Oct 12, 2008:

11:53 PM Ticket #2783 (boot slow because of disks) closed by mmlr
fixed: That was a symptom of hrev27994 as well. On boot the disk device manager …
11:49 PM Ticket #2821 ([Trac] detected an internal error) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Yes, it seems like a duplicate of #2820.
11:47 PM Ticket #2713 (SATA disk problem: "PANIC: could not write back block ### (Device seek ...) closed by mmlr
fixed: This might have been fixed with hrev27994 seeing that this was such a …
9:21 PM Ticket #2821 ([Trac] detected an internal error) created by diver
Trac detected an internal error: IOError: [Errno 24] Too many open …
8:35 PM Ticket #2820 (IOError: [Errno 24] Too many open files: ...) created by Adek336
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
7:58 PM Ticket #2453 ([Tracker] Dragging items leaves some folders hilited/selected) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed with hrev28002
3:41 PM Ticket #2065 (UDP sockets do not receive broadcasted packets) closed by zooey
fixed: There were problems with respect to receiving broadcast datagrams, …
1:35 PM Ticket #2508 ([MediaPlayer] add icons to playlist (easy)) closed by stippi
invalid: I have looked at this patch, and also fixed …
1:30 PM Ticket #2700 (panic when reading root directory from ext3) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev27994, please confirm.
12:36 PM Ticket #2815 (Some keys do not work anymore in the freepascal IDE under Haiku's Terminal) closed by bonefish
12:26 PM Ticket #2819 (destructor not called on static objects from shared libraries) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev27991.
8:58 AM Ticket #697 ([Workspaces] doesn't show window names) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed by stippi in one of the latest commits.
1:15 AM Ticket #2819 (destructor not called on static objects from shared libraries) created by korli
Here is test code for a shared lib. debugger in constructor is called. …

Oct 11, 2008:

11:29 PM Ticket #2320 ([SoundRecorder] don't need zoom button (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: Done in hrev27985.
9:56 PM Ticket #2793 (echo.settings are not loaded after Media Server restart) closed by korli
fixed: Should be fixed as of hrev27982
8:43 PM Ticket #2818 (Add dladdr to libroot) created by romain
Revision 27972 The enclosed patch adds "dladdr". function. dladdr is …
9:42 AM Ticket #2817 (setpriority and getpriority are missing to compile ocaml out of the ...) created by oco
setpriority and getpriority are not yet implemented. There is a TODO …
9:37 AM Ticket #2816 (Gateway is not set correctly when booting through pxe) created by oco
When booting Haiku with pxe, the gateway is not set correctly : in the …
9:32 AM Ticket #2815 (Some keys do not work anymore in the freepascal IDE under Haiku's Terminal) created by oco
Steps to reproduce : - download and unzip this freepascal package …

Oct 9, 2008:

9:41 PM Ticket #2368 (App-server crash when moving Deskbar modal window to another workspace) closed by axeld
2:43 PM Ticket #2397 (Build system writes over actual filesystem contents while trying to ...) closed by bonefish
1:23 PM Ticket #2814 ([Firefox] crash if you try to close it from deskbar) created by diver
12:41 PM Ticket #2813 (Wonderbrush About Box is an empty black window) created by jackburton
Open the wonderbrush demo included in the optional haiku package. …
11:16 AM Ticket #2660 ([Trac] can't attach files) closed by nielx
10:59 AM Ticket #1921 (www.perforce.com links to outdated build instructions) closed by nielx
fixed: Ah yes. I did send them a mail but I never heard back. Apparently they …
10:04 AM Ticket #2566 (Workspaces replicant - active window lost focus) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev27940.
9:51 AM Ticket #2173 (Workspaces auto raise bug) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev27938.
9:34 AM Ticket #2566 (Workspaces replicant - active window lost focus) reopened by axeld
The problem still persists; to reproduce, the Auto-Raise feature needs …
9:30 AM Ticket #2812 (System appears sleepy with disk activity) created by jackburton
While doing a svn checkout of the haiku repository on my system (an …
9:18 AM Ticket #2811 (Update firefox optional package) created by jackburton
The Firefox included in the package is version On bebits …

Oct 8, 2008:

11:04 PM Ticket #2810 ([NetSurf] crashes) created by scottmc
While using netsurf I got an error message saying it was running low …
8:58 PM Ticket #2073 (User add-on driver does not have precedence over system add-on driver) closed by axeld
7:47 PM Ticket #1481 (no sound) closed by axeld
8:28 AM Ticket #2809 (Screen saver window can be in front of the password window) created by axeld
Since the password window and the screen saver windows both have the …
8:08 AM Ticket #2808 (Deskbar Activates Through Locked Screensaver) closed by axeld
fixed: The problem with kWindowScreenFeel was that …

Oct 7, 2008:

9:48 PM Ticket #2802 (hey crashes) closed by julun
fixed: Should be fixed as of hrev27914.
4:05 PM Ticket #2808 (Deskbar Activates Through Locked Screensaver) created by johnrash@…
If you enable password locking with any of the screen savers included …
5:48 AM Ticket #2350 (Segment violation in FillRectNoClipping when booting on eeePC) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's fixed in hrev27898
2:09 AM Ticket #2807 (editing icons in the Leaf menu) created by the ringmaster
I would like to be able to change individual icons in the leaf menu. …
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