 (<sys/file.h> issue) created by kaliber
Some applications uses a <sys/file.h> (our jam also includes this …
8:12 AM Ticket #1331 (broken pipes) created by kaliber
Random behaviour and "No space left on device" error: ~>grep a < …

Jul 25, 2007:

12:10 PM Ticket #1330 (PANIC: block_cache_set_dirty(): not yet implemented that way!) created by kaliber
Reproduce: 1. Mount dos (fat) partition 2. Run sync command Is this …
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