Oct 17, 2007:

4:13 PM Ticket #1579 (app_server crashes (rev.22595)) closed by axeld
fixed: Hm, actually, hrev22595 should have fixed this problem already; I guess …
3:27 PM Ticket #1579 (app_server crashes (rev.22595)) created by rdmr
When running haiku natively app_server crashes and shows(consoled?) …

Oct 16, 2007:

7:35 PM Ticket #1464 (Broken filesystem) closed by korli
7:28 PM Ticket #1578 (Panic on boot (AHCI and/or VM related?)) created by pieterpan
Using the latest revision (hrev22589) to test to see if #1417 was fixed. …
12:20 PM Ticket #1440 (GL Teapot Seg Fault with Screensaver Test) closed by korli
fixed: Yes, it was crashing at a time, but not with the yesterday version, …
12:27 AM Ticket #1577 (USB/EHCI transfers sometimes time out) created by axeld
After Luzern, I updated my USB installation again, and since then I …

Oct 15, 2007:

10:49 PM Ticket #1576 (Some headers should be rewritten) created by korli
Here is a list in headers/os. They should be reported in …
6:15 PM Ticket #1565 ([bin: updatedb] is null byte long) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev22572.
6:06 PM Ticket #1575 (Screenshot of vlc in overlay mode (while playing a video) shows a ...) created by kaoutsis
a) open vlc to play an internet tv station stream. b) while vlc is …
4:26 PM Ticket #1574 (After reboot apps on non-boot partition disappear) created by humdinger
This is on a vmimage, hrev22548. I have all 3rd party apps and data on …
11:54 AM Obsolete/ApiDocumentationStatus edited by nielx
Complete Phase I of Message.dox (diff)
10:54 AM Ticket #1554 (Clock demo app doesn't show the clock face or replicant grabber) closed by julun
9:55 AM Ticket #573 ([Media] crash in BMenuBar) closed by korli
fixed: It seems fixed to me. Let's see if it is for diver :)
6:51 AM Ticket #1573 (Sample Be program Xmas crashes with a divide error) created by scottmc
I downloaded the Be Sample code from BeBits and build most of the …

Oct 14, 2007:

9:32 PM Ticket #1572 (Haiku doesn't boot on SATA HDD nforce 430 chipset (Dell C521)) created by kvdman
PANIC: did not find any boot partitions... Not sure that this is a …
8:38 PM Ticket #1417 (Media Preferences crashes with dropdown menu active followed by 'page' ...) closed by korli
duplicate: I'm closing this one then.
8:33 PM Ticket #573 ([Media] crash in BMenuBar) reopened by diver
I can still reproduce it with hrev22554, reopening.
6:09 PM Ticket #1560 ([bin : pack_cis] crash on start) closed by korli
fixed: Dunno why pcmcia-cs tools were included in the hd image. They were …
3:03 PM Ticket #1571 ([audio_mixer] remove useless info tab (easy)) created by diver
Remove right info bar from Audio Mixer so Setup tab in Media pref will …
2:47 PM Ticket #1570 ([PackageInstaller] wont quit correctly) created by diver
Start PackageInstaller and press Cancel button in open dialog. …
2:45 PM Ticket #1569 ([Tracker] scrollbar scrolling left-right with mouse wheel) created by diver
You could scroll horizontal scrollbar left-right with mouse wheel. To …
12:36 PM Ticket #1000 ([Tracker] selected icons disappering) closed by axeld
11:24 AM Ticket #1558 ([FileTypes] Extra attributes box have scrollbar which shouldn't have) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev22550: it was a bug in BListView::MakeEmpty().
11:09 AM Ticket #195 ([app_server] crash in WindowLayer::Frontmost()) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev22549.
11:09 AM Ticket #1553 (Metos crashing..) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev22549.
10:00 AM Ticket #1563 ([bin: yes] command takes 100% cpu) closed by axeld
invalid: That's exactly what it's supposed to do.
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