Feb 29, 2008:

8:58 PM Ticket #1878 (Dropdown menu, first item not selectable) created by aldeck
Open Screen preflet, play with the 'bit depth' dropdown menu, …
8:36 PM Ticket #1877 (Dropdown menu not clickable on all it's surface) created by aldeck
Open Screen preflet, the "Workspace count : 4" dropdown menu doesn't …
7:54 PM Ticket #1876 (Media preferences, clicking on some checkboxes switches back to first tab) created by aldeck
In Media preflet, go to the audio mixer's "Setup" tab, click some (not …
4:18 PM Ticket #1406 ([Keymap] revert button doesn't do anything) closed by aldeck
fixed: fixed in hrev24180
11:56 AM Ticket #353 ([Tracker] crash after several fast right clicks on trash icon) reopened by jackburton
Let's reopen this again, since it's still reproducible.
9:11 AM Ticket #1875 (Logger does not append log events with <cr><lf>) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev24176.
3:28 AM Ticket #1875 (Logger does not append log events with <cr><lf>) created by netster403
if you use the logger system utility the output in /var/log/syslog …
3:20 AM Ticket #1874 (VIA Rhine-II not working) created by scottmc
From the listdev output: device Network controller (Ethernet …

Feb 28, 2008:

11:58 PM Ticket #1873 (GLTeapot causes system hang on real hardware) created by qyellow
I have Haiku on real hardware ( amd 2600+ nforce2 720MB ram ). at …
10:11 PM Ticket #1872 (Sluggishness in LaunchBox pad preparation?) created by jonas.kirilla
If you make a few clones of the default pad and create a few empty …
3:46 PM Ticket #1861 (Network card incorrectly configured) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev24170. Before, only the net_server and ifconfig updated the …
2:41 PM Ticket #1871 (PANIC: Did not find any boot partitions! notebook AMILO Li 1705) created by kaoutsis
with hrev24167 and the notebook is …
2:31 PM Ticket #1001 (Vision IRC client crashes on close) closed by axeld
2:19 PM Ticket #1864 (OpenGL resizing issue) closed by korli
duplicate: duplicate of #1635
12:13 PM Ticket #1870 (Expander - unzipping on full volume hangs) created by stippi
If you try to unzip something on an already full volume, the process …
6:09 AM Ticket #1869 (Mediaplayer errors out instead of displaying a dialog box explaining ...) created by scottmc
I found a set of 10 encoded video files on codectest.com, I unzipped …
4:32 AM Ticket #1868 (Icon changing using the File Type Icon drop doesn't update in dialog box) created by scottmc
Using the drag and drop trick of dragging an application's icon onto …
4:26 AM Ticket #1867 (Icons for other volumes default to the file cabinet icon) created by scottmc
Other BFS volumes default to the file cabinet icon and so do Audio CD …
4:21 AM Ticket #1866 (Tracker Status when copying file(s) goes blank) created by scottmc
Sometimes I've seen the filenames show up but when I took this …
12:39 AM Ticket #1841 (Mouse cursor not visible on screenshots) closed by axeld
invalid: It is indeed :-) When reading out the screen bitmap, you can actually …
12:23 AM Ticket #1862 (App server crash) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev24160. Could originate in a bug in StyledEdit/STXT/libbe.so …

Feb 27, 2008:

11:47 PM Ticket #1865 ([StyledEdit] Copying large text into the Clipboard crash StyledEdit) created by oco
The file is about 1 Mo (see attached zipped file). Steps to reproduce …
9:05 PM Ticket #598 ([Magnify] starts with black window) closed by mmlr
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev24156.
8:38 PM Ticket #1864 (OpenGL resizing issue) created by aldeck
Resizing GLTeapot and glut apps seems to lag one step behind. ie: when …
7:57 PM Ticket #1863 (Extend the FreeBSD compatibility layer beyond networking) created by jonas.kirilla
The FreeBSD compatibility layer could be extended to host drivers for …
12:03 PM Ticket #1860 (KDL at boot) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Yes, seems to be a duplicate of #1641.
8:48 AM Ticket #1862 (App server crash) created by jackburton
App server crashed when doing the following: 1. Start StyledEdit, …
8:42 AM Ticket #1861 (Network card incorrectly configured) created by jackburton
No matter if I test on vmware with the ipro1000 NIC, or on my laptop …
7:22 AM Ticket #1564 ([bin: vi] crashes if started from tracker) closed by jackburton

Feb 26, 2008:

9:04 PM Ticket #1860 (KDL at boot) created by miqlas
I can boot the Haiku correctly on real iron, but some seconds after i …
8:03 PM R1/Alpha1Status edited by nielx
8:01 PM R1/Alpha1Status edited by nielx
7:52 PM R1/Alpha1Status created by nielx
4:59 PM Ticket #1859 (Anti-aliasing issues with certain fonts) created by j_freeman
Certain fonts are not anti-aliased when displayed at certain font …
4:23 PM Ticket #1257 (Certain fonts are garbled at certain sizes) closed by jackburton
fixed: Works now, was probably fixed in hrev23269.
4:05 PM Ticket #665 (Glyphs are missing for default fonts) closed by jackburton
fixed: I changed the default font in hrev24143 to DejaVu, which contains also …
4:03 PM Ticket #668 (Using other than the default font would disorder the text spacing in ...) closed by jackburton
fixed: No, this is a problem in terminal. For how it's written, Terminal can …
3:20 PM Ticket #1858 (Gradient patterns) created by denis washington
BView's Fill*() functions should also support gradients as patterns. …
1:11 PM Ticket #1651 ([BTextControl] When alignment is set to B_ALIGN_RIGHT, the text is not ...) closed by stippi
fixed: Oh yeah, I tested this when I worked on it and this works just fine …
11:44 AM Ticket #1857 (Add a search box to the right-top of the page) created by bnickname
Add a search box to the right-top of the page, so simple queries can …
11:08 AM Ticket #1856 (Port UDF file system to Haiku FS API) created by korli
10:03 AM Ticket #1847 (Terminal wont close properly) closed by jackburton
fixed: Closing, since it's fixed in hrev24086.
8:41 AM Ticket #1855 (Glibc wide char functions are disabled) created by jackburton
mbrtowc() and the functions in iofwide.c are stubs, IOW they don't do …
12:04 AM Ticket #1773 ($0 is set incorrectly) closed by korli
fixed: Applied patch from kaliber in hrev24131. Tested OK.
12:04 AM Ticket #1824 (Can't open perl script) closed by korli
fixed: Applied patch in hrev24131. Tested only #1773.

Feb 25, 2008:

8:59 PM Ticket #1794 (Can't add comments to tickets on Trac) closed by nielx
fixed: Fixed.
6:00 PM Ticket #1854 (bcm570x driver (GPL) hangs after short period, panics on 'ifconfig ...) created by vortechs2000
This bug is against the haiku trunk as of Thursday, Feb 21, 2008. I …
12:22 PM Ticket #1541 (Keyboard has too big repeat delay) closed by axeld
fixed: I did not remember this ticket, actually, thanks for the reminder. But …
12:09 PM Ticket #1853 (RTL8168 recognized but not working) created by borg1980
After hrev24062 my Realtek RTL8168/8111 Gigabit Card (on Asus P5B …
10:12 AM Ticket #251 ([Keymap] cpu usage and key images flickering) closed by aldeck
fixed: fixed in hrev24110
3:28 AM Ticket #1852 (Menubar navigation bugs) created by hma
Menubar navigation bugs in revision 24105 If the menubar widget …
2:00 AM Ticket #1843 (building Haiku with the cross compiler tools (GCC 2.95) on a debian ...) closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks! Applied in hrev24109.

Feb 24, 2008:

9:18 PM Ticket #1595 (Refcounted BString implementation) closed by jackburton
fixed: I've applied the patch in hrev24102. Thank you!
3:52 PM Ticket #1804 ([StyledEdit] It takes unreasonable amount of time to open some files) closed by jackburton
fixed: I had fixed for real, but broke it again by mistake. Should be fixed …
3:33 PM Ticket #1819 (ProcessController/Deskbar crash in AttachScrollers()) closed by jackburton
fixed: I could reproduce it, thank you. It's fixed in hrev24094.
2:43 PM Ticket #1851 (Accounts (except the first one) are discarded after closing the window) created by nielx
Reported by Rémi (beosfrance) and verified by me. If you have one …
10:40 AM Ticket #1850 ([Twitcher] have greenish background under icons) created by diver
10:28 AM Ticket #1849 ([app_server] font corruption on window resize) created by diver
Font corruption with last item in folder on tracker's window resize. …
10:05 AM Ticket #1804 ([StyledEdit] It takes unreasonable amount of time to open some files) reopened by diver
No it's not ;-P Try to open /boot/beos/etc/KanBe/default/.canna
9:56 AM Ticket #1531 (sounds preferences not remembered after reboot) closed by stippi
fixed: Fixed by Maurice Kalinowski in hrev24089.
9:52 AM Ticket #1848 ([InterfaceKit] down arrow doesn't work in Screen prefs) created by diver
Down arrow doesn't work in Screen prefs for Workspace count.
9:32 AM Ticket #1818 (IFS screensaver locks up) closed by stippi
fixed: Yes it has been fixed by bonefish #24083. I have the feeling this …
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