Dec 21, 2007:

11:24 AM Ticket #1611 (Choosing file format when right-drag&drop) closed by jackburton
duplicate: dup of #1404
11:06 AM Ticket #1096 (NVIDIA nForce ethernet driver) closed by jackburton
10:53 AM Ticket #1405 ([Deskbar] crash on dragging replicant over it) closed by jackburton
fixed: hmm seems I forgot to close this one…
10:38 AM Ticket #1129 (in terminal, some deleting font) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's gone, indeed. I don't know since which revision, since Terminal …
10:15 AM Ticket #940 ([FileTypes] lags in scrolling of listview) closed by jackburton
9:31 AM Ticket #418 (missing symblos) closed by jackburton
fixed: Let's close this. We have our own PackageInstaller application now.
9:28 AM Ticket #425 ([3dmov] Segment violation) closed by jackburton
duplicate: This looks like a dup of #1591

Dec 19, 2007:

10:25 PM Ticket #1670 (ide adapter crash) created by marcusoverhagen
Code from hrev23143 will, when enabled, crash in vmware: […]

Dec 18, 2007:

11:39 AM Ticket #957 (after boot; kernel: PANIC vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in ...) closed by marcusoverhagen

Dec 16, 2007:

11:06 PM Ticket #1668 (Booting fails with nforce driver) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the update! The network problems are most likely problems …
5:29 PM Ticket #1608 (dd statistics broken) closed by korli
fixed: Fix applied in hrev23127. we need to set float_format for the target …
1:09 PM Ticket #852 ([bin:gdb] won't quit correctly) closed by bonefish
fixed: Most likely fixed.
1:05 PM Ticket #1669 (Fails on boot) created by artemm
System: Acer Aspire3683WXMi Intel Celeron M 430 ide controller: Intel …
11:51 AM Ticket #1668 (Booting fails with nforce driver) created by ekdahl
Just tried the nforce network driver and booting fails. I've attached …
11:41 AM Ticket #1383 (Improve Trac’s mails to haiku-bugs@lists.berlios.de) closed by nielx
fixed: http://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/6512 Considering this request fixed …
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