Oct 12, 2007:

8:55 PM Ticket #757 ([app_server] deadlock on workspace switching) reopened by diver
I could still deadlock it with hrev22510 under vmware, reopening.
8:51 PM Ticket #1555 ([Deskbar] crash in DeleteMenuWindow) created by diver
[…] Found with hrev22510 in vmware. Don't know how to reproduce it yet.
6:30 PM Ticket #1554 (Clock demo app doesn't show the clock face or replicant grabber) created by bbjimmy
hrev22510 Clock app does not show the clock face or replicant grabber.
5:56 PM Ticket #1178 (NetworkStatus replicant does not persist) reopened by kvdman
Tested in 22490. The deskbar won't remember the replicants. Tried the …
3:35 PM Ticket #1553 (Metos crashing..) created by kvdman
This might have to do with the last bug I filed for Blender. In …
3:30 PM Ticket #1552 (Mesa bug when starting Blender 2.1.1) created by kvdman
Blender seems to start up and switch to a dark black full screen under …
10:17 AM Ticket #757 ([app_server] deadlock on workspace switching) closed by stippi
fixed: There was indeed a deadlock in the EventFilter for keyboard events, I …
9:45 AM Ticket #1340 (Terminal doesn't produce the EOF character on Ctrl-D) closed by jackburton
fixed: Original bug is fixed, and in hrev22512 I also check against "raw_char" …
7:59 AM Ticket #1288 (StyledEdit does not print when there is only one line of text) closed by jackburton
fixed: Replying to jackburton: Fixed in hrev22511. Printing in …

Oct 11, 2007:

8:37 PM Ticket #1551 (r22509: no boot) closed by bonefish
5:30 PM Ticket #1551 (r22509: no boot) created by meanwhile
Haiku hrev22509 (installed on a partition) opens up in the boot loader …
1:32 PM Ticket #505 (First click on BMenuBar will show empty MenuWindow) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's fixed in hrev22508. Now BApplications which have a connection to the …

Oct 10, 2007:

8:49 PM Ticket #1545 (kernel dprintf should flush pending repeats every n seconds) closed by mmlr
fixed: Implemented in hrev22501.
1:39 AM Ticket #1550 (Tracker crashes when clicking on column heading in Mail inbox folder) created by cebif
Tracker crashed when I tried to read the Mail inbox messages. 1)Right …

Oct 9, 2007:

8:03 PM Ticket #1549 (crash in expr (btowc in libroot)) created by kaliber
Try this: […]
7:13 PM Ticket #1548 (Error in example code for BLocker in the Haiku Book) created by scottmc
6:56 PM Ticket #1547 (Panic in vfs_mount_boot_file_system()) created by korli
KDiskSystem::Unload(): partitioning_systems/session/v1 -> 0 …
2:06 AM Ticket #1421 (Exiting KDL leaves KDL image on the screen) closed by axeld
invalid: As an end user, you are not expected to see this, anyway, ever - some …
1:40 AM Ticket #1329 (Crashed BMenu (Deskbar/ProcessController's) covers Team Monitor and ...) closed by axeld
duplicate: This is a duplicate of bug #1152.
1:36 AM Ticket #1250 (hostname not fully implemented) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for your work! It's fixed in hrev22492.

Oct 8, 2007:

9:41 PM Ticket #1546 (AHCI drive not properly recognized) created by ddew
Haiku revision 22394 fails to recognize drives attached to the ICH9 …
9:19 PM Ticket #1540 (Home/End keys do not work in shell) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev22488. Having an inputrc file would benefit other apps, too, …
2:47 PM Ticket #1545 (kernel dprintf should flush pending repeats every n seconds) created by korli
If a message is printed out ie every 100 ms, it won't appear unless a …
11:45 AM Ticket #1544 (Haiku doesn't detect boot partition on real hardware) created by plfiorini
I built Haiku rev22448 (compiled on Linux 32bit with gcc 2.95) and …
1:04 AM Ticket #1543 (Check libroot for Correct Use of errno (easy)) created by bonefish
While BeOS API functions usually return error codes directly, POSIX …

Oct 7, 2007:

10:52 PM Ticket #1539 (strange problem with pipes) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev22480.
8:38 PM Ticket #1542 ([GLDirectMode] Crashes when resized to mininial dimension) created by hauser
Side note: When opening GLDirectMode window with title "OpenGL Tests" …
8:33 PM Ticket #1541 (Keyboard has too big repeat delay) created by hauser
When you for example try to go to the beginning of a line with arrows …
8:30 PM Ticket #1540 (Home/End keys do not work in shell) created by hauser
Home and End keys are very useful in shell
7:58 PM Ticket #1539 (strange problem with pipes) created by kaliber
Try this under Haiku: […] The result is strange: […] I'm …
5:20 PM Ticket #1506 (BMenuItem's trigger is drawn at incorrect position.) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks a lot for retesting! It's fixed now in hrev22476.
1:54 PM Ticket #1506 (BMenuItem's trigger is drawn at incorrect position.) reopened by hiron
The latter one is not fixed yet. fTriggerIndex still holds a byte …
7:30 AM Ticket #1538 (Page fault during installing perl from sources) created by kaliber
I've successfully compiled (gcc 2.9.x) perl-5.8.8 under Haiku using: …
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