Aug 27, 2007:

10:14 PM Ticket #989 (Expander crashes when unzipping) closed by korli
fixed: Closing …
10:14 PM Ticket #1428 (Build breaks on 32-bit FreeBSD) created by anevilyak
On FreeBSD/i386, the build gets 99% of the way, but fails on the bash …

Aug 26, 2007:

3:21 PM Ticket #113 (Ctrl+C kills applications that shouldn't be killed) closed by bonefish
3:16 PM Ticket #1427 (Firefox crashes on start) created by tangobravo
I've got a (staticly linked) build of firefox- that I've been …
2:33 PM Ticket #1426 (redraw is incorrect) closed by stippi
fixed: Both parts of the bug are now fixed in hrev22058 and hrev22060.

Aug 25, 2007:

10:34 PM Ticket #1153 (GLTeapot crashes on AMD64x2) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for testing! The scheduler problem is just how the current one …
10:32 PM Ticket #1426 (redraw is incorrect) created by axeld
With Sudoku on mouse over, it would (on BeOS) redraw exactly the inner …
5:38 PM Ticket #1424 (The "new pad" function on Launchbox app does the same thing as clone) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks! Fixed in hrev22055. Along with some more polishing.
2:40 PM Ticket #1425 (Echo driver: sound dropouts with FireFox and 100%CPU usage) created by nutela
Audio seems to interrupt when Firefox is loading a web page and the …

Aug 24, 2007:

9:22 PM Ticket #1424 (The "new pad" function on Launchbox app does the same thing as clone) created by sicutdeux
This app can be found via leef menu on desktop applets, when you hit …
9:07 PM Ticket #582 (Deskbar displays empty Haiku menu) reopened by jackburton
7:52 PM Ticket #1423 (App Network Preferences fails to recover gateway ip after reboot) created by sicutdeux
Gateway not added to routes on boot, but only when triggering the …
9:41 AM Ticket #1422 (/boot/beos/apps Folder Tracker Segmentation Fault) created by cebif
This crash happens when clicking on the Modified or Created columns in …

Aug 23, 2007:

11:30 PM Ticket #1421 (Exiting KDL leaves KDL image on the screen) created by scottmc
Not a big deal, but it would be nice upon leaving KDL that the screen …
5:18 PM Ticket #1095 (NVIDIA nForce SATA driver) closed by axeld

Aug 22, 2007:

5:45 PM Ticket #73 (libroot_build.so broken cross-compiling from Linux) closed by bonefish
fixed: Please don't hijack closed tickets. The original problem has been …
4:43 PM Ticket #73 (libroot_build.so broken cross-compiling from Linux) reopened by icepic
I get the same effects on Linux now (checked out buildtools and haiku …
3:43 PM Ticket #1420 (Copying a folder with the same name as an existing folder should offer ...) created by scottmc
If you drag a folder with the same name as an existing folder but with …
12:22 AM Ticket #1419 (rtl8139exp KDL) created by kaoutsis
trying the rtl8139exp driver, hrev22032
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