Sep 6, 2008:

10:34 PM Ticket #2704 (problems with links to long pathnames) created by Adek336
Create a folder on the desktop with a long name, inside it create a …
6:22 PM Ticket #2703 (Quake2 memory allocation issues) created by digitalteufel
The vast majority of Quake2 crashes seem to take place during various …

Sep 5, 2008:

8:08 PM Ticket #310 (Quake2 crashes if media_server is running) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks for testing! Please someone reopen if I closed prematurely and …
8:07 PM Ticket #312 (Quake2 has awfully dodgy mouse input) closed by stippi
fixed: Ok, thanks for testing!
7:35 PM Ticket #2621 (Screen update problems.) closed by bga
fixed: This has been fixed (or at least worked around) by Rene. It was not …
6:55 PM Ticket #2702 (unimplemented functions part 2) created by kaliber
It's continuation of ticket #2696 […]
5:26 PM Ticket #2701 (Changing mouse pointer) created by revivaldbm
How would one change the mouse pointer in Haiku, and is there an …
5:32 AM Ticket #2700 (panic when reading root directory from ext3) created by Adek336
This happens for only one of my ext3 partitions. I can mount it but …

Sep 4, 2008:

10:11 PM Ticket #2543 (BTextControl::ResizeToPreferred() Does not resize to propper size) closed by julun
fixed: Should be fixed as of hrev27330.
9:40 PM Ticket #2699 (KDL when accessing a DVD or CD) created by cebif
I mounted a DVD movie and double clicked on its icon. This resulted in …
6:51 PM Ticket #2679 (~/config/add_ons/input_server/ and .../filters/ missing) closed by korli
fixed: Added in hrev27325. Please check.
3:48 AM R1/Alpha1Proposals edited by nielx

Sep 3, 2008:

7:47 PM Ticket #1747 (Problematic Universalscroller install) closed by korli
fixed: Should be fixed.
7:20 PM Ticket #2610 (USB mouse dies when input_server is restarted.) closed by korli
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev27310
12:40 AM Ticket #2686 ("failed C++ generated/objects/linux/x86/release/tools/fs_shell/unistd.o ") closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev27293. We do now include <sys/ioctl.h> instead, which seems …

Sep 2, 2008:

4:19 PM Ticket #2698 (/boot/common/include should be visible by gcc) created by kaliber
In my opinion /boot/common/include should be visible by a GCC. Also …
7:45 AM Ticket #2691 (TemplateNotFound: Template "macros.rss" not found) closed by nielx
fixed: Fixed for now.
7:45 AM Ticket #2693 (TemplateNotFound: Template "macros.html" not found) closed by nielx
fixed: This is getting annoying. Fixed for now.

Sep 1, 2008:

10:19 PM Ticket #1727 (Haiku panics with vm_page fault/double fault after 20-30s usage) closed by absabs
fixed: It seems that this bug has been fixed in hrev26272. So close it.
10:18 PM Ticket #2697 ([MediaPlayer] slider seeking in video file does not properly seek sound) created by Adek336
When playing a video file and using the slider to seek, it seeks the …
7:35 PM Ticket #1877 (Dropdown menu not clickable on all it's surface) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev27271
3:05 PM Ticket #1470 (Mouse Speed and Acceleration have limited positions) closed by stippi
1:32 AM Ticket #1733 (BAlert sometimes crashes (appears to be somewhere in BMessage's internals)) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Seems to be gone in the latest revisions circa hrev27238.
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