Jun 30, 2008:

9:00 PM Ticket #2472 (Access log flooded with page not found errors from automated bots) created by koki
Per the summary, the Drupal access log is full of page not found …
2:08 AM Ticket #2471 (PANIC: page fault but interrupts were disabled. Touching address ...) created by anevilyak
While doing a jam of Haiku within Haiku, I hit this panic, backtrace …
1:53 AM Ticket #2470 (DriveSetup error preparing disk) created by meanwhile
Trying to re-initialize a corrupted partition, using DriveSetup (on …

Jun 29, 2008:

11:39 PM Ticket #2469 (Haiku (r26165) does not detect SATA DVD/CDROM drive.) created by Bouncer
Ever since I installed it (several months ago) - Haiku has not been …
8:41 PM Ticket #2468 (User logged in via ssh seems to have incorrect paths) created by anevilyak
If I log into Haiku via ssh, the environment I get is very different …
6:55 PM Ticket #2467 ([vlc] crash BListItem::OutlineLevel) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev26167.
2:28 PM Ticket #2467 ([vlc] crash BListItem::OutlineLevel) created by diver
When i try to run VLC from optional package it crashes everytime with …
10:25 AM Ticket #2284 (Page Fault on boot (25717)) closed by axeld
fixed: Applied in hrev26163, thanks a lot!
10:10 AM Ticket #2464 (PANIC on a AMD64 machine) closed by axeld
duplicate: Thanks, that made it clear - it's a duplicate of bug #2284.

Jun 28, 2008:

7:20 PM Ticket #2466 (Nested components gone since recently) created by axeld
The component nesting doesn't work anymore - it now just shows the …
6:31 PM Ticket #2450 (grep output error) closed by mmlr
fixed: Fixed in hrev26156. The grep configuration was wrong.
6:07 PM Ticket #2465 (nvidia driver does not work with GeForce 7600GT) created by n3s
The MSI NX7600GT (nvidia GeForce 7600GT) has vendor id 0x10de and …
5:45 PM Ticket #2463 (ZipOMatic complains about unterminated #else) closed by mmlr
fixed: Applied in hrev26155.
4:02 PM Ticket #2464 (PANIC on a AMD64 machine) created by xspager
I`m booting Haiku on a GIGABYTE(GA-M61PM-S2) the socket is AM2 with …
1:10 PM Ticket #2461 (PC reboots during copying files (new onto old revision on seperate ...) closed by mmlr
invalid: Making the partition empty by removing all files does _not_ …
3:04 AM Ticket #2447 (BListView::SwapItems behavior appears broken for BOutlineListView) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev26149.

Jun 27, 2008:

11:29 PM Ticket #2463 (ZipOMatic complains about unterminated #else) created by monni
When compiling resource file, complains about unterminated #else... …
7:18 PM Ticket #2462 (/var/tmp missing from image) created by kvdman
A temporary directory is missing from Haiku's image. It seems Firefox …
9:55 AM Ticket #2461 (PC reboots during copying files (new onto old revision on seperate ...) created by meanwhile
On a PC with -among others- a Haiku and a BeOS partition, it used to …

Jun 26, 2008:

7:45 PM Ticket #1600 (Change name of the Appearance preference applet to Colors) reopened by axeld
6:31 PM Ticket #2460 (Mouse doesn't follow split window divider when dragging it sideways in ...) created by koki
hrev25990 in VMWare. How to reproduce: 1) Run Vision. 2) Click on the …
4:53 PM Ticket #2394 (Search for Ticket Number Should Jump Directly to Ticket) closed by nielx
fixed: Implemented in Trac 0.11.
2:39 PM Ticket #2459 (KDL while trying to jam) created by scottmc
On vmware with hrev26128, I was trying to jam haiku and got dropping into …
1:22 PM Ticket #454 ([NetPositive] Graphics arent invalidated(?)) closed by mmlr
fixed: This has been fixed with the drawing mode and transparency handling …
1:15 PM Ticket #2455 ([Terminal]: backspace not working) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev26135.
12:53 PM Ticket #2458 (gcc4 build fails on haiku) created by mt
I tried building native gcc4 (source from haiku tree) on Haiku. …
12:46 PM Ticket #2457 ([Firefox] Link broken, and runtime_loader cannot open file libmozjs.so) created by andreasf
It's been a while that I've run Haiku and it used to work some weeks …
10:12 AM Ticket #2456 (bugs.haiku-os.org doesn't work anymore) created by jackburton
We used to have bugs.haiku-os.org as alias for dev.haiku-os.org. After …
9:40 AM Ticket #717 (kernel: Panic out of range) closed by axeld
invalid: Since there isn't even a backtrace, and it's been such a long time …
8:02 AM Ticket #2455 ([Terminal]: backspace not working) created by emitrax
While running man configure. See screenshots attached.

Jun 25, 2008:

7:38 PM Ticket #2454 ([patch] small but occasionally fatal typo in unistd.h.) closed by emitrax
4:46 PM Ticket #2453 ([Tracker] Dragging items leaves some folders hilited/selected) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev26131
4:46 PM Ticket #1793 (Dragging icon over another causes it to be "picked up" next time) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev26131
4:15 PM Ticket #2454 ([patch] small but occasionally fatal typo in unistd.h.) created by mjw
_CS_IOV_MAX should be _SC_IOV_MAX in unistd.h.
1:18 PM Ticket #2252 (KDL during untaring) closed by mmlr
duplicate: From comparing the stack traces this seems to be a duplicate of bug #2186.
12:53 PM Ticket #2453 ([Tracker] Dragging items leaves some folders hilited/selected) created by aldeck
When I drag something in Tracker from a list view window, and pass by …
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