Oct 22, 2007:

4:25 AM Ticket #1581 ('makeinfo' detection broken in buildtools when using texinfo/makeinfo ...) created by kad77
I've discovered that the 'configure' scripts for legacy gcc and gcc4 …

Oct 21, 2007:

9:01 AM Ticket #1508 (Odd behavior from shutdown -r) closed by axeld
fixed: Great, thanks! So that binary search recompile hours have paid off :-)

Oct 20, 2007:

9:16 PM Ticket #1580 (Mouse freezes (permanently or intermittently) after brief movement) created by koki
The mouse freezes after moving the pointer briefly. Most of the time …

Oct 17, 2007:

4:13 PM Ticket #1579 (app_server crashes (rev.22595)) closed by axeld
fixed: Hm, actually, hrev22595 should have fixed this problem already; I guess …
3:27 PM Ticket #1579 (app_server crashes (rev.22595)) created by rdmr
When running haiku natively app_server crashes and shows(consoled?) …
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