Jan 10, 2008:

4:10 PM Ticket #533 ([KDL] while trying to unzip large .zip file) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed since quite some time (should have been a duplicate of #517 anyway).
4:09 PM Ticket #517 (Copying a large file drops to KDL) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed since some time. It doesn't crash anymore, and it doesn't …
4:06 PM Ticket #1269 (Haiku's BMenu is is different from BeOS's in handling Escape and Alt-W/Q.) closed by jackburton
fixed: I added the check for kMenuWindowFeel in BWindow::IsModal() in hrev23343. …
1:47 PM Ticket #1706 (Tab content offseted in Media preflet) closed by stippi
fixed: Applied/fixed in hrev23338. Thanks a lot!
12:00 PM Ticket #1706 (Tab content offseted in Media preflet) created by aldeck
BDefaultMediaTheme uses a derived autoresizing TabView. The resizing …
10:23 AM Ticket #1705 (SVG file identified as text file) created by jackburton
Go to /boot/beos/etc/artwork, Click with the right mouse button on …
10:15 AM Ticket #1704 (BSnow has glitches) created by jackburton
BSnow doesn't work as intented. You can see some visual glitches, like …

Jan 9, 2008:

8:55 PM Ticket #1587 (Segment Violation in Painter::StraightLine()) closed by stippi
fixed: Hm. I am not sure if I understood the original bug, but if you can't …
8:33 PM Ticket #1703 (Terminal Dead On Arrival (rev 23327)) created by el-al
I no longer get a command prompt at the terminal on startup. Instead I …
6:25 PM Ticket #1702 (PANIC when blue desktop appears) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev23318.
5:59 PM Ticket #1702 (PANIC when blue desktop appears) created by ekdahl
Using hrev23311, must have happened recently because it worked a day ago …
5:20 PM Ticket #1701 ([BColorControl] Various selector bugs) created by aldeck
- The invalidation rect was offseted by a few pixels, it could be seen …
12:16 PM Ticket #1416 ("usb explore" thread sometimes crashes shortly after desktop is loaded) closed by stippi
fixed: Since I cannot reproduce this bug anymore, I am closing it for now, if …
11:37 AM Ticket #1673 (Clicking clock replicant handle doesn't work) closed by stippi
fixed: Fixed in hrev23300.
9:00 AM Ticket #1108 ([ACPI] The system hang when setting ACPI_SYS_MODE_ACPI) closed by korli
fixed: Closing
7:36 AM Ticket #1555 ([Deskbar] crash in DeleteMenuWindow) closed by jackburton
2:11 AM Ticket #432 (Black screen on laptop, works only with radeon driver from Bebits) closed by euan
2:05 AM Ticket #1700 (Radeon X800XL (R430) DMA engine broken.) created by euan
This card needs added to the DMA blacklist, and /or fixed. Reported …
1:46 AM Ticket #1521 (Haiku Radeon driver dont contains the 9550 ID) closed by euan
invalid: no response and the ids look like they are present.

Jan 8, 2008:

2:10 PM Ticket #1474 (dropdownbox fir geographical region does not resize) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's fixed, indeed.
1:15 PM Ticket #1448 ([ProcessController] could suddenly close it's menu) closed by jackburton
duplicate: dup of #1404
1:00 PM Ticket #1616 (Renaming "Haiku icon" makes it disappear and changes click to delete) closed by jackburton
fixed: Was obviously fixed some time ago.

Jan 7, 2008:

8:18 PM Ticket #1699 (German Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) don't work in Terminal) closed by nielx
5:34 PM Ticket #1699 (German Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) don't work in Terminal) created by marcusoverhagen
German Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) don't work in Terminal

Jan 6, 2008:

7:02 PM Ticket #1697 (Wrong placement of the text in the shutdown window) closed by stippi
fixed: applied/fixed in hrev23270.
6:02 PM Ticket #1685 (CJK Unicode font) closed by stippi
fixed: I applied the correct patch in hrev23269. I guess it can be considered …
4:59 PM Ticket #1388 ([kernel] crash on ping -s 15000) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev23268.

Jan 5, 2008:

1:51 PM Ticket #1684 (Add -n option to netstat) closed by axeld
fixed: Absolutely! Thanks, I've applied it in hrev23252. I've only made two …
1:45 PM Ticket #1693 (TCP sockets not cleaned up correctly) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev23251.
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