Aug 20, 2007:

10:53 PM Ticket #1415 (B_NO_POINTER_HISTORY has no effect) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the test app! I've reworked it a bit (and applied our …
9:39 PM Ticket #1416 ("usb explore" thread sometimes crashes shortly after desktop is loaded) created by stippi
[…] Puh... I typed that all. Hope I didn't sneak in any errors.
8:00 PM Ticket #1415 (B_NO_POINTER_HISTORY has no effect) created by tangobravo
BeOS R5 has a flag that Views can set - B_NO_POINTER_HISTORY - useful …
2:29 PM Ticket #1413 (PANIC: mutex_unlock failure) closed by axeld
fixed: Closed in hrev22016. I could also fix a bug in BAppFileInfo which caused …
2:16 PM Ticket #1414 (FTP upload stops around 78k) created by scottmc
Using vmware image (tried a few different daily images from august …
12:44 PM Ticket #1413 (PANIC: mutex_unlock failure) created by kaoutsis
after rsync crashed i got a corrupted binary to the /boot/beos/apps …
12:43 PM Ticket #1411 (/bin as a symlink) closed by axeld
invalid: /bin already is a symlink, and you obviously overwrote it. If you …
12:56 AM Ticket #1412 (Haiku doesn't have the sys/ipc.h sys/sem.h and sys/mman.h files.) created by kaoutsis
Why? * running the LibMicro (is a portable set of microbenchmarks) to …
12:27 AM Ticket #1411 (/bin as a symlink) created by rdaneel
I made a symlink to /bin, now i cant execute anything from Terminal. …

Aug 19, 2007:

11:01 PM Ticket #1410 ([Trac] emails not sent to bug list when attachments added) closed by axeld
invalid: A pleasure :-)
8:01 PM Ticket #1154 (Menu Pref -- Always Show Triggers non-functional (easy)) closed by leavengood
fixed: Patch committed in hrev22011. I consider this bug solved. Thanks Justin.
9:35 AM Ticket #1410 ([Trac] emails not sent to bug list when attachments added) created by tangobravo
Adding an attachment in trac does not send an email to the haiku-bugs …

Aug 18, 2007:

8:40 PM Ticket #1409 ([app_server] crash in BPrivate::processHeap) created by diver
After restart from crash in bug #634 i noticed following issues: …
8:31 PM Ticket #634 ([app_server] crash in Painter::FillRectNoClipping()) reopened by diver
app_server crashed with this back trace wile moving Deskar, reopening.
11:07 AM Ticket #1408 ([Deskbar] shelf layout problems) created by diver
As example you could start NetworkStatus, ProcessControllerand then …
10:47 AM Ticket #254 (Wrongly enabled buttons in apps/prefs (easy)) reopened by diver
Oh yeah, E-mail pref app still need to be fixed, it was not in the …

Aug 17, 2007:

7:21 PM Ticket #1407 (Python is dropping Beos support) created by strank
This is not really a bug. I just wanted to inform the Haiku devs that …
9:56 AM Ticket #1406 ([Keymap] revert button doesn't do anything) created by diver
Follow up of bug #254
8:54 AM Ticket #254 (Wrongly enabled buttons in apps/prefs (easy)) closed by axeld
fixed: And since ScrollBar has been removed, I'm closing this ticket now. …
7:01 AM Ticket #113 (Ctrl+C kills applications that shouldn't be killed) reopened by jackburton
Oh-ho. Looks like this happens again.

Aug 16, 2007:

10:22 PM Ticket #1405 ([Deskbar] crash on dragging replicant over it) created by diver
Deskbar will crash if you drag replicant over it. Back trace will follow.
9:48 PM Ticket #1404 ([Mail] clicking on Signature button won't show popup menu) created by diver
Clicking on Signature button in Mail app won't show popup menu. In …
8:33 PM Ticket #1403 (vlance driver calls acquire_sem_etc() from its interrupt routine) created by diver
Haiku stops booting 4 times at different stages until this crash. See …
6:02 PM Ticket #1401 (implement sigaltstack()) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev21989.
5:37 PM Ticket #1387 ([StyledEdit] opens twice after clipping) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev21987.
3:46 PM Ticket #1402 (Implement message logging for app_server <-> libbe communication) created by jackburton
Would be nice to implement some logging system to track communication …
2:49 PM Ticket #1396 (Terminal parses the shell arguments incorrectly (easy)) closed by jackburton
1:09 PM Ticket #1401 (implement sigaltstack()) created by korli
12:40 PM Ticket #1400 (Add nasm as an available buildsystem tool.) created by stippi
Can we add nasm as a buildsystem tool/dependency? The background is …

Aug 15, 2007:

11:11 PM Ticket #1369 (Haiku corrupts vlc binary) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev21971.
7:03 PM Ticket #1306 ([app_server] strange white font in window title) closed by stippi
fixed: I think I haved fixed it for real now.
6:57 PM Ticket #1262 (Can't load Icon-O-Matic a second time) closed by stippi
fixed: Fixed by Axel in hrev21959.
6:24 PM Ticket #1399 (Files corrupted after restart of the system.) closed by axeld
duplicate: This seems to be a duplicate of bug #1369.
5:56 PM Ticket #1399 (Files corrupted after restart of the system.) created by bbjimmy
Files corrupted after restart of the system: To reproduce: Install …
4:34 PM Ticket #1338 (System lockup at random intervals after reaching desktop) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the update!
3:21 PM Ticket #1398 (PANIC: vnode is not becoming unbusy!) created by korli
It happened while net booting with hrev21964. bfs: bfs_access:1314: …
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