May 18, 2008:

11:49 PM Ticket #2021 (AHCI fatal error when checking out the SVN tree on Haiku r24735) closed by marcusoverhagen
fixed: The bug is fixed in hrev25557.
10:48 PM Ticket #2240 (CPU 3 halted!) created by marcusoverhagen
I've seen haiku deadlock after printing "CPU 3 halted!" to serial …
5:26 PM Ticket #2239 (kernel doesn't free memory that was requested from userspace programs) created by kaoutsis
* boost_1_35_0.tar.bz2 * ~/Desktop/boost_1_35_0> pwd …

May 17, 2008:

4:10 PM Ticket #2238 (KDL on mounting BFS drive) created by myob
I've got Haiku running on real hardware here, when I go to mount my …
11:56 AM Ticket #2172 (neon's single_read test hangs at 100% CPU) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev25526.
10:25 AM Ticket #2059 (KDL during svn checkout in block notifier/writer) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev25525.

May 16, 2008:

5:08 PM Ticket #2237 (Multiple declarations in posix/netdb.h) created by kaliber
For example line: struct hostent *getipnodebyname P((const char *, …
3:23 PM Ticket #2236 (Updated AUICH driver crashes media_addon_server ...) created by herdemir
Tested with hrev25522. I tested the updated AUICH driver(hrev25497) and it …
2:28 PM Ticket #2235 (cdrecord no longer recognizes virtual device) created by kvdman
I reported a month ago: …
11:30 AM Ticket #2234 (put Haiku's name into Haiku's DeskBar (Like BeOS R5)) created by nutela
I consider this to be a bug of some kind; I can't see what the blue …

May 15, 2008:

11:37 PM Ticket #2220 (Undesired B_INPUT_METHOD_STOPPED is sent to input method (IM)) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev25518. Thanks!
10:34 PM Ticket #1895 (Add Canna input method to UserBuildConfig.sample) closed by korli
invalid: canna is already built in HaikuImage: see "optional" root directory of …
9:17 PM Ticket #2233 (Wrong moduleImage->info[0]->name and moduleImage->path for scsi_dsk ...) closed by axeld
invalid: It will when I'm done with new device architecture :-) I'm closing …
5:25 PM Ticket #2233 (Wrong moduleImage->info[0]->name and moduleImage->path for scsi_dsk ...) created by kaoutsis
moduleImage->info[0]->name is drivers/disk/scsi/scsi_dsk/device_v1 …

May 14, 2008:

8:06 PM Ticket #2232 (Installer stops) created by bbjimmy
hrev28481 running the installer in QEMU ( installing from the haiku image …
1:30 PM RobotsTxt edited by axeld
1:22 PM RobotsTxt created by axeld
12:55 PM Ticket #2230 (pthread.h WARNING comma at the end of enum list) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev25487.
8:03 AM Ticket #2231 ([Pe] Find / Replace text entry box is only 3-4 pixels high) created by scottmc
Attached screenshot shows this better than I can explain it. Also …
5:19 AM Ticket #2230 (pthread.h WARNING comma at the end of enum list) created by scottmc
in lines 37 and 42. Not sure if this is in all builds or just the …
3:24 AM Ticket #2229 (Background image does not center.) created by bbjimmy
hrev28481 The Backgrounds Preferences application will no longer center …
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