Dec 12, 2007:

12:06 PM Ticket #1665 (Haiku no booting to the end.) created by hugen
PANIC: vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in kernel space at 0x44000, …

Dec 11, 2007:

11:12 PM Ticket #1664 (boot failure with r23114 on a p4 3Ghz when the intel hyperthreading ...) created by kaoutsis
serial log says that num_cpus =2 may be is related?
8:00 PM Ticket #1663 (monitor: out of frequency (fujitshu L19-2W + vesa driver)) created by kaoutsis

Dec 9, 2007:

8:39 PM Ticket #1662 (after new stippi big vector icon) created by rayman
after new function for big vector icon in driveprobe. on two icons, it …
12:45 AM Ticket #1661 (KDL:: rtl8139:: thread 0x2f "rl intr handler") created by kaoutsis
may be similar to #1641

Dec 8, 2007:

11:55 PM Ticket #1660 (registrar eats RAM while unzipping) created by shatty
I created a zip file of the haiku sources and added it to my haiku …
9:46 PM Ticket #1659 (broken realpath() implementation in libroot) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev23087.
9:21 PM Ticket #1659 (broken realpath() implementation in libroot) created by kaliber
6:30 PM Ticket #1658 (KDL: when tracker is trying to show the /dev contents) closed by kaoutsis
invalid: Replying to kaoutsis: > Replying to axeld: > > …
12:45 PM Ticket #1649 ([Background] shows backgroundTexture.tga) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev23081

Dec 7, 2007:

9:05 PM Ticket #1568 (pthread_once() not implemented) closed by korli
fixed: Implemented in hrev23076.
7:31 PM Ticket #1556 (typo in pthread.h) closed by korli
fixed: applied in hrev23075
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