Jun 15, 2008:

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8:16 PM Ticket #2384 ([Cortex]: Locks up) created by emitrax
I don't how to reproduce it but Cortex seems to deadlock. Here is what …
7:59 PM Ticket #2383 ([Terminal]: redraw issues) created by emitrax
It's easy to reproduce. Open an empty file with vim, and resize the …
4:25 PM Ticket #2379 ([Terminal]: crash on _ClearLines()) closed by bonefish
fixed: Yes, in doubt please always open a new ticket for a different problem. …
12:36 PM Ticket #2382 ([Terminal]: crash on BasicTerminalBuffer::_Scroll()) created by emitrax
It happened while using vim and pressing ESC. I don't know how easy is …

Jun 14, 2008:

9:41 PM Ticket #2381 ([socket]: dup missing - which causes running out of file descriptors) created by emitrax
After running for a few minutes a simple multi threading application …
9:16 PM Ticket #2224 ([Terminal] doesn't respect tabs when pasting a text in the prompt.) closed by bonefish
9:15 PM Ticket #2380 ([KDL]: READ-WRITE FAULT) created by emitrax
When entering in KDL, I get a read-write fault error as shown in the …
9:11 PM Ticket #2379 ([Terminal]: crash on _ClearLines()) created by emitrax
I don't know how it is easy to reproduce, but it happened already …
5:41 PM Ticket #2378 (Print in PDF - Look & Feel issues) created by un_spacyar
When you print a document using the "Print PDF" option and enters into …
3:08 PM Ticket #2000 (Can't access BeBook HTML file) closed by gavin
fixed: The .htaccess file in ~/webapps/website was restricting access to …
12:49 PM Ticket #2377 (bluetooth_server ignores command status after command 0xd) created by monni
how to reproduce: start bt_discovery with at least one remote device …
9:56 AM Ticket #1455 (Additional bug report info) closed by nielx
invalid: Not implementing the ideas. See the mailing list discussion on …
9:54 AM Ticket #843 (Bug dependencies not possible) closed by nielx
9:46 AM Ticket #1766 (Trac internal error) closed by nielx
fixed: Fixed in 0.11 which will go live on Monday.
9:21 AM Ticket #2281 (pdfwriter uses parent class name as regular function name) closed by laplace
fixed: Renamed methods in hrev25953.
7:12 AM Ticket #2376 (Build fails with new style SCSI device paths on Ubuntu) created by monni
On my Ubuntu 7.04 device paths for storage devices are formatted as …

Jun 13, 2008:

7:00 PM Ticket #2375 (Unmounting card in usb card reader doesn't work) reopened by mmlr
Implementing B_EJECT_DEVICE for "removable" media could do the trick …
6:59 PM Ticket #576 ([Tracker] crash on search) closed by aldeck
fixed: Tested lots of random queries with lots of results (one letter, *). …
6:37 PM Ticket #328 ([Tracker] problems with statusbar redraw) closed by aldeck
fixed: Thanks for testing! Closing.
6:06 PM Ticket #337 (TabView labels not centered. (easy)) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed a long time ago it seems!
2:58 PM Ticket #669 ("Open with" 'No supporting apps' is wrong, Diskprobe or similar should ...) closed by mmlr
fixed: Fixed through the mime_update.sh post install script.
2:08 PM Ticket #2375 (Unmounting card in usb card reader doesn't work) closed by mmlr
invalid: But Haiku cannot, as it has no provision to do so. Just unmounting all …
12:50 AM Ticket #2375 (Unmounting card in usb card reader doesn't work) created by monni
How to reproduce: connect card reader with card inserted to EHCI bus, …
12:24 AM Ticket #1461 (Drag icon of current folder disappears when resizing) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev25948

Jun 12, 2008:

6:44 PM Ticket #973 ([Tracker] crash on quit via ProcessController) closed by aldeck
fixed: I've been doing this a lot when debugging Tracker. Did ctrl-c and …
6:22 PM Ticket #1833 (Disk Icon disappears) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev25941
12:13 PM Ticket #1203 (Haiku USB in BeOS R5) closed by mmlr
invalid: The current revision of usb_hid is not compatible with BeOS anymore. I …
8:16 AM Ticket #2361 (Hard lockup during boot since r25836) closed by mmlr
3:02 AM Ticket #932 ([Icons] White space behind desktop icon after icon view change) closed by aldeck
fixed: BTW as the initial bug is fixed it seems, i'll just close it to stop …

Jun 11, 2008:

10:29 PM Ticket #2374 (Previously mounted disks not remounted after restart) created by tigerdog
With Disk Mount Settings settings Automatic Disk Mounting->All …
9:46 PM Ticket #2373 (Firefox and Thunderbird cannot run simultaneously) created by tigerdog
Starting one causes the other to end. Tested with Haiku versions up …
7:44 PM Ticket #333 ([Cortex] moving bottom dragger draws white space) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev25930
4:10 PM Ticket #2372 ([Tracker] unneeded offset in icon mode) created by aldeck
Open a folder (ex: /boot/home) in icon mode. The scrollbar shows that …
1:16 PM Ticket #2371 ([kernel] starting gdb leads to KDL) created by diver
Starting /boot/beos/bin/gdb from tracker triggers a panic.
1:12 PM Ticket #2370 ([Screen] "Do you wish to keep these settings" isn't font sensetive (easy)) created by diver
"Do you wish to keep these settings" window either isn't font …
9:46 AM Ticket #1827 (Write a USB -> BIOS handover kernel debugger enter/exit add-on) closed by mmlr
invalid: I'm sorry to report that it is highly unlikely that I will be able to …
8:38 AM Ticket #2071 (No accelerated video starting r24669 nightly) closed by mmlr
fixed: Fixed through disabling MTRR overlap checks. Closing as there is a …
8:20 AM Ticket #2369 (Booting halts) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Duplicate of #2342.
8:09 AM Ticket #2369 (Booting halts) created by mrsunshine
Booting halts when using USB drivers (not even able to get into KDL) …
1:48 AM Ticket #597 ([Cortex] double click on audio mixer opens non-resizable window) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev25923

Jun 10, 2008:

11:41 PM Ticket #2096 (Stray cursor ghosting blocks left behind on terminal) closed by bonefish
fixed: I knew there was a ticket for that bug, but couldn't find. It was just …
5:54 PM Ticket #2364 (KDL when unplugging USB flash drive) closed by mmlr
fixed: In fact hrev25724 fixed a guaranteed crash that would lead exactly to …
3:55 PM Ticket #2368 (App-server crash when moving Deskbar modal window to another workspace) created by idefix
When I select the 'Restart...'-option in the Deskbar-menu a modal …
2:54 PM Ticket #2367 (Media checker blocks in USB when booting from USB) created by axeld
I've installed Haiku on a 128 MB USB stick, and booted it from there. …
10:43 AM Ticket #2366 (Mouse stops working) created by mrsunshine
When booting for a moment i can move the mouse then blam it stops …
9:56 AM Ticket #2268 (vm_page_fault in kernel space with RTL8139 network card) closed by stippi
9:55 AM Ticket #2194 (KDL while using WGET with rt18139) closed by stippi
1:53 AM Ticket #2365 (Tracker preferences should be accessible from the preferences menu/folder) created by aldeck
Tracker preferences should be accessible from the preferences …
12:54 AM Ticket #361 ([Tracker] wrong scrollbar alignment) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev25896
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