Sep 12, 2008:

6:54 PM Ticket #2724 (B_OUTLINE_RESIZE not implemented) created by julun
6:52 PM Ticket #2723 (SetWindowAlignment(), GetWindowAlignment() not implemented) created by julun
3:11 PM Ticket #2722 ([build system] vmware images one byte too short) created by diver
According to VirtualBox developers vmware images generated by our …
2:42 PM Ticket #2721 (error starting "/bin/sh") created by diver
Since some time (about month) now Haiku don't boot on my hw anymore. I …

Sep 11, 2008:

10:15 PM Ticket #2646 ([ls] Multi-column output even when piped) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev27421
6:27 PM Ticket #2720 (AppServer deadlock) created by emitrax
I selected a fairly large amount of emails (maybe 700), right click, …
3:31 PM Ticket #2719 ([bfs]: deadlock - mutex bfs inode+24.1243 not released on exit) created by emitrax
It seems weird since AutoLocker seem to be used everywhere, but this …
12:25 PM Ticket #2670 (Directories created using Tracker have wrong permissions.) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev27414.
11:40 AM Ticket #2718 (KDL when iterating over files in the filesystem (DiskUsage).) created by bga
I can reproduce this on my installation 100% of the time. If I run …
8:10 AM Ticket #2311 ([Background] menu layout issue) closed by jackburton
fixed: I think this was caused by an app_server bug which was fixed …
7:13 AM Ticket #2717 (DiskUsage: Artefacts when redrawing) created by humdinger
This is in vmware, hrev27407. When I open the "Get info" window from …

Sep 10, 2008:

9:50 PM Ticket #2699 (KDL when accessing a DVD or CD) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev27408.
5:46 PM Ticket #2521 (ProcessController can't be installed in the deskbar. (gcc4 haiku)) closed by jackburton
4:29 PM Ticket #1980 (Implement XSI semaphore and IPC API) closed by emitrax
fixed: POSIX XSI IPC contains: semaphores, message queue and shared memory. …
2:09 PM Ticket #2716 (firefox closes unexpectedly) created by kev
I had this happen a few times this morning, while viewing a web page, …
11:35 AM Ticket #2712 (Tracker crashes when deleting a replicant) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed in hrev27400

Sep 9, 2008:

5:55 PM Ticket #2715 (terminal width char patch) created by h.z
Enable support for B_GBK_CONVERSION and B_BIG5_CONVERSION, enable all …
2:55 PM Ticket #1485 (No haiku logo on bootscreen when using vmware server) closed by jackburton
fixed: Works here on vmware server. Please reopen if it shows up again.
2:52 PM Ticket #941 ([app_server] crash when having some fonts installed) closed by jackburton
fixed: I tried copying every fonts found on my xp installation, and the crash …
2:35 PM Ticket #386 ([app_server] freeze on pngdump) closed by jackburton
2:24 PM Ticket #947 (Konatu Tohaba isn't recognized as monospaced font) closed by jackburton
invalid: Let's close this, since it's not really a bug.
1:44 PM Ticket #1397 (ClipToPicture and ClipToInversePicture not implemented) closed by jackburton
fixed: Let's close this.
8:15 AM Ticket #2714 (Little patch to compile "jam haiku-netboot-archive") closed by jackburton
fixed: Applied in hrev27386. Thank you! (sorry if I misspelled the name in the …

Sep 8, 2008:

10:45 PM Ticket #2714 (Little patch to compile "jam haiku-netboot-archive") created by oco
It seems that block_io does not exist anymore. So, i think it could be …
8:57 PM Ticket #2713 (SATA disk problem: "PANIC: could not write back block ### (Device seek ...) created by luroh
Haiku panics after booting to desktop (complete with terminal, menubar …
3:36 PM Ticket #2712 (Tracker crashes when deleting a replicant) created by jackburton
100% reproducible on a gcc4 build: Drag a replicant (for example …
2:55 PM Ticket #2711 (shell does not restart itself upon "exit" command in safemode) created by Adek336
In safemode: shell quits on "exit" command and no new shell appears …
1:32 PM Ticket #2710 (Deadlock between clone_area(), Kernel Area Operation, I/O, and Page Fault) created by bonefish
hrev27377 When cloning a kernel area into userland (as done e.g. by the …
12:38 PM Ticket #2709 ([bfs]: rm: FATAL: directory a/a/... changed dev/ino) created by emitrax
Creating directory doesn't seem to be a safe operation in Haiku. I …
10:52 AM Ticket #2708 (bfs: wrong error mapped) created by emitrax
when trying to cd'in in a directory whose parent path is a very long …
9:52 AM Ticket #2705 (safemode unable to delete files) closed by bonefish
12:06 AM Ticket #2707 (cannot mount ext3 file system) created by Adek336
On on a SATA drive, fourth logical partition. The file …

Sep 7, 2008:

9:00 PM Ticket #2674 (Add Intel Atom 230 to OS.h) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev27363. Thanks!
4:43 PM Ticket #2706 (PANIC: vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in kernel space at ...) created by stippi
Happens to me when using Firefox on hrev27315. Here is the stack crawl: […]
3:52 PM Ticket #2705 (safemode unable to delete files) created by Adek336
There is no apparent way to shutdown the computer from the safemode …
10:53 AM Ticket #2035 (Disk Images should contain a Partition Table) closed by laplace
invalid: Closed ticket. It would be just for my convenience to test bootman …
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